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Special Forces Spirit - Chapter 19


Chapter 19 - Getting Ambushed

Ye Tianming gave Niu Dashan and Wang Honglei a hand gesture, signally them to take a few team members and spread out, in order to keep surveillance on those LTTE members drinking outside.

Then with a wave of his hand, he brought the team members behind the houses, there was a small window at the back of each house, and through the window, they could see that each house had ten odd people inside, sleepy on a woodden bed with loud snores.

Ye Tianming have a hand gesture to Zhou Jiang and Leng Yu, and pointed to the house,s then he swiped his hand across is neck.

Zhou Jiang and Leng Yu nodded, and climbed in through the tiny windows.

Ye Tianming also quickly climbed into a house with the Sanleng Thron in hand, he immediately covered the mouth of the person in front of him, and fiercely pierced the military thrown from the jaw through to the brain. The blood spurt out from the wound, and it was actually a bit hot when it splashed onto his hand, that person wiggled a bit, then stopped moving. Following that, Ye Tianming dealt with the all one by one. After easily dealing with eighteen people, there were no sounds except the sound of blood drops.

Ye Tianming climbed out of the window, and saw Zhou Jiang and Leng Yu jumped out of the windows not long later, both of them covered in blood. They nodded towards him and raised their thumbs.

Ye Tiangming brought them back to the original place, and show an evil smile at the corner of his mouth, he raised his gun, and with a ’’peng’’ sound. The gun shot ripped across the silent night, as blood spurt out from the front of a LTTE member that looked like the leader, making a pitiful yet beautiful sight.

Following that, Niu Dashan's anti-tank rocket landed beside them, the several people there flew up into the air and landed a few meters away in order to meet their ancestors. Before they reacted, with a wave of gun shots, the wave of fire form Wang Honglei's heavy-machine gun harvested their lives. A LTTE member with quick enough reactions grabbed a corpse and blood in front of him, but how could a human body blood the power of a heavy-machine gun. Wang Honglei fired manically at him with a loud chuckle, causing the LTTE member and the corpse in front of him to get snapped at the waist, the bloodied upper body falling onto the floor, while the lower body was still standing in the pile of blood and intestines.

Zhou Jiang raised a middle finger towards Wang Honglei and said, ’’You're so disgusting.’’

Wnag Honglei flipped a white eye and said, ’’I like it, what can you do?’’

After the battle finished, Ye Tianming walked out form the jungle, and looked on the ground covered with broken limbs, the shock in his heart as really not something he could describe with words. The other team members also felt like this, this was their first time entering a battle, the first time experiencing the cruelty of war.

Ye Tianming silently turned around towards the depth of the jungle, at this moment, a gunshot rang out. Ye Tianming swiftly dodged behind a tree and shouted, ’’Everyone spread out, there's a sniper.’’

All of the team members quickly dispersed to find better hiding spots and looked behind, then they saw the last team member to move slowly fall down as blood flowed from the bullet hole in between his brows, the young face was very childish and his eyes revealed the reluctance to leave this world.

A rocket landed not far away from Ye Tianming with a howl, and air from the explosion pushed from out a meter.

Ye Tianming stood up after shaking his head, and his heart umped before he even stood firm. He was very familiar with this feeling, that was the warning of encountering danger, he was never once wrong before.

Ye Tianming did not have any hesitation, he quickly took cover behind a tree. Just as he turned around, the bullet of a sniper rifle flew past his year. If he had hesitated even for a second, then he would forever lie there like his comrade, never once having the chance to stand up again.

Zhao Weidong slowly sneaked beside him and said, ’’The people ambushing us is definitely not LTTE members.’’

’’Could it be TIP, they originally came to receive the LTTE members, and got here when our operation ended, so decided to make a move on us.’’


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