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Special Forces Spirit - Chapter 4


Chapter 4 - Discover

Sweat poured down like rain, everyone held on while clenching their teeth. On the entire way, people were continuously falling down. The medics familiarly carried them onto the ambulance for first aid. It seems like these situations happened quite often before.

’’Old Wang, I already knew that the training here is hard, but I didn't think that the first day would be like this, I wonder what it'll be like in the future?’’ A twenty-somethings years old soldier moved tiredly, and said while panting.

’’Say, Ye Tianming, can you brat not say anything, your mouth never stopped since the training started. If you have the strength to speak, then why not use it on your legs, right now I can't even life my legs, how would I be in the mood to speak with you.’’

Ye TIanming smirked, ’’Aren't I directing attention? So I won't lack energy as I want to run more.’’

’’Ai,’’ Old Wang sighed. ’’With this level of training, I can still survive. But the training afterwards will definitely be more than today, I don't know if I'll make it.’’

’’If you can't make it, then you can't make it, I heard that Blue Sword often goes on the battlefield, I am an orphan without parents to take care of, although I have a girlfriend, but I'm not married, so it's no big deal if I die. But you're different, you still have parents to take care of, if you go on the battlefield one day, what's your family going to do if you die.’’

’’You haven't been in the military for that long, so you don't understand. In order to come here, I trained continuously, but didn't get picked every single year, I finally got here this year, how could I go back so easily. I have been a soldier for ten-odd years, from a little soldier to a battalion commander, I'm not young, it's impossible for me to move up anymore, and will retire in a few years. How depressing it is if a soldier cannot go onto the battlefield, but it is a peaceful era right now, if you want to pick up a gun and protect your home and country, you can only come here, this is where real soldiers should come. Even if I die, I have to survive, because only here will allow me to fulfil my dream when I was young.’’

Ye Tianming stopped speaking, and only difficultly moved his steps and ran beside old Wang. They didn't know that every sick had a miniature camera installed inside, their conversation has already been sent back to the base by satellite.

A bolt of lightning flashed through the night's sky, following it was the roar of thunder, even the ground shook from the thunder, the pouring rain immediately fell. Zhao Weidong sat in his office, looking expressionlessly at the heavy rain outside, Liu Bing and Wangfeng stood in front of the desk looking at Zhao Weidong.

Zhao Weidong calm back to himself and asked, ’’How many were eliminated today?’’

Liu Bing said, ’’Captain, seventy something were eliminated today, this is the first day, and so many have been eliminated, I don't know how many will be eliminated in the future. Why is the quality of soldiers so terrible today, there is so much difference from our time, and there were some older soldiers that were eliminated today?’’ After saying that, he shook his head helplessly.

Zhao Weidong stood up and said, ’’Come with me to the satellite transmission room to see if there is anyone to focus on grooming.’’

He opened the satellite transmission system, and brought up the monitoring data, everyone's expression could be clearly seen. Some were swearing, some were complaining, there were actually ones that were crying.

Zhao Weidong used his only hand to scratch his head, he didn't even want to look at it any longer, because their performance disappointed him too much. At this moment, the sound of talking could be heard, hearing their conversation, Zhao Weidong suddenly raised his head to carefully examine them, looking at their performance and what they said, a hint of smile finally appeared on his face.

Zhao Weidong continued to search in the crowd, the more he looked, the brighter the smile on his face got, he pointed to ten-odd people in the crowd and said, ’’I didn't notice it earlier, these ten-odd people are conserving their strength, no bad, it's not as bad as we thought.’’


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