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Special Forces Spirit - Chapter 39


Chapter 39

’’Old Lei, remember, after leaving the army and going back, if you have any trouble, you must find me, even if I have to act with my life on the line, I will do it for you.’’

Old Lei silently nodded, and didn't say anything.

Ye Tianming's mood was also a bit down after seeing his appearance, so he merely turned and walked out.

On the next day, I group of guests arrived at the Yunnan Airforce main hospital, they were the family members of the deceases comrades.

General Qin Dahai personally lead the Blue Sword team members there, carrying their comrade's remnants, and military badges to hand to their relatives.

General Qin Dahai said with a hint of sadness, ’’You raised good son, a good grandson for the country. We should be proud of them.’’

’’Ye Tianming.’’


’’You are the captain, say a few words.’’

Ye Tianming gazed at those faces pale in depression, causing a turmoil to surface in his heart. This was a peaceful era, yet behind this peace, war was everywhere. As long as there was war, there will be deaths, this was an unchanging law since ancient times, no one could change it, and it couldn't be changed.

’’Attention... Salute.’’

All of the team members stood perfectly straight upon Ye Tianming's orders, and gave a solemn salute to the family members of the deceased soldiers.

’’Grandpas, grandmas. Uncles, aunties. Although you lost your grandson, or your son, you still have us, these people who were once the comrades of the people you were proud of. Please remember, we are your grandsons, your sons. We are still going to help our deceased brothers and pay our filial respects to you...’’

As he watched the car, Ye Tianming raised the gun in his hand and shouted, ’’Gun-salute, celebrate, for our brothers coming home.’’

Ta ta! Ta ta!

A wave of gun shots rang out as the people on the car caressed the remnants and dodges in tears. Despite everything, nobody said a word.

Ye Tianming murmured in tears, ’’Brothers, don't worry, I, Ye Tianming swear, I will take good care of your family, and will not let anyone of them get a little bit hurt, as long as I'm alive.’’

Time passed by a day at a time, Ye Tianming, Old Lei, Old Wang and Guo Lei sat on the roof, each of them holding a bottle of beer in their hands.

As they looked upon the setting sun, Old Lei drank a few mouthfuls and said, ’’Captain, I'm going to leave tomorrow, I don't know if we'll have the chance to meet each other again, or whether we will have the chance to drink again.

Ye Tianming smiled and said, ’’We will, we definitely will meet again.’’

Ye Tianming raised the bottle in his hand and said, ’’Have a drink, I wish you can find a pretty wife when you go back, then have a cute son to continue your career.’’

Guo Lei chuckled, ’’Old Lei, when you get married, don't forget to tell us, I'm still waiting for saozi to introduce a girlfriend to me.’’

Old Lei smiled wryly, ’’Marriage and having a child still seems too far away for me. You, brat, better think of a way yourself, when you have a saozi, you might have already become an old bachelor.’’

Old Wang rolled his eyes and said, ’’You, brat, just never forget about getting a wife, these fews days that you've been hurt, you've just been constantly starting at the pretty nurses' ass and boobs. Just looking at your appearance, I really want to beat you up.’’

Guo Lei twitched his mouth and said, ’’A full man wouldn't understand a hungry man's starvation, captain has a pretty girlfriend, you're already married with a wife. How would you know the suffer of us singles.’’


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