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Special Forces Spirit - Chapter 22


Chapter 22 - Military Spirit

At this moment, Zhao Weidong's voice passed out from the ear piece, ’’Ye Tianming, where are you? We have already broken through and arrived at the border.’’

’’Instructor, who's there by you, and who's gone?’’

After a momentarily silence, ’’Seventeen comrades were sacrificed, and four is missing.’’

’’Who is missing?’’

’’Old Lei, Wang Jianbo, Guo Lei, Zhang Haijun.’’

Ye Tianming said in sadness, ’’Instructor, Guo Lei is right beside me, Zhang Haijun was sacrificed, he died with the enemies just now. Instructor, you guys go back to the country first, I'm going to find Old Lei and Wang Jianbo, as long as there is a chance, I will not leave a comrade behind.’’

Zhao Weidong shouted loudly after hearing what he said, ’’Ye Tianming, obey the orders and come join us.’’

Ye Tianming's blood red eyes revealed craziness as he said, ’’Instructor, don't forget, I'm the captain. I will not leave two brothers that I don't know the status here, even if I die I want to see their bodies. For the honor of our country, for the military spirit of us Chinese Soldiers, I will not leave.’’

With that, Ye Tianming throw his earpiece down on the side, seeing Ye Tianming's action, Guo Lei also took of his ear piece and through it on to the floor. The two of them looked at each other and laughed at the same time. It's just that their laughter was full of bitterness.

Ye Tianming sat down by a treed, looked around, then finally up at the tree top and said with a smile, ’’F*k, Japanese scum, Americans, I'll let you know what is real guerilla warfare.’’

Saying that, he stood up, and took out the remaining two grenades he had on him, then took out an extremely thin coil of gray line. He used his military knife to cut a section down, took out the bullets in his cartridge and tied it together with a grenade, then he stuck another stuck another grenade with it's safety pin in between a branch.

Ye Tianming walked around in a circle, then stood in front of a low-lying ditch, he tied the string to the grenade's safety pin, and buried the safety pin in the mud, and put some broken rocks on top of it. Then he tied the string to the safety of the hand grenade on a small tree as thick as a thumb, slightly above the water surface. After doing all this, Ye Tianming smiled in satisfaction.

Then he arrived underneath the tree where he put the grenade, and carved a few characters with his military knife, ’’我操你妈的狗娘养的美国佬,要想抓老子,杀老子你们就来啊,我就在前面等着你,不然我把你们脱光衣服送到发了情的野猪跟前和它们作伴。哈哈...... (F*k your mom, you son of a bitch Americans, you want to catch laozi, kill laozi then come, I'm waiting for you in the front, or else I will strip all of you and send you to keep wild boars in heat. Haha...)’’

When the colonel led his team members that survived the explosion to here, they noticed the Chinese characters written on the tree. One of the American soldier that had studied in China walked over the true and read softly, causing everyone that heard it to go green in anger. When that American soldier finished reading, he kicked the tree trunk in anger and swore, ’’Son of a bitch, I will definitely catch you, and let you know what I'm capable of.’’

Just as he finished, something round dropped on top of his head and rolled on top of the ground while smoking. When he saw what he hit his head, he momentarily blanked, then suddenly shouted, ’’It's a grenade, everyone take cover...’’

Before the people around him reacted, a ’’Hong!’’ sound exploded alongside the exploding ground and grass which flew into the air. The people standing most in front howled on the ground in pain. The American soldier that just wanted to show what Ye Tianming what he was capable of could not be identified already.

Those that reacted quick enough rolled into the ditch nearby, just as they were feeling lucky about escaping the danger, they heard a ’’Hong!’’ sound explode out. Pieces of rock flew up into the air. Before the people slightly further away were able to react, the bullets that flew into the air collided with the bodies with ’’pa, pa, pa’’ sounds. Those standing far away felt a wave of pain on their head, then fell into darkness.


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