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Special Forces Spirit - Chapter 35


Chapter 35

Ye Tianming pushed the cyclic as the helicopter flew forward, leaving the Vietnamese soldiers watching idly as they disappeared into the night.

Ye Tianming suddenly cursed, ’’F*k, they screwed us over so bad, and we even nearly died, I can't just let these bastards off so easily, we're going back!’’

’’What? Captain, you might not want to live anymore, but we don't want to die, we escaped with so much difficulty, just go back to our country.’’

Guo Lei suddenly exclaimed, then covered his chest and said, ’’Captain, my heart hurts so much, let's go back to our country quickly, I'm not going to make it.’’ Saying that, he started shouting about how much it hurts.

Old Wang twitched his mouth when he saw that, ’’If you're going to pretend to be sick, then do it better, don't shout like a cat in heat.’’

Hearing Old Wang's words, Guo Lei stopped yelling, and looked pitifully at Ye Tianming.

Ye Tianming chuckled, ’’I haven't lived enough, how could I go back to die. We have no use leaving the rockets that came with the helicopter, let's just send the rockets back for them.’’ With that, he turned the helicopter around and flew back.

The Vietnamese soldiers continued to stand dumbly in place, as if they were shocked into idiots by the recent battle and the doomsday-like explosion. Even now, they still didn't fully understand what happened. The random battle just now only let them know that is seemed to be an enemy attack, however, they did not know who the enemy was.

A colonel begun to report to the higher ups, ’’We were just attacked by the enemy, their identities are unknown, please send reinforcements.’’

Immediately after that, a howl was heard, ’’Bastard, how are you leading the soldiers, you don't even know who you enemy is. I'm telling you, they only have four people, they are China's Blue Sword. The entire world is paying attention to this battle, everybody knows their identities, it's just that they are not united. And you're still wanting to capture them alive, even if you capture them it's useless, they are fighting across the border, and will not admit their real identities.’’

’’You guys really are great, an entire battalion was beaten to a pulp by four people and you even let them bomb the magazine, and escape in the end by taking your helicopter, you really brought honor to our country, now our country is in complete shame internationally.’’

Just at this moment, that colonel suddenly heard a buzzing sound, followed by an explosion.


The colonel immediately ran towards the window, and saw a sea of flames outside. A helicopter in black smoke was cycling in the air, at the bottom of the cockpit, waves of flames were on the rocket launcher. As the flaming rockets landed on the heads of the military, corpses were everywhere, there were even those whose limbs were broken from the explosion, causing it to be a terrible sight to behold.

As the colonel watched the helicopter, his mind went completely blank as he murmured, ’’It's done for, it's done for, we're really done for this time.’’

He pointed his pistol towards his own head as he said this. Just as he wanted to shoot, he saw a shadow suddenly appear in front. He raised his head to look, and saw the helicopter floating ten-odd meters in front of him, the person piloting the helicopter waved his hand towards him with a grin. Then he saw a wave of flames fly towards him, and before he could react, he felt the entire building shook, followed by a ’’hong’’ sound. His body felt as if it was ripped to shreds, and as the building collapsed, his body disappeared in the pile of debris.

Ye Tianming looked at everything that happened in front of him, ’’Hehe! F*k! I told you not to cause trouble for no reason. You actually dared to try to hunt me down, now you know what I'm capable of, right?’’

’’Haha...’’ The helicopter with black smoke disappeared once again into the night sky alongside the prideful laughter.


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