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Special Forces Spirit - Chapter 18


Chapter 18 - Ambush

The crocodile released it's mouth in pain, and sank into the swamp with a turn of it's humongous body. The mud and blood turned around a lot, until it resumed it's calmness.

After they still didn't see Ye Tianming appear after a long while, all of the team members looked worriedly at Zhao Weidong, Old Wang asked, ’’Instructor, what should we do? Captain didn't come up yet, could something have happened to him.’’

Zhao Weidong frowned and said, ’’Nothing will happen, the brat Ye Tianming is a freak, I believe a swamp cannot hold him, he will definitely come up.’’

Yet even he didn't believe his own words, after so long, they still didn't see Ye Tianming's figure, the chances of this brat bing alive wasn't large.

Just as everyone lost hope, they saw an arm reach out from the swamp, grabbing onto the side of the pontoon. Everyone felt it sink a little, before a figure jumped out, and landed lightly on the pontoon, then started running forwards like mad as he shouted, ’’Run, there's a crocodile swarm.’’

Hearing Ye Tianming's words, everyone looked towards the swamp, and saw a swarm of gray backs moving quickly towards them. Only then did they react, and followed tightly behind Ye Tianming towards the shore.

When everyone got on shore safely and looked back, they couldn't' help but shudder, at the sight of the field of gray in the swamp.

Ye Tianming swore, ’’I nearly lost my life there.’’

’’Instructor, we are already at the border of Vietnam. The temporarily base of LTTE is about five kilometers away from me. We'll act at night and get rid of them in one go.’’

Zhao Weidong nodded and said, ’’You're the captain right now, I'll listen to you.’’

As the night approached quietly, Ye Tianming led his teammates slowly towards the temporary base of LTTE, they stopped on the soft and wet ground full of fallen leaves, each of their steps sank their feet into the ground, making it very difficult to advance.

When they saw fire from away alongside blurry figures and heard faint speaking sounds. Ye Tianing raised his hand, signaling everyone to stop.

He carefully surveyed the surroundings, then handed the sniper rifle to Old Wang with a smile and said, ’’Old Wang, I heard that you're a sniping master, today's sniping mission will be on you.’’

Old Wang received the gun and nodded without hesitation, he walked around, then laid down on a small slope behind a bush, camouflaged himself a bit, and after doing that, he gave Ye Tianming a hand gesture.

Ye Tianming brought his teammates towards the camp without a silent.

There were only two sentries on guard for the huge camp, both of whom stood there unenergetically chatting about something.

Ye Tianming pointed at the two sentries respectively towards Zhou Jiang and Leng Yu, then swiped his hand across his neck, signally them to deal with one sentry each.

Zhou Jiang and Leng Yu nodded, then went towards the jungle and slowly approached the two sentries. At the very moment that the two sentries turned around, two black figures suddenly reached up and leaped towards the targets, both of them covered the two sentry's mouth at the same time as the sharp knives easily slit across their throat. With a sound similar to that of a popped tire, the sharp knives easily broke through their necks, and they (Zhou Jiang and Leng Yu) slowly dragged them into the jungle.

Ye Tianming brought the team o the edge of the camp when he saw five or six people barbequing and drinking by the fire.

Behind them were a few simple houses, there weren't any sounds from within, it was very quiet, clearly meaning that they were asleep.


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