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Special Forces Spirit - Chapter 43


Chapter 43

Seeing his appearance, Ye Tianming walked over to the short wall, and jumped up. Then he grinned evilly and said, ’’Squad leader, when did I lie to you?’’

Xu Guoliang gazed at Ye Tianming with suspicion, then looked at those fat pigs that were still fighting over food. He didn't notice anything out of the ordinary, thus he turned back and walked off. While doing so, he muttered to himself, ’’Brat, you haven't lied to me before? Only those pigs would believe it.’’

Xu Guoliang didn't walk far before hearing the squeals from the pigsty again. He quickly turned his head and saw Ye Tianming sitting there, waving his hand at him.

Xu Guoliang turned around again, and walked a few more steps before he heard the pigs' squeals again. When he turned around, Ye Tianming was still sitting there, waving his hand at him.

This was repeated a few more times, causing Xu Guoliang to go crazy. He ran over with a pant and shouted angrily, ’’Ye Tianming, what exactly is it?’’

Ye Tianming said with an expression of shock, ’’Squad leader, why did you come back again? What do you mean what is it?’’

After taking a few deep breaths, Xu Guoliang pointed at Ye Tianming and shouted angrily, ’’Brat, continue pretending with me, why did the pigs squeal the moment I turn my head?’’

’’Pigs squeal? No, why didn't I hear it?’’ Ye Tianming reached out to touch Xu Guoliang's forehead. ’’No fever.’’

Xu Guoliang knocked his hand away, ’’You're the one with a fever, just keep acting with me, brat. See how I take care of you if I catch you.’’

’’Hehe, squad leader, how could I be acting, I really didn't hear the pigs squeal.’’ Ye Tianming continued with a serious expression, ’’Squad leader, you can't be hearing things right. That's not good, hurry up and checked out at the medic's.’’

Xu Guoliang said with a face red with anger, ’’Hearing your ass, why didn't you say I'm crazy?’’

’’En! Your symptoms show that it'll happen soon,’’ Ye Tianming said with a straight face.

’’You... You're pissing me off,’’ With that, Xu Guoliang stomped off.

If he saw that Ye Tianming was holding a rock in his hand, Xu Guoliang would have definitely coughed up blood in anger.

Ye Tianming did not notice two people standing behind the pigsty, who left quietly after listening to the conversation. After they got far away, one of them put his hands together and murmured, ’’Pitiful comrade Xu Guoliang, I wish hope and blessings on you.’’

The other person glared at the person that muttered and said, ’’What are you muttering about, squad leader?’’

’’Hehe, company commander, I'm praying for comrade Xu Guoliang, I hope that he won't go crazy due to that brat, Ye Tianming.’’

Feng Zhen said in confusion, ’’The corps commander told me that this brat isn't simple, and try to get him to train the soldiers in our company. However, after surveying him for a while, I didn't notice anything special about him.’’

’’Company commander, I did notice what's special about him.’’

’’What! What is it?’’

’’He's a delinquent, a rogue, he isn't like a soldier at all.’’

Feng Zhen nodded in agreement.

’’Company... Company commander, something happened,’’ A soldier ran over with a pant.

’’What are you acting so frantic for? Stand properly, then speak.’’

Ye Tianming was still smiling there proudly as a military jeep drove over and parked. Three people, a lieutenant colonel with two soldiers, got off and walked towards him. Seeing him, the lieutenant colonel said seriously, ’’Are you Ye Tianming?’’

Ye Tianming checked out the three people in front of him, and when he saw the armband on their arms, he smiled evilly, ’’Why did you come to capture me?’’

’’Ye Tianming, be more serious, don't joke around with me, I have seen far too many rogue soldiers like you.’’


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