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Special Forces Spirit - Chapter 21


Chapter 21 - I'll go and meet God with you


Zhang Haijun spat out a mouthful of blood, and at the gas stuck in lungs. He moved his mouth, wanting to smile, but the pain that the wounds on his body caused him made him unable to do so.

Guo Lei hugged Zhang Haijun, who was covered in blood, and cried, ’’You idiot, don' you know that you'll die. You still have your mom to take care of, you still have a beautiful fiancéthat you haven't married, don't you feel like you have wronged them?’’

Zhang Haijun opened his mouth full of blood and said weakly, ’’Hehe... Hai hai... we're brothers, what are brothers? Only those that can block bullets behind you, and die for you are true brothers. I believe if it were you, you would also do this. Right? My brother.’’

Guo Lei frantically used his hands to cover up all of the wounds on Zhang Haijun's body, hoping to stop the blood flow, but Zhang Haijun had ten odd bullet holes on his body, how could it cover it all up?

Zhang Haijun shook his head and said, ’’Stop trying, leave your grenade behind, I can still fight. The enemies will catch up soon, leave quickly, leave me. Remember to take care of my family.’’

Ye Tianming say Zhang Haijn getting shot into a pulp from afar, and ran over with bloodshot eyes through the bullet rain. Seeing his current look, tears of anger couldn't help but flow down, this was the first time Ye Tianming cried ever since he was young.

’’Captain, you have to bring the brothers back, and help me get revenge.’’

Ye Tianming didn't say anything, he untied the grenade on him and left it on the ground, then he pulled Guo Lei and disappeared deep into the jungle.

Ten odd grenades and several tens of bullets were placed beside Zhang Haijun, in his hand was a grenade with the safety pin taken out, he silently laid there, waiting for his final moment to arrive. Just as his consciousness was about to fade into darkness, he heard a voice near him, ’’Colonel, our allies told us that Blue Sword has already broken through, and they have had severe losses.’’

’’F*k, these Japanese midgets can't be relied on at all, they're terrified of death, they're probably still afraid of the beating the Chinese soldiers gave them several years back.’’

Zhang Haijun felt eyes become brighter as his enemies got closer.

When these American Special Forces arrived at his side, the soldier that spoke just now shouted excitedly, ’’Colonel, there's still one alive here. Haha... We have made a meritorious contribution.’’

Zhang Haijun raised his hand with the grenade and greeted him, ’’Hey, allow American peer, you must have never seen your God right, right now I'll go meet him with you.’’

’’Hehe... Hai hai...’’ He spat out large amounts of blood from his mouth. Then he let go of the thumb pushing down the safety lightly, and a slither of pale smoke popped out.

Immediately seeing that, the pupils of the American soldier that wanted to do a great service contracted, ’’Oh! God, no...’’

’’Hong! Hong!’’

The grenades beside him exploded one by one, the several tens of bullets spread out all around in a radiating manner.

In almost an instant, that American soldier was ripped into pieces, there was no a single person alive within several meters, there were still three wounded that laid moaning on the ground.

Ye Tianming heard the explosion from afar, causing his heart to tense, he stopped, turned around and saluted as he muttered, ’’Brother, you're the best, you didn't lose face for us Chinese soldiers. Don't worry, I will take care of your family, I will help you get revenge.’’

Guo Lei kneeled down, as his tears flowed from the corners of his mouth, ’’Brother, take care.’’


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