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Space And Rebirth: The Favored Genius Doctor And Businesswoman - Chapter 110


Chapter 110

Space and Rebirth: The Favored Genius Doctor and Businesswoman - Chapter 110 - Receiving A Slap From Reality (被现实扇了一巴掌)

These two hooligans were also very good at holding back, knowing when to not cross the line and overdo things. They took the photos with them as they left merrily, having finished saying their fill, as if nothing had happened before.

The believers left behind, Zhao Hao and Dong Yi, these two boys, stared at each other with their eyes wide.

’’I- I'm not dreaming right?’’ Zhang Hao exclaimed with a stupid look on his face.

Dong Yi opened and closed his mouth a few times before he responded, ’’Actually it would be better if we were dreaming, but it's not the case... Qiao Hongye she... she's completely different from what we thought...’’

The Qiao Hongye of their memories was similar to a pool of spring water. She always spoke with a supple and soft voice, and her eyes held a thick layer of sweetness. Whenever people looked into her eyes, they would find themselves lost and have the urge to gift her the best of everything they owned.

Her grades were excellent, her appearance was excellent, her temperament was excellent, her character was also excellent. Everything was as if she was a character sculpted from a novel. Being with her always lacked the feeling of reality, but it made people feel relaxed and happy.

Zhang Hao and Dong Yi had a relationship that was good enough for them to call each other brothers. Of course, they both knew that the other liked Qiao Hongye. But in order to avoid giving Qiao Hongye any problems, the both of them had even decided to fight fairly, longing for the day where they would win this beautiful play of first love. So much so that they had even thought of which University they would apply for with Qiao Hongye to become the perfect couple that everyone would be jealous of.

Unfortunately, reality gave them two tight tight slaps.

The actions shown in the pictures were things that they didn't even dare to think of because they always felt that it would be blasphemy towards their goddess. It would corrupt this pure love that they had towards her, turning it into something that was ugly and perverted.

The two felt as if they had lost their souls. Instead of believing that Qiao Hongye was this kind of person, it would be infinitely better for them to believe that she got together with one of their brothers. At least in the latter situation, their goddess was still clean.

’’What now? Do you still want to continue wooing her?’’ Zhang Hao suddenly asked after they had walked for a long while. They were about to enter the school's compounds through the main gate in front of them.

Dong Yi shook his head, ’’I don't know, I just can't accept this side of her. Didn't you hear the two just now? Qiao Hongye had even broke someone's leg someone's leg before ... Oh yeah, do you still remember Zhou Chengzhe from Class 3? He had already liked Qiao Hongye when he just started his first year in high school. He wrote love letters and sent her lunch boxes every day, he even asked people like us to stay further away from Qiao Hongye. He declared that Qiao Hongye was his girlfriend in front of a lot of students, but not long after, he got beat up by a bunch of hooligans. The culprits were never caught...’’

’’I remember him. That leg of his was injured very badly and he had to recuperate at home for many months. He came back limping with every step he took. Almost everyone laughed at him for being lame behind his back, and he couldn't accept the setback so he quit school ......’’ Zhang Hao smiled bitterly.

’’There's also Jing Yunzhao... Qiao Hongye has always put on a very concerned face for her in front of us, but in reality, but in reality, she actually found someone to rob Jing Yunzhao. No matter what, Jing Yunzhao was still a girl. If something were to happen, then what?’’ Dong Yi added on.

After this little discussion, the two suddenly felt that certain things had broken through the ground and revealed itself.

Like why Jing Yunzhao would always speak coldly whenever she saw Qiao Hongye. Or why the school agreed for Jing Yunzhao to leave the Qiao family's home. Or why there were bad rumours of Jing Yunzhao floating around...

They were the people closest to Qiao Hongye and they were more clear than anyone that many things were accidentally spurted out by Qiao Hongye.

But they trusted Qiao Hongye, and thus they felt even more strongly that the things that Jing Yunzhao did were always more preposterous than what Qiao Hongye had said. But in reality? They knew nothing. In fact, for the sake of helping Qiao Hongye vent her anger, they had purposely exaggerated things and wronged Jing Yunzhao.


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