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Special Forces Spirit - Chapter 30


Chapter 30

Ye Tianming took out his map and read it using the moonlight, then he surveyed the surrounding terrain thoroughly. His eyes flashed as he said, ’’Are you guys scared of death?’’

Old Wang flipped a white eye at Ye Tianming, ’’Which day have we not wandered along the boundary of death in these few days, if we're scared of death, then we wouldn't have come here.’’

Guo Lei nodded.

’’Good! This is a soldier! A real Chinese soldier! We'd rather die in battle as opposed to living in shame.’’

Having said that, Ye Tianming pointed to the map and said, ’’Here's a secret Vietnamese military base, there's a battalion stationed there. It's only thirty miles from here, I think those two armed helicopters took off from here. If I'm not wrong, they should have come for the remaining two American soldiers, but they didn't seem to find them, while we bumped into them regrettably. This time we're going to take control of a helicopter, then return back to our country.’’

He chuckled, and continued, ’’F*k, these Vietnamese that only know to bully the weak actually dared to get into this!? Do they really think China is that easy to bully? I have to teach them a lesson this time, and tell them what should be done and what shouldn't be done. If we're lucky, then we will bump into the two Americans, since they will also go to this base to ask for help.’’

Old Wang carried Old Lei and walked towards the secret military base, Ye Tianming walked in front of them, while Guo Lei walked behind.

The night was terrifyingly silent, the hot air reeked of a rotten stench. As they walked, they would occasionally shock birds, and only then would they feel a sense of life.

Just as they nearly reached the base, an agitated voice burst out from not that far away, ’’Major, can you tell me why we came here? This military action targeting China's Blue Sword is completely meaningless to us, and now our brothers have all died, they all died! Tell me why, why?’’

The sound of talking grew louder and louder, this person had clearly lost his sanity and was being driven crazy.

’’Don't ask me why, I don't know, why don't you go back and ask those high and mighty generals?’’

’’Go back? Can we still go back? Haha... They all died, what are we still fighting for?’’

’’You madman, what do you want to do...’’

’’Peng!’’ A gunshot rang out, silencing the speaking voice.

’’Haha...’’ Another round of mad laughter rang out.

Ye Tianming and company looked at each other and smiled.

After a while, the voice sounded out again, ’’Headquarters, this is Sergeant Johnny. I'm using the public frequency right now, anyone that is paying attention to this battle can hear what I'm saying. I have to tell them what happened...’’

A voice interrupted him, ’’This is headquarters, please report your position, how many people are left?’’

’’How many people? None, except me, they all died you know? Our enemy is like a starving falcon that searched for food with its blood red eyes, and we were his prey, hunted down by him one by one.’’

’’F*k America, f*k the national interest, f*k the president, they should all die!’’

Another gunshot reverberated, after that, the world sank into silence, causing people to feel shocked. Everyone that heard those words felt like it was a joke. Only three or four people managed to completely wipe out the special forces of two countries... How is that possible?

Before they had recovered from their shock, they heard another voice, ’’Hello, haha... Falcon? I really like this name that courageous sergeant gave me. I don't care who you are. It doesn't matter if you are mercenaries or special forces. Just remember to not challenge our bottom line, or else the ’’Falcon’’ will become your nightmare, forever accompanying you guys, until your demise.’’


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