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Special Forces Spirit - Chapter 48


Chapter 48

’’You actually dared to scare me, do you know who we are?’’

The other person also ran over and swore, ’’F*k, brat, are you sick of living, which company are you from?’’

Ye Tianming chuckled, and the sinister laughter caused their hearts to suddenly think to themselves, why is this brat's laugh even more sinister than ours. Thus, with that thought in mind, the two people slowly moved towards Ye Tianming.

Seeing their actions, Ye Tianming said with a smile, ’’What, do you want to fight?’’

’’Laozi wants to beat you up, so what? Xiao Long, hit him,’’ With that, he punched towards Ye Tianming's nose. At the same time, Xiao Long also leaped towards Ye Tianming.

Ye Tianming looked at their soft actions, twitched his mouth and stood there and raised his fists. With the sound of the collision, a figure wobbled and fell onto the ground with a black patch around his eyes. He looked at Ye Tianming, then looked at his fist and muttered, ’’How is this possible, I clearly hit him first, why is he fine and I was the one that got beaten?’’

As that happened, Ye Tianming saw the person called Xiao Long pounce over. He still stood there without moving, and quickly reached out a hand to grab the incoming fist and pulled. With a ’’putong’’ sound, the figure flew out several meters.

Xiao Long stood up unsteadily, his body and face full of dirt. ’’Pei pei,’’ he spat out a piece of grass in his mouth and shouted. ’’Chen Yang, let's go together, I don't believe we can't beat him!’’

With that, he pounced towards Ye Tianming, immediately grabbing him from the back and shouted excitedly, ’’Haha, I got him. Chen Yang, hurry up.’’

Chen Yang stood up, and punched towards Ye Tianming. The corner of Ye Tianming's mouth twitched as he smiled evilly. Seeing his smile, Chen Yang momentarily blanked, and in that moment, he saw Ye Tianming grab Xiao Long's arm that was holding him, and with a heavy over-shoulder throw, his figure flew straight out.

Chen Yang looked at the figure that got larger and larger in front of his eyes, and realized that he couldn't even avoid it even if he wanted. With a ’’peng’’ sound, the two people collided together and hit the floor.

Chen Yang yelped, ’’Xiao Long, why are you so heavy? Hurry and get up, you're crushing me to death.’’

Xiao Long crawled up with annoyance on his face and said, ’’You're blaming me? I already held him, if you didn't blank out, he would have been beaten up by us already.’’

The two people stood up with a swollen face, looked at each other and shouted together, ’’Go!’’ Then, the two figures pounced towards Ye Tianming again.

With continuous sounds of ’’putong’’ and ’’aiyo’’ that lasted for more than half an hour, the two people looked at each other's face that was beaten out of shape, pointed at each other and chuckled. However, after a few chuckles, then exclaimed and covered their face in pain.

’’Xiao Long, you just know how to brag, didn't you say you practiced martial arts before? Why did you get beaten like this today.’’

Xiao Long raised the corner of his mouth and wanted to laugh, but the wounds on his face didn't allow him, ’’Don't talk about me, didn't you say you practiced qigong before? Invulnerable? F*k, you got beaten like this by someone's fist, thank god he didn't use a knife.’’

Hearing their conversation, Ye Tianming laughed loudly and said, ’’How's that? Do you still want to fight?’’

The two people immediately waved up their hands to surrender, ’’No more, no more, we submit, we'll call you boss from now on.’’

Xiao Long laughed and said, ’’Boss, what's your name? You're so amazing, so teach us a bit.’’

Chen Yang also nodded furiously after hearing that.

Ye Tianming looked at the two of them and thought to himself, it seems like these two brats aren't any easy to deal with people, they must cause quite a bit of trouble normally.


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