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Special Forces Spirit - Chapter 31


Chapter 31

Ye Tianming's voice traveled across the entire world through the radio waves, and before anyone had reacted, another shocking thing happened.

Outside of the Vietnamese secret military base, Ye Tianming carefully observed the time when the guards changed and the various patrol routes.

Ye Tianming saw that for a house built with steel and mud, the patrols changed every thirty minutes, and there were clearly twice as much sentries for that house compared to the rest of the base.

Ye Tianming pondered about it and said to Old Wang, ’’Old Wang, look to the west, that might be the magazine[1]. We have to destroy it using the fastest speed possible in order to cause chaos so we should we have a chance of taking over that helicopter.’’ As he spoke, he pointed to a helicopter that was not far away from the magazine.

Old Wang nodded and said, ’’Captain, say, what should we do?’’

Ye Tianming rubbed his nose and said with a wry smile, ’’F*k, there are so many sentries, I don't have any ideas right now, let me think.’’

Old Wang and Guo Lei both rolled their eyes after hearing that.

After a period of silence, Ye Tianming suddenly swore silently. ’’F*k it, we're going to just do it.’’

Then he handed the sniper rifle to Old Wang, ’’Find a good sniping spot, then blow up the searchlights in all four directions after I succeed. During the chaos, you guys run towards the helicopter as fast as you can, but remember to hide your identities, once you get exposed, there would be only death.’’

Old Wang and Guo Lei nodded their heads solemnly.

Ye Tianming slowly moved towards the east along the metal wiring, and arrived behind the magazine, where he crouched down to carefully examine it. The magazine was a monolithic structure built using steel and mud, at the back of the house, near the roof, there were ten-odd air vents that were the size of an adult's palm, and the end of each of the air vents blocked off by thin steel bars with the thickness of a thumb. This meant that he would only be able to enter from the front door.

Ye Tianming cut open the steel wire, and laid on it, waiting for his chance. As the searchlights swept over, Ye Tianming continuously prayed, ’’Merciful Buddha, please don't let me be exposed, or else I, Old Ye, will really not be able to see tomorrow's Sun.’’

At this moment, steady footsteps sounded out as a patrol of seven walked past him. After the searchlight swept over another time, Ye Tianming slowly creeped up behind them. Then he suddenly leaped up and covered the mouth of the last soldier and swiftly slit his throat with his military knife.

Ye Tianming immediately released that soldier onto the ground. After the searchlights swept past again, he swiftly changed into the uniform of the Vietnamese military. Then he silently approached the patrol, and followed blatantly behind them.

Perhaps because even the heavens were helping him, the captain only greeted the other team before passing by when they were changing shifts, and nobody noticed a stranger in their midst.

Perhaps it's because they have stayed here too long and never had anything happen, they never would have thought that someone would be as daring as to target the magazine.

Ye Tianming lowered his head and followed them into the building, just as they walked into the dormitories, Ye Tianming turned around and walked towards the left corridor.

At this moment, someone shouted behind him, although Ye Tianming didn't understand, he knew that it was calling him, so he stopped, stood still and thought about what to do.

Suddenly, he saw a door open in front. On the door was two very clear alphabets that was widely used all over the world - WC. He chuckled in his heart, then raised in hand and pointed forwards without turning back, and swiftly walked towards there. The person behind him grumbled a bit, then turned silent.

[1] Magazine is the name for an item or place within which ammunition or other explosive material is stored. It is taken originally from the Arabic word ’’makhāzin’’ (مخازن), meaning ’’(gunpowder) magazine or storeroom’’, via Italian and Middle French.

The term is also used for a place where large quantities of ammunition are stored for later distribution, or an ammunition dump. This usage is less common.


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