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Special Forces Spirit - Chapter 17


Chapter 17 - Wrestling a Crocodile

Just as Ye Tianming was about to hit the ground, he flipped forward and stood firmly onto the ground.

Everyone checked their equipment in silence, and after discovering that there were no problems, they stood there without a sound, waiting for their instructor's orders.

Zhao Weidong took out the map, and looked at it using the faint light from the torch. Ye Tianming also looked at the map as he was squatting. Zhao Weidong pointed to the corner of the map and said, ’’Look, the temporary base for the LTTE is here, we have to eliminate them before they get into contact with TIP. However, that's already within the Vietnamese borders, we have o be careful, the country will not admit it if anyone is sacrificed or gets taken hostage.’’

Ye Tianming said afterwards, ’’I once studied the location her, this place is the safest place according to the map, but this is a swamp, it is very difficult if we want to pass here.’’

Zhao Weidong looked at Ye Tianming in admiration and said, ’’We have to go here even if it's difficult, we have to complete the mission no matter what.’’

With that, Zhao Weidong packed up the map, and stood up, then he said to all the team members, ’’From now on, Ye Tianming is your captain, I'm going to be his assistant, everything will go according to Ye Tianming's orders.’’

Ye Tianming asked unsurely, ’’Instructor, is that alright?’’

Zhao Weidong said seriously, ’’This is an order, there is no alright or not.’’

Ye Tianming no longer had that playful expression, because he knew that all of his comrades lives were in his hands, once a plan fails, then he, Ye Tianming, will become a sinner, and he will never forgive himself for his entire life.

Ye Tianming led his teammates slowly towards the center of the jungle, as the sky gradually brightened, it actually started to rain a little, bringing a freshness to the boiling temperature. However, there was a bit of trouble as well, the leaves that have fallen onto the ground had already rotten, their speed was already very slow, and now the rain caused the ground to turn to mud, making it even harder for them to walk, causing their speed of advance to slow down even more. They had to spend three days of time before nearing the swamp near the border.

Ye Tianming surveyed the swamp, then looked at the map before saying to Zhao Weidong, ’’Instructor, this swamp is about a kilometer across, I think we can go across it if we build a pontoon.’’

Zhao Weidong nodded, ’’There's no other way, we can only do that.’’

Ye Tianming ordered the team to get into pairs to find fallen wood and vines to build a pontoon.

Very quickly, several tens of large ladder shaped wooden boards made out of fallen wood were placed in front of Ye Tianming, Ye Tianming threw one on the swamp and jumped on it, he stepped a bit on it and after seeing that it only sank a little, he judged it to be alright.

Then he called another team member to hand him another one, which he placed in front and connected it with the one underneath his feet. He tied them one by one until the center of the swamp, the rest of the team members followed behind. Just when they say they were about to get to the other side, one of the teammates shouted, ’’Crocodile.’’

Ye TIanming turned around and saw a dark gray crocodile, it was still dragging that teammate's leg towards the swamp. Without any hesitation, he pulled out the military thorn and leaped towards that crocodile. He shouted to the other teammates as he was in the air, ’’Don't shoot, we are very close to the enemy already, we would alarm them if they hear gun shots.’’

The teammates that had already raised their guns could only put it down and look nervously at Ye Tianming.

Ye Tianming, who was in the air, grasped the military thorn, and at the same time as he landed on the crocodile's back, he pierced fiercely towards the head of the crocodile. A wave of blood gushed out, splashing onto Ye Tianming's face.


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