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Special Forces Spirit - Chapter 1


Chapter 1 - Prologue

Liaoning Province: Shenyang City

The rain in the morning cleaned away the filth within the city, leaving a damp taste in the air.

Before daybreak, a thirty something years old man with a slightly yellow face walked on the empty streets. He wore a military uniform that was in shambles, his eyes looked forward without hope. The dim road lights contrasted with his figure, causing him to look pitiful. A car sped past him, and as it moved past him, water on the road splashed onto him, soaking his entire body.

He stepped his footsteps while frowning and looked around alertly, but he didn't notice anything, he shook his head in suspicion and continued to walk forward.

At this moment, the sound of motorcycle engine rang out from behind him, the turned around and saw that seven or eight motorcycles stopped behind him, the people riding on it looked at him expressionlessly.

Suddenly, he had no more hesitations, and turned around to run as fast as he could. The people behind didn't move, they gazed coldly as that lone figure ran further and further away. One of them took out a military crossbow, this type of cross bow was used by the special forces, the arrowhead is made of a special steel, allowing to easily puncture three-inch metal plates within fifty meters, in a short distance, it is even more powerful than a pistol.

He held up the crossbow and shot it, it slashed past the person's cheeks and impaled on a wall not so far away with a ’’ding’’ sound. A deep wound was left on the person's cheeks.

Following that, another sound rang out, the crossbow was shot once again. ’’En!’’ With a grunt, the arrow pierced his shoulders, that person's face was pale, he used his hand to cover the wound on his shoulders, and continued to run forward, then turned around the corner onto another street.

At this moment, a forty something years old man swore, ’’F*k! You idiot, why aren't you chasing, if he runs to the end of the street, Young Master will definitely lose, this time Young Master betted two billion, it won't be good for anyone of us if he loses.’’

Saying that, he started up the motorcycle and chased, seeing their prey about to turn around the corner of the street, the crossbow was shot once again, and the arrow nailed on that person's leg with a ’’pu’’ sound.

That person fell onto the ground, then dragged his wounded leg along as he crawled up, and slowly moved forward a step at a time.

The forty something years old man snatched over the crossbow, raised it and shot, the arrow approached the person like lightning, just as that person turned around the street corner, the arrow pierced through the back of his heart, the arrowhead punctured out the front of his chest, causing him to fall onto the other street. The brooch on his chest was knocked onto the floor by the arrowhead. The person looked at that red pentagonal brooch with eyes deprived of energy, there was a dragon engraved on it, ever so alive, the dragon claw held a blue sword as if it was about to break through the clouds, emitting a dominating atmosphere.

He wanted to pick up the brooch, and used all the power in his body to reach his hand forward, leaving a clear trail of blood on the concrete road. However, the power in his body was slowly disappearing, in the end he could only look at the honour he exchanged with using his entire life just sit there, and not be able to do anything.

Sections of his life flashed quickly across his eyes, gun shots, cannon shots, corpses, comrades falling down at his side one by one.

’’Captain, can I really not go onto the battlefield anymore?’’

’’Your wound is very severe, although your life is saved, but you can't use too much force, or else your injury will re-emerge, and lose your life, it's impossible for you to participate in anymore military actions. Even when you return to the normal lives, you have to pay attention not to get too tired. Old Lei, remember, you are always my brother. If you have any troubles after you go back, then come and find me, I'll get it done for you even if I have to with my life.’’

Another scene flashed across his eyes, ’’What are you finding me for?’’

’’I know your meimei needs a large sum of operation fee, here's two hundred thousand, all you have to do is run from this street onto another early street tomorrow before daybreak.’’

’’It's that simple?’’

’’No, someone will come and kill you, it's up to you whether you live or die.’’

He received the money without any hesitation, turned around and walked away.

A very pale yet beautiful face appeared before his eyes, ’’Ge, don't worry about my sickness anymore, I know my sickness is incurable, our home is in a lot of debt to get me treated, dad and mom are old now, you have to take good care of them after I die.’’

’’I'm... sorry!’’ The scene before his eyes slowly faded into darkness, a single tear dropped from the corner of his eyes.

’’F*k!’’ The man furiously threw the crossbow onto the ground, and shouted to the subordinates behind him. ’’Quickly go and handle his corpse, this time Young Master lost two billion, I don't know how he'll deal with us when we get back...’’

Within a mansion in the Huanggu District. Ten-odd young people were chatting while either sitting or standing.

’’Zhang Jun, Young Master Zhang, although the prey died this time but I still lost, and I lost two billion, did you come to make fun of me?’’ The person who said it was a thin man with a pale face, that's 27 or 28 years old.

Zhang Jun laughed, ’’Say, Xiao Si, we've gotten along for so many years, don't you get me? We didn't lack cooperation in Beijing, how could I make fun of you? Shouldn't us young ones come and visit him since Elder Liu went back to his hometown to live his life out?’’

’’Heh!’’ Xiao Si snorted, ’’You make it sound good.’’

Zhang Jun asked, ’’Then is our game still continuing?’’

A sinister light across Xiao Si's eyes, ’’Of course it is.’’ Saying that, he took out a photo from underneath the table, and pointed to the person on it, ’’He is the prey this time, he robbed me of two hundred million USD, not only did he bomb my stock, but actually killed my people, can't I not kill him?’’

Zhang Jun momentarily blanked after seeing that photo, then came back to himself. He looked at Xiao Si and said, ’’Are you really going to kill him?’’

Killing intent flashed across Xiao Si's eyes, ’’Kill, how can I get rid of my hatred if I don't.’’

’’Haha... Okay! I admire how you do things cleanly, this time let's change a way we play.’’

Xiao Si momentarily blanked, and asked, ’’How?’’

’’We'll use ten days for a round, five hundred million per round. From the first day onwards, each day you don't kill him, you give me fifty million, ten days is exactly five hundred million. Yet within the ten days, no matter which day you kill him, I'll lose five hundred million to you.’’

Xiao Si said in confusion, ’’Then isn't it really bad for you?’’

Zhang Jun said, ’’Do we still care about this money? Betting with you is just for fun.’’

Xiao Si thought about it and said, ’’Okay, I'll bet with you, I don't believe I can't kill him within ten days.’’

’’Deal, as long as you don't kill him within ten days, our bet will drag on infinitely.’’

Zhang Jun stood up and walked outside after he finished speaking, the people behind him also followed him out. After they got outside, one of them asked, ’’You are really sure of winning?’’

Zhang Jun smiled and said, ’’Other people don't know who the person on the photo is, however I accidentally found out a bit of information about him. Although I don't know that much, but the little bit is enough, that person isn't someone he, Liu Shijun, can kill. The moment Liu Shijun sends someone to kill him, Liu Shijun is dead. Getting targeted by that person, you won't escape even if you have ten lives, it's no use even if he gets the master of the Liu family out to say something for him. Since he, Liu Shijun, would definitely die, what's the point of keeping so much money, isn't it better to give it to me.’’

’’Who is that person?’’

’’I accidentally saw his photo in my family master old study, there were two phrases behind the photo, ’’China's Blue Sword Special Forces, the legend of the Falcon's invincibility.’’

You know my family master wouldn't easily praise someone, yet family master wrote these two phrases behind his photo, it could be seen how much weight he held in family master's heart.’’

’’Blue Sword? Why haven't I heard of it.’’

Haha... A wave of laughter passed, ’’I've also never heard of it, but I believe in my family master, nothing he's said has ever been wrong. ’’After saying that, he walked towards a grand sports car in the parking lot.


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