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Sovereign Of The Three Realms - Chapter 1179


Chapter 1179: 1179

Jiang Chen activated the Kunpeng Meteoric Escape and disappeared after a flash . The pill shop had brazenly opened business at that location because they were backed by someone very powerful . Had he lingered, he would’ve been swarmed by even more powerful reinforcements . Since he was alone, he couldn’t afford to wait for their backup to arrive . He knew his limits and decided to call it quits after abducting one of their men .

After such a huge ruckus, the enemy’s morale would definitely be affected .

It didn’t take long before Jiang Chen arrived at the Sacred Peafowl Mountain . He didn’t need to worry about any pursuers because of the Kunpeng Meteoric Escape’s unparalleled speed . After entering the faction’s territory, he kept an extremely low profile and returned to his residence .

The atmosphere in Sacred Peafowl Mountain was also a little tense . Huang’er was elated when she learned of Jiang Chen’s return, but the he didn’t want to alert the others about his return .

“Huang’er, don't tell anyone that I’ve returned . ”

She nodded and didn’t ask why .

“Brother Chen, how was your trip to Great Scarlet? Did you rescue Miss Wei?” Huang'er had also been there when Jiang Chen had previously travelled to the region . It was how she’d gotten to know Wei Xing’er . In fact, rescuing Wei Xing’er was her idea .

Jiang Chen naturally wouldn't hide anything from her . “Wei Xing’er’s rescue was a success . Hasn’t she arrived at the capital yet?”

The Goldbiter Rat King had been told to bring her back to the capital . It’d been some time and they should’ve arrived by now .

Huang’er shook her head . “The situation in Veluriyam Capital has been rather grim lately . The borders are tightly locked down . Chances are, Wei Xing’er is also held up at the border . Brother Chen, how did you come back? Don’t you know about the ongoing situation in the capital?”

Jiang Chen felt a bit awkward . The method in which he returned was rather unusual .

“I entered the Veluriyam Pagoda and exited from there . The current situation in Veluriyam Capital is rather complicated? What’s going on?” Jiang Chen frowned .

Huang’er seemed rather downcast . She threw a glance at Jiang Chen and sighed softly . “Right after you left, a rumor began to spread that Emperor Peafowl had been ambushed by demons and has passed away . So far, there has been no confirmation as to the authenticity of the rumor, but it quickly gained momentum . The situation in the capital has been extremely strange ever since the rumors began to spread . ”

An ugly expression flashed across Jiang Chen’s face . Emperor Peafowl was ambushed by demons and has passed away?

Impossible . Jiang Chen found that very hard to believe . First of all, the emperor possessed various skills and arts that guaranteed his longevity . He also radiated an aura that couldn’t be easily found in other great emperors . A person with such great fortune would never die that easily . However, there could be no smoke without fire . There must be some truth behind the rumors .

Huang’er gently held onto Jiang Chen’s hands . “Brother Chen, stay calm . Emperor Peafowl isn’t the sort of character to die so easily . ”

“You’re right . The emperor possesses a large arsenal of skills and arts . The demons are powerful, but the cataclysm hasn’t begun yet . The average, run-of-the-mill demons can’t possibly do him any harm . ” Jiang Chen had also fought his fair share of demons . Even Demon Emperor Bloodmalva wouldn’t be able to take down Emperor Peafowl . Unless the demon emperor was at peak condition, he’d eat a great loss at the hands of Emperor Peafowl . In fact, he might not even have the opportunity to escape .

Great emperors were aplenty, aplenty, but there was a great discrepancy in strength amongst them . Emperor Peafowl was without doubt the strongest great emperor in the human domain . Jiang Chen didn’t believe that the demons could easily defeat someone as powerful as him . Thus, the rumor was mostly likely a lie .

However, who exactly was spreading these false rumors? Why would they spread such a blatant lie without any solid proof? Emperor Peafowl would surely retaliate in kind when he came back .

“By the way, Emperor Void and Emperor Coiling Dragon both came to visit when you weren't around . ” Huang’er mentioned .

Emperor Void was Emperor Peafowl’s sworn ally . Amongst the seven initial great emperors, he was the only one who’d sworn allegiance to Emperor Peafowl . The latter had single handedly propelled him to where he was today . And because of that, he was always viewed as Emperor Peafowl's right-hand man .

Emperor Coiling Dragon was also Emperor Peafowl's trusted subordinate . One could safely assume that they were both on the same boat as Emperor Peafowl and were on Sacred Peafowl Mountain’s side . Their visit definitely had something to do with the rumors .

Emperor Peafowl was the holder of Veluriyam Capital’s fate . They needed to get their heads around the issue no matter what . Regardless of whether he was dead or alive, they needed to come up with a plan to stifle the rumors, or something bad could actually happen .

Jiang Chen pondered for a moment . “Other than the rumors, has there been anything else significant in Veluriyam Capital lately?”

"Well, Emperor Shura has officially announced Li Jiancheng as his true heir and successor . ”

“Oh? Li Jiancheng?” Jiang Chen remembered the genius from the Martial Pagoda Battles .

Li Jiancheng stood head and shoulders above the other true disciples of the seven great emperors, save for young lord Fan, who was better than him in every single way . The others simply had no right to right to be mentioned under the same breath as Li Jiancheng . His martial dao path was extremely domineering and tyrannical .

After young lord Fan’s passing, he was widely regarded as the strongest amongst the younger generation . However, ever since Jiang Chen had been declared heir to Sacred Peafowl Mountain, his status as number one genius was once again under siege .

During the Veluriyam Pagoda gathering, Jiang Chen had stopped at number eight in the Ranking of Young Lords due to his initial starting rank . Many outsiders believed that Jiang Chen was actually capable of challenging Li Jiancheng for the champion seat .

When Jiang Chen was declared young lord of Sacred Peafowl Mountain after the ranking battles, the outside world largely viewed it as a warning from Emperor Peafowl to Emperor Shura . Even though young lord Fan had fallen, the Sacred Peafowl Mountain’s rule over Veluriyam Capital wouldn’t cease .

It wasn’t an official declration, but anyone with a pair of eyes could see that Emperor Peafowl’s arrangement was a slap to Emperor Shura’s face . Emperor Shura’s faction could stop dreaming . The capital’s future lord would still come from the Sacred Peafowl Mountain .

This angered Emperor Shura’s faction greatly . The obstruction of the emperor’s plans left a bitter taste in their mouths . The sudden appearance of young lord Zhen also incensed Li Jiancheng .

His anger had triggered a large advancement in his martial dao and helped him break through to second level emperor realm . It’d been a sensational topic in the capital when it happened .

Emperor Shura took advantage of the situation by officially declaring Li Jiancheng the sole heir of his faction and widely propagated the news throughout Veluriyam Capital . The emperor’s influence over the capital kept growing ever since .

Due the ambiguity of Emperor Peerless’ status, the four monarchs of Sacred Peafowl Mountain had lost much of their authority . The sacred mountain’s rule was in jeopardy . The lack of a leader of a leader had cast the Sacred Peafowl Mountain into a very tricky situation .

Emperor Peafowl was nowhere to be found and young lord Zhen hadn’t been showing his face either . Everyone couldn’t help but wonder where the two had gone to . Were the rumors regarding the emperor’s death true?

The factions in Veluriyam Capital were extremely conflicted . They hoped that Emperor Peafowl was fine, but in case something really had happened, they needed to elect a new ruler to take charge of the capital . A snake couldn’t be without its head, and likewise, the capital can’t be without a leader .

Slowly but surely, support for Emperor Shura began to grow . Over time, his influence had consolidated into something that could no longer be ignored .

Of course, there was no lack of wise people in the capital . Many suspected that the rumors of Emperor Peafowl’s death was a lie meant to destabilize the capital and cause inner conflict . These wise men believed that stifling the rumors should come first, not supporting Emperor Shura’s rise to power . Some even believed that this was all a ruse by Emperor Shura and his allies, that they’d conjured lies and spread rumors to legitimately consolidate Emperor Shura’s rule .

Many had grown used to being under Emperor Peafowl’s rule and trusted only Emperor Peafowl . They believed that he was the only one with the ability to rule the capital . Emperor Shura was a good substitute in terms of strength and might, but he lacked the charisma and presence needed to grasp the hearts of the people .

There were many who stood by this view, but Emperor Shura’s supporters grew louder and louder with every passing day . The citizens were afraid . They needed a powerful ruler to reassure them and calm their nerves . If Emperor Peafowl was really no longer alive, the next best choice would be Emperor Shura .


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