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Special Forces Spirit - Chapter 34


Chapter 34

Pei! Ye Tianming spat towards that person whose status was unknown before climbing onto the helicopter. When he saw the controls full of buttons, he instantly went dumb, ’’F*k, why are there so many buttons, they really don't want people to live.’’

As Ye Tianming was getting confused, the Vietnamese still didn't know what was going on. Using their confusion, Guo Lei and Old Wang, who was carrying Old Lei, lowered their heads and ran towards the helicopter. Nobody noticed that there were two more enemies beside them, who happened to be the companions of the perpetrator of the explosion just now.

As they were about to reach the helicopter, the people behind them were no longer in chaos, they swiftly got into formation and stood there orderly. A military jeep drove towards them, and the headlights shone onto Old Wang and co. clearly.

Then someone suddenly shouted, ’’Enemy attack, quickly capture them!’’

The jeep immediately accelerated towards them.

Tata! Tata!

A wave of gunfire rang out, and Old Wang leaped onto the floor reflexively. Guo Lei, who was originally running in the front limped back, and carried Old Lei on his back before turning back to run towards the helicopter, while Old Wang, who covered his bleeding thigh, and followed behind. As he ran, he counterattacked at the same time.

If everything hadn't happened so suddenly, causing the Vietnamese military to not yet realize that it was an enemy attack, meaning that most people didn't have their weapons, Old Wang and co. would have already passed on.

Hearing the gunshots, Ye Tianming swore with in frustration, ’’F*k.’’ With that, he raised his hand and smashed fiercely onto the controls.

Buzz... The sound of the engine starting rang out. ’’F*king hell, you're just like the Americans and puny Japan, you don't get obedient unless you are beaten.’’

Ye Tianming pulled the cyclic, causing the helicopter to fly up unstably. When it reached only a bit more than a meter off the ground, a ’’peng!’’ sound sounded out, followed by the helicopter falling again. ’’F*k!’’ He immediately pulled the cyclic again, causing it the helicopter to rise up unstably again.

Ye Tianming moved his hand holding the cyclic, turning the helicopter around. Then he pressed down on a red button on the cyclic, resulting in a wave of fire spurting from beneath the helicopter as a rocket accurately landed on the jeep.

’’Hong!’’ The jeep was instantly shredded into pieces.

Tata! Tata! The heavy machinegun mounted on the helicopter started spitting out bullets, suppressing the fire from the Vietnamese military. As their enemies were heavily suppressed, Old Wang and co. quickly ran underneath the helicopter.

Ye Tianming let go of the cyclic, causing the helicopter to fall onto the ground with a ’’peng’’ sound. ’’Quick! Get up quickly,’’ Ye Tianming reached out his hand to pull Old Lei, who was being carried by Guo Lei, into the helicopter. Guo Lei and Old Wang also got on after him.


The windscreen of the helicopter was broken as a gunshot rang out. Ye Tianming lowered his head and pulled the cyclic, causing the helicopter to rise swiftly.

Just as Ye Tianming looked up, he saw a flash occur from the crowd of enemies and a rocket on fire flew directly towards him. ’’F*k, it's a rocket, now laozi is really done for.’’

Saying that, he pulled on the cyclic even more, causing the helicopter to rise even more quickly. The rocket flew right past the helicopter, then a ’’hong’’ sound was heard, signaling the explosion of the rocket. The helicopter shook as smoke came out of its tail. The helicopter stayed in the air for a while, before the slowly falling as it spun around.

Ye Tianming clenched his teeth as he pull onto the cyclic with all his might, eventually causing the helicopter to rise unstably into the sky once again.


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