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Special Forces Spirit - Chapter 24


Chapter 24 - Canister Bomb

Hearing the gunshots, the wounded American Special Forces wanted to shook.

Yet, they were too slow, Guo Lei and Old Wang already raised up their guns wen they saw Ye Tianming and Old Lei leap towards their targets.

Clear gunshots sounded through the air as the bullets harvested their lives, the ten odd wounded American Special Forces soldiers reluctantly left the world as they fell into pulls of blood, perhaps they never thought about such a results when they walked onto the battlefield, that they would die away from home.

Ye Tianming said, ’’Quick, take all the ammunition, our enemies will come back very quickly.’’

Old Lei and co. quickly hung all the grenades and bullets that they would use on their body.

Suddenly Guo Lei shouted, ’’F*k, what is this? It seems to be a canister bomb.’’

Old Lei walked over and looked, ’’Yes, it's a modified canister bomb, I didn't think that they would bring this sort of stuff here.’’

Ye Tianming said, ’’Hand it over to me, I will make them have a taste of a canister bomb's power.’’

Ye Tianming circled around and found one person still alive, he walked to his (the American's) side and chuckled, ’’You're so lucky, you're actually still alive.’’

With that, he took off the safety pin of the bomb and put it underneath him, the lucky soldier wanted to struggle, but he was wounded too much, don't talk about moving, he couldn't even speak.

After doing all that, Ye Tianming shouwed, ’’Let's go, they're going to come back very quickly.’’

With that, he started sprinting towards the depth of the jungle, it was because he was very clear about the power of a canister bomb, once it explodes, the land within a two hundred meter radius would be reduced to flat land, ignoring people, even armored cards can be turned to smithereens.

When Ye Tianming and co.'s figure just disappeared, a wave of Japanese rang out, ’’Captain, the gunshots just now happened from here.’’

Then suddenly, ten-odd corpses appeared in front of them, the captain of the Japanese ’’Eagle’’ Special Forces Ono Sonzan said, ’’Everyone, be careful, our allies just told us that the enemies we're facing this time is very crafty.’’

The people tat approached slowly did not dare to be careless, looking at the deceased American soldiers, Ono felt a sense of unease in his heart, he never felt this sort of feeling before, so he stood there silently, surveying his surroundings.

At this moment, a soldier shouted, ’’Captain, there's still someone alive here, quickly help to move him to the side, see if he can be saved.’’

Hearing the team member's words, the bad feeling in Ono Sonzan's heart got more and more intense, when a few people lifted that wounded American soldier, Ono Sonzan shouted, ’’Don't move him.’’ But it was already too late. Everyone felt the ground shake, then a flash of whit elight turned everything they saw white, an ear-shattering noise alongside a wave of scorching heat accompanied a huge amount of enemy instantly drowned their bodies.

Ye Tianming felt the ground tremble even from afar, when they turned their heads back, they saw a mushroom cloud rush up into the air with a hint of flames, energy that the naked eye could see dispersed outwards, instantly drowning everything within a two hundred meter radius. Even Ye Tianming and co. were pushed out more than three meters by the residue waves from the explosion.

When everything ended, they shook their heads and stood up with a wobble. When they looked back once again, they saw that an area of two hundred meters radius around the bomb had been grazed into flat land.

Guo Lei said with a pale face, ’’F*k, is this a bomb or a nuke, it's actually so powerful. It looks like our enemies have already disappeared, it's a shame we don't know of it's the Americans or little Japan.’’


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