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Special Forces Spirit - Chapter 41


Chapter 41

That administrative officer got so angry that his face turned bright red and he pointed at Ye Tianming, ’’You... You... You...’’

’’You what, you can't even speak properly, why are you still a soldier, hurry back home to sell sweet potatoes.’’

Ye Tianming twitched his mouth, then turned to walk out. At the door, he turned around and raised a middle finger to that officer, ’’Laozi is in a bad mood, and you actually got on my bad side, who knows what the old fellow threw me over to this kind of trashy place for.’’

After Ye Tianming walked down the stairs with his transfer orders, he shouted loudly, ’’I, Ye Tianming has come.’’

At this moment, a window was opened, and a general stood outside, looking at him as he said to the military officers behind him, ’’This brat is a dangerous person, Xiao Liang, I threw him into your corps, so do watch him properly, it's not my problem if he causes any trouble.’’

Liang Chen said like he didn't mind at all, ’’Chief, don't worry. Anyone would behave themselves once they fall into my hands.’’

’’Haha. Xiao Liang, don't be too certain about that. There will be a lot of things that will give you a headache in the future.’’

’’Chief, aren't you only making him feed the pigs? What kind of trouble can he cause?’’ Another colonel asked.

Xiao Chen asked in confusion, ’’Chief, you know this soldier?’’

’’Yep, I know him very well. Don't just think that he's a backdoor soldier, he's not. The higher ups place a lot of importance on this brat, he isn't simple at all. You have to make good use of this opportunity to get him to train your soldiers, their fighting strength can definitely double.’’

Then he chuckled and continued, ’’But first, he has to go and feed the pigs.’’

Everyone were really confused in his heart, causing Liang Chen to ask, ’’Since he's so amazing, why was he transferred here to feed pigs?’’

Chief Number One didn't stop smiling, ’’This is the decision of the higher-ups, I don't know either. His identity is confidential so I can't tell you.’’

Ye Tianming walked out of the headquarters, arrived in front of a building and looked up, ’’This is where laozi has to stay?’’

’’Reporting in!’’

’’Come in!’’

Right after Ye Tianming pushed open the door and walked in, he saw the company commander of the sixth company stand up and hold out his hand with a smile, ’’Hello, you are comrade Ye Tianming, right? I am the sixth company's company commander, Feng Zhen.’’

Seeing that he was so passionate, Ye Tianming momentarily blanked, then reached out his hand as well to shake hands tightly.

Feng Zhen pointed at the chair and said, ’’Sit first.’’

Then he shouted out, ’’Communicator!’’


’’Go and get out military chef leader here, I'm going to give him a soldier.’’

Hearing his words, Ye Tianming gazed at him with open eyes. Feng Zhen merely smiled without saying anything.

Not long later, they heard someone reporting in.

’’Come in!’’

The person that entered was a chubby soldier, ’’Company commander, you're looking for me?’’

’’Yes, I'll give you a soldier, aren't you lacking people?’’

’’Wait!’’ Ye Tianming shouted. ’’You're making me be a military chef?’’

’’Yes! This is the orders of the higher ups.’’

’’F*k! What is that old fellow doing, isn't he scared of the food I cook killing everyone?’’

Hearing Ye Tianming's words, the other two people's faces instantly turned dark as they looked at each other.

Feng Zhen hurriedly said, ’’They're not making you cook, they're making you feed the pigs.’’

’’What! The old fellow is actually making me feed the pigs?’’ Ye Tianming shouted, ’’They're actually making I, Ye Tianming, who's such a heroic character, feed the pigs, this is too wrong.’’

Hearing Ye Tianming's words, the two of them were once again speechless.


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