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Sovereign Of The Three Realms - Chapter 1194


Chapter 1194: 1194

If news about the Pinecrane Pill got out, all eyes would be on him . Jiang Chen had naturally already prepared for this consequence . The Pinecrane Pill was also a piece of bait . He wanted to see how many large fish he could catch with .

How many factions with ulterior motives were hiding in Veluriyam Capital?

In fact, though revealing the pill had been somewhat involuntary, doing so was also quite clever . It was possible that cracks might develop in Emperor Shura’s alliance with his external help if they squabbled over it . It wasn’t that part that was clever, however .

Of the eight titled emperors currently residing within Veluriyam Capital, Emperor Dragon Coil and Void naturally supported Sacred Peafowl Mountain . The two neutral parties, Emperor Petalpluck and Mountaincrush, were shocked by the rumors about the Pinecrane Pill . They both attempted to verify its veracity . Having been convinced of it, their hearts were greatly disturbed by the new discovery .

“Young lord Zhen… young lord Zhen…” The usually forthright Emperor Mountaincrush was heavily conflicted . “I know what’s right and wrong, but Emperor Shura went too far this time . If I didn’t have my own difficulties, there’s no way I would have agreed to his convening the Vassal Meeting… ah…”

On the other hand, Emperor Petalpluck remained relatively calm .

The rumors about the Pinecrane Pill continued to fester . Though Emperor Shura was incensed by the new development, he didn’t have a good counter to Sacred Peafowl Mountain’s temporary advantage . On the other hand, Jiang Chen had no follow-ups either .

Time passed very quickly . Soon enough, there was only one day remaining before the Vassal Meeting . Gazing to the southeast, the young lord of Veluriyam sighed softly . “So, the Celestial Cicada Court isn’t coming after all?”

Deep down, he’d been somewhat expectant . Since he had already decided to invite external factions, two was definitely better than one . As he lost himself in idle speculation, an abrupt secret report arrived .

“Young lord, the Celestial Cicada Court’s foremost sect head has arrived . She has a vice sect head in tow, as well as a group of her most loyal subordinates . They’re already at Vermilion Bird Street . Shall we lead them to Taiyuan Tower, or is Taiyuan Lodge better?”

“Taiyuan Lodge is fine . ” That the Court had arrived on the last day before the Vassal Meeting was wholly unexpected . Still, Jiang Chen was pleased . “It seems that my lure was effective enough, haha!”

The Celestial Cicada Court’s willingness to come meant that they were very interested in what he’d mentioned in his letter . As long as that was the case, Jiang Chen was absolutely certain about his ability to draw them close .

An appropriate secret room was swiftly prepared for the meeting . The Court evidently attached a great deal of importance to this event;their main sect head, Su Huanzhen, personally led the expedition . Accompanying her was Sect Head Xia, who had first met Jiang Chen back in Pillfire City .

Su Huanzhen was the most senior sect head, but Sect Head Xia was the most junior vice sect head . Besides the two sect heads, there were a few young genius disciples along for the trip as well . It was the cream of the sect’s crop .

“Young lord Zhen . Should I call you Pill King Zhen, hmm? Or would Sir Shao be better, perhaps?” After both guest and host were seated, Sect Head Xia opened with an amused expression .

“Anything you like, Sect Head Xia,” chuckled Jiang Chen . “Thank you for gracing us with your radiant presence . ”

In terms of seniority, Su Huanzhen was the same generation as Emperor Peafowl . In fact, they’d been involved in a brief liaison when they were younger, but things hadn’t worked out in the end . Naturally, Emperor Peafowl had mentioned nothing of the sort to Jiang Chen . Su Huanzhen, however, hadn’t forgotten entirely about that portion of the past .

Her emotions had become complicated ever since stepping inside Veluriyam Capital territory . Jiang Chen’s sentence snapped her awake, returning her to a sect leader’s composure .

“Young lord Zhen, I’ve heard stories of your fame even in the southeast . Truly, the younger generation surpasses the older, and the pupil surpasses his master . You haven’t made your way into the world for more than a decade, yet you’re already as well-known as Emperor Peafowl . I’m quite impressed . ”

Her words were largely a token of nicety, not meant to be taken entirely seriously . “That is praise praise much too high for me . You make me blush, Sect Head Su,” grinned Jiang Chen .

“You know how direct of a person I am, young lord Zhen, so let’s cut to the chase . ” Sect Head Xia smiled as well . “You sent me a letter about some formation diagrams, yes? You said that they were quite relevant to the Celestial Cicada Court’s origins . Is that correct?”

Jiang Chen immediately presented her with a scroll . “Please take a look, Sect Head Xia . ”

Opening the scroll, the junior sect head didn’t look at it straightaway . Instead, she passed it to Su Huanzhen . “Senior Sect Head, you should look over it first . ”

Respecting seniority was important, especially in public .

Su Huanzhen opened up the scroll . One look instantly magnetized her eyes to the writings within . She seemed entirely glued to them . Her expression elicited Sect Head Xia’s own curiosity . She began to peruse the scroll from the side as well . Her reaction was exactly the same as the more senior sect head’s .

The two were unsatiated even when they reached the end of the scroll and started over from the beginning . They did so five times in total before they put the scroll away carefully and set it off to the side with reluctance . Their expressions were an interesting study now .

“Well?” Jiang Chen asked merrily, a composed smile playing around his lips .

“Young lord Zhen, where did you get this formation scroll?” Su Huanzhen asked forthrightly .

There was no use in a formation diagram by itself . Without the foundations of the formation or further content, the most they could tell was that this formation was tremendous, but had no idea how to set it up .

But one thing was certain, and that was the formation was the same style as the ones of their sect . They shared the same heritage, and the one within the scroll surpassed the Celestial Cicada Court’s own in terms of both rank and content .

“Last time at Pillfire City, I heard you talk about the Ancient Crimson Heavens Sect,” said Sect Head Xia . “Those four words are also mentioned in our sect’s ancient writings, but there’s no clear indication that our Court is descended from one of their of their branches . ”

Su Huanzhen nodded as well . “If I may ask, young lord Zhen . Are you and the Ancient Crimson Heavens Sect related in some way? How else can you draw such detailed diagrams?”

As a real expert, she perceived that the diagrams hadn’t been made up on the spot to trick them . A great deal of mystery was contained within those diagrams, deep knowledge that was difficult to decipher .

“One guess is enough for you to discern the truth, Sect Head Su,” laughed Jiang Chen . “As expected of the leader of a prominent sect . ”

“Young lord Zhen, are you really related to the Ancient Crimson Heavens Sect?” Su Huanzhen’s expression became rather serious . “Does that mean that you share a common origin with the Celestial Cicada Court as well?”

“That depends on what you think, Sect Head . ”

Whether there was a connection or not depended on whether the Celestial Cicada Court recognized the Ancient Crimson Heavens Sect as its ancestor . More importantly, did it want to identify with its ancient forebear?

Su Huanzhen exchanged a sober glance with Sect Head Xia . “Over the generations of the Celestial Cicada Court’s heritage, our writings have mentioned the Ancient Crimson Heavens Sect more than once . However, our descent from that sect has never been stated in no uncertain terms . At this time, I cannot make a decision about the restoration of our proper ancestry . ”

Jiang Chen completely understood the caution . Without overwhelming evidence, it was indiscreet and inappropriate to declare ancestry so arbitrarily . The Celestial Cicada Court was a first rank sect . If it affiliated itself carelessly and the decision turned out to be incorrect, then the sect would look quite foolish .

Moreover, foolishness was the least of their concerns . If there was a certain mastermind with ulterior motives who was trying to steal away the Celestial Cicada Court’s foundations, there would be a bigger problem .

Therefore, the sect heads could not stomach the prospect of identifying with an ancestor so quickly . Regardless of what they thought about its veracity and unmistakability, they could not afford to make rash decisions . Moreover, the sheer amount of time that had passed between the ancient times and present day was more than enough to erode the closeness associated with ancestry .

There was no reason was no reason for them to deny it outright, or do so at any time with any amount of vehemence . The Ancient Crimson Heavens Sect was one of the greatest formation sects in the ancient times . The diagrams provided by young lord Zhen were also definitely profound, unmatched by anything that the Celestial Cicada Court had . There was cause for a great deal of internal struggle .

Tapping his index and middle fingers against the surface of the table, Jiang Chen was contemplative for a while .

“Young lord Zhen, your formation diagrams have inspired the Celestial Cicada Court a great deal . ” Sect Head Xia was the first to break the silence . “More than worthy of us having made this trip, at any rate . Despite our distance to the capital, we’ve heard of the housekeeping problems you’re having at the moment . Even without any benefit from you, we would still unconditionally support Sacred Peafowl Mountain without hesitation . Your faction has ruled Veluriyam Capital for several thousand years . That’s a situation that we’re not interested in seeing a change to . ”

The Celestial Cicada Court was situated in the southeast of the Upper Eight Regions, and Veluriyam Capital, the southern region . The two factions could be said to be relatively similar . In fact, they had quite a bit of adjoining territory .

Though they had superior strength compared to their neighbor, Veluriyam Capital had never invaded a single inch of the Celestial Cicada Court’s territory . It was true for all of their adjacent factions, in fact . At minimum, the Court and Veluriyam Capital were on fairly good terms .

Jiang Chen was mildly surprised by this . They would support Sacred Peafowl Mountain unconditionally, without any benefit? Was that merely a courtesy?

“You shouldn’t consider our words idle wind, young lord Zhen . Our foremost Sect Head Su here has some past history with Emperor Peafowl–a friendship of sorts, even . You probably just don’t know about it,” smiled Sect Head Xia .

Past history? An old friendship? Jiang Chen was more interested in striking a deal . It was an age-old truth that relationships were often maintained at the cost of money . With the discussion at this point, could he really withhold the diagrams from them?


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