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Special Forces Spirit - Chapter 3


Chapter 3 - Pity

’’Bobcat start the timer, those that don't arrive in ten minutes are eliminated.

’’Yes sir!’’ Bobcat is called Liu Bing, he has a tiger like back with a bear's waist, and was slightly fat.

He is good at sniping, and during one mission, in order to cover his comrade, his right leg was bombed. The other person is called Wang Feng, codename Vole, and is good at assassination. He is the king within forests, and has one killed off a company of forces all by himself, he met a wolf pack when he was retreating, and lost his legs during combat with the wolf pack, when his comrades found him, he had already fainted, surrounded by the corpses of wild wolves.

In order to eliminate the terrorist group ETLO, they had once followed Zhao Weidong and appeared all over the world, and combatted the anti-Chinese countries' special forces and mercenaries to the death. In the world of special forces, they were the representations of death. In the eyes of these people, they were the same as the devil, if you were unlucky enough to meet them on the battlefield, then congratulations, you will see the god from legends very quickly. No matter the special forces or mercenaries, the moment you mention China's Blue Sword Special Forces, all of those soldiers' expression will change, their eyes filled with terror, unwilling to become their enemy ever again. Blue Sword has never lost under Zhao Weidong's lead, displaying the loyalty and iron-willed spirit as a Chinese soldier. They won honor and dignity for the nation, leaving a heavy mark down on the military stage of the world.

No one ever dared to underestimate the Chinese special forces again.

Ten minutes later, ’’Vole, role call.’’

’’Yes!’’ Vole sat on the wheelchair and took out the name list, then called each person one by one, ’’Captain, there are thirteen people that haven't arrive.’’

Zhao Weidong nodded, and gazed coldly at the ten-odd person running over there.

’’Instructor, we are reporting in after having organized everything indoors.’’

Zhao Weidong looked at them, and said coldly while porting to the helicopter on the heliport, ’’Do you see that helicopter? You guys can go on there now, because you have already been eliminated.’’

’’Instructor, we don't accept this,’’ A soldier shouted loudly.

Zhao Weidong raised up his hand, and shook his finger, ’’You have no right to not accept this, as a soldier, you must be punctual. I will not accept a soldier that is not punctual, if this is on the battlefield, your comrade will be sacrificed because of your lateness, leaving you here will harm everyone. Orderly, go and help them pack up. They can leave, I will not have anyone just eating here.’’

Hearing that, those people all had different expression. Some were furious, some were ashamed, some acted like they didn't care.

The remaining soldiers all looked at their fleeting backs with eyes full of pity.

Zhao Weidong looked at the expressions of the face, and said coldly, ’’Don't pity them, in the following training, two-thirds of you will be eliminated, I don't accept trash here, no one will pity you then.’’

After saying that, Zhao Weidong pointed at the pile of wood that were still dripping water not far away, and shouted loudly, ’’Do you see the wood over there?’’

’’Yes,’’ the orderly and clear voice rang out from the field.

’’Then what are you waiting for if you see it, do I have to put it on your shoulders, then run?’’

The elites sent here from every department quickly ran to the place where the wood was put, and placed the wood on their shoulders. Then they ran out towards the desert.

Zhao Weidong followed them from behind in a desert jeep. The desert son mercilessly gifted the burning sunlight to these soldiers. The wood was originally really heavy, and now it has even been soaked with water, causing these soldiers that were called elites to suffer.

Zhao Weidong shouted loudly, ’’Quickly, the last three that comes back will not have dinner, and will have to do five hundred push ups and five hundred sit ups.’’


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