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Space And Rebirth: The Favored Genius Doctor And Businesswoman - Chapter 108


Chapter 108

Space and Rebirth: The Favored Genius Doctor and Businesswoman - Chapter 108 - King Amongst Bugs/Lowlife (虫中之王)

The reason why she didn't just duplicate the photos and spread them out was to make Qiao Hongye suffer under the feeling of people having no evidence while they spoke nonsense about her.

In addition, if even one of the photos landed into the hands of a schoolmate, this matter would definitely rouse the teachers' attention. When that happened, even though it would damage Qiao Hongye's reputation, more importantly, it would increase the amount of investigations done on people unrelated to the school. After all, Qiao Hongye was still a minor.

After hanging up, Jing Yunzhao went back to her routine and went into her Space to learn medical skills.

After the information within the first Jade Piece had been completely absorbed, she felt as if the second piece was much easier. Her learning speed also went up compared to before.

Everything within her Space was flourishing and filled with the scent of medicinal herbs. The scent seemed to caused people to feel that their consciousness had become clearer and brighter.

The moment Jing Yunzhao appeared, however, an ice blue bug bore its way through the soil. The little fella was much fatter compared to the first time she saw it. When it saw her practicing her martial arts, its meat-filled body followed her movements and wriggled along. The sight was really funny.

This little bug of Jing Yunzhao's had interacted with her for a while, and she had gradually observed that this one was different from the rest. Its color was purer, its size was also slightly bigger. There was also a blue ring at the end of its tail, as if it was wrapped around the circumference of it. In addition, all the other little bugs seemed to listen to it, as if it was the King amongst the bugs.

Time passed slower within her Space, so, she had to thank this little guy for relieving her boredom.

’’Little fella, how about I give you a name?’’ Jing Yunzhao tilted her head, nodding as she asked the little bug and placed it onto the stone table by her side.

This bug had absorbed Jing Yunzhao's blood essence, so of course, it recognized recognized her as its master. It naturally understood her words. She saw it tilt its body up, swaying up and down in agreement.

Jing Yunzhao's gaze softened quite a bit. This little fella was just too cute.

Jing Yunzhao pondered for a while and was now at a loss. She didn't know what she should name it, so she stared at the little fella for a long time, before she slowly tried to ask, ’’How about we call you Xiao Lan?’’

(T/N: 'Lan' meaning 'Blue', 'Xiao' meaning 'Little';Like many other chinese novels before this, the explanation is the same. Used as a term of endearment, no actual meaning unless as a joke. I just think that it sounds better than Little Blue)

Complicated names always have had a weird feeling when she spoke them out loud.

The little fella swayed its body again, and in the next moment, crawled up onto Jing Yunzhao's shoulder. It did its utmost to rub against her and sell its obedience.

The Jade Piece had mentioned before, that Xiao Lan was a spiritual bug brought back by the Old Ancestor from a strange world to the human the human world. It relied completely on absorbing medicinal properties to sustain its life, thus, it was also dubbed as the Medicine Bug.

Medicine Bugs also needed to eat, however. In the past, before Jing Yunzhao found out the existence of and entered her Space, there were absolutely no medicinal herbs inside the Space. Therefore, many of the bugs died of starvation. All the remaining bugs relied on the remnants of medicinal properties that were in the soil. Right now, whenever Jing Yunzhao planted her medicinal herbs, no one was happier than this bunch. Even though they were gluttons, however, they would never damage the medicinal field. Jing Yunzhao had single-handedly procured and established their daily necessities, so these little bugs were all very obedient.

After playing with Xiao Lan for a while, one person and one bug continued to practice their martial arts and study from the books. The whole scene was paradise on Earth;Extremely peaceful.

The next day, Qiao Weimin appeared in front of Qiao Hongye. His purpose was to get information on where Jing Yunzhao was staying.

Qiao Hongye hemmed and hawed, only revealing that she didn't manage she didn't manage to find out in the end.

A moment before, Qiao Weimin was still smiling as he welcomed her. But, after listening to Qiao Hongye, his face immediately turned cold. ’’You didn't manage to find out? What the hell were you doing during the whole day you stayed here?’’

’’Dad, it's not like I'm a detective, when was I so capable ah... Also... I've met Jing Yunzhao earlier, and she even flaunted her Ginseng in front of me. She said that when she went back, she would stew the Ginseng and use it as a beauty product...’’ Qiao Hongye spluttered.

When she finished, Qiao Weimin only felt anger and anguish, ’’She really said that?’’

Qiao Hongye nodded her head vigorously.

Qiao Weimin's face had begun to turn green. ’’A prodigal person's plaything! (T/N: sounds wrong but that's what it means ish) That is something that's worth several hundred thousands! She would go as far as to use it for skincare?! Is she even worth it?! You too, didn't I ask you to follow her?! Now everything's just perfect! Such a good thing is actually going to be wasted by her...’’


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