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Sovereign Of The Three Realms - Chapter 1175


Chapter 1175: 1175

Pill runes? Pill King Hong’s eyes lit up . He was somewhat of an expert and definitely no slouch when it came to pill dao . Pill runes was actually a subject that he’d devoted the biggest chunk of his time and effort towards . It could be viewed as his home territory . There was nothing to be scared of here for the pill king .

“Pill runes? Are you sure?” Greatly emboldened by this turn of events, Pill King Hong finally began to calm down with confidence .

“Are you man enough? On with it . ” Jiang Chen snorted .

His irreverent attitude made Pill King Hong all the more incensed . “Fine, as you wish . We will each ask each other three questions on pill runes . However… if you lose, you have to tell everyone who sent you!”

“Who sent me?” Jiang Chen smiled faintly . “What, you’re not worried that I’ll just make something up?”

“Hmph, you’ll have to back it up with an oath on your inner demons, of course . How would we guarantee your honesty otherwise?” Having home field advantage gave Pill King Hong more and more courage . He was supremely confident in his specialty .

“Alright . Let’s take the oath, then . ” Jiang Chen was unmoved . “If I lose, I’ll clearly and truthfully state who sent me . If I speak one word of falsehood, may my inner demons consume me on the spot . ” Having done his part, he looked to his opponent . “Now you . ”

Pill King Hong harrumphed, but followed suit . “if I lose, I will also…” He cut himself off, having remembered something suddenly .

“What? Cat got your tongue?” Jiang Chen snickered . “Guilty as charged, I guess . You want me to make an oath, but you aren’t brave enough to do the same yourself? You must come from pretty low origins, then . Can it be that you had certain ambitions in mind by coming here? If you aren’t brave enough to make the oath, then we’ll call the bet off . A craven snake like you should get out of this city as soon as possible!”

Veluriyam’s young lord spoke with hostility . It was patently obvious that these people were here solely to sow discord . Lecturing in front of Taiyuan Tower’s doors was a slap to the store’s face, with the more sinister goal of replacing it in the public perception .

Though Taiyuan Tower occupied a reasonably lofty place in Veluriyam Capital, Jiang Chen didn’t believe that it was important enough to become public enemy number one . He suspected that the plot against Taiyuan Tower was only the first step of the villain behind the curtain . A testing of the waters . Jiang Chen coolly locked eyes with Pill King Hong, not allowing the man another moment of evasiveness .

The pill king’s face darkened . “What do I have to be scared of?”

“Good, good!” Jiang Chen roared with laughter . “Don’t be so wishy-washy about it, then . Take the oath . ”

The onlookers were stirred up by the young man’s words . Pill King Hong’s lectures were quite nice, but if he was from an outside faction that had come to make trouble, then many here would think twice about supporting him .

If it was an internal struggle, they would remain neutral . But if was he a foreigner here to purposely throw them into turmoil? That was something that could not be accepted . His vague and faltering attitude made everyone all the more distrustful of him .

“Pill King Hong, if you’re not a wuss, make your oath now!”

“That’s right . No matter what, Veluriyam Capital isn’t interested in having pot-stirring foreigners on our soil . ”

“If you don’t swear that oath, then you’re a coward who’s already confessed your guilt!”

Pill King Hong sneered . “I swear,” he proclaimed loudly, “that if I lose, I’ll definitely say who sent me . And if I don’t deliver, let my inner demons consume me on the spot!”

Now that the oaths had been made, Jiang Chen returned to an easy smile . “Since you were so worried, I’ll let you have the first question . ”

The pill king had expected to get into another red-faced argument about question priority . His opponent was being unexpectedly generous . Ordinarily, Pill King Hong wouldn’t have cared less for this right . But the situation was somewhat strange, and though his opponent seemed seemed rough around the edges, the pill king couldn’t actually see through him . There was no reason for him to decline .

“Alright,” he nodded emotionlessly . “I’ll ask the first question . ”

There was a wave of booing from the crowd . The disappointment at Pill King Hong’s lack of courtesy was evident . As a lecturing pill king, he should have been more gracious towards his challenger . What kind of behavior was accepting such a straightforwardly polite offer?

Pill King Hong didn’t react to the heckling from the audience . Instead, he glanced coolly at Jiang Chen . “First question . There is a kind of pill named the Scarletrune Heartseal Pill . How many main materials are there and how many supplemental ingredients?”

“Is that one question or two?” Jiang Chen snickered .

“This is one kind of pill . The two are part of the same question . You can ask me in the same way, if you like . ” The young man’s reaction assured Pill King Hong that he likely didn’t know the answer . Plus, the pill king had many more questions of the same kind . If he pulled out a few more of the same kind of question, his opponent was sure to fumble one .

The amount of knowledge involved in pill dao was immense . No mortal man could possibly fully grasp all of its intricacies . The worst result he could imagine was going even . That was, if both sides failed to answer the other’s questions . As long as that happened, he had plenty of room to maneuver .

Jiang Chen nodded slightly, still aloof . He looked at Pill King Hong meaningfully . “The Scarletrune Heartseal Pill has no main or auxiliary ingredients . It has three ingredients only, all of them equally important . ”

With regards to pills, it was likely that all the pill masters in the world combined couldn’t beat Jiang Chen’s knowledge . After all, the level of pill dao research he had been exposed to in his previous life was far too many levels above their understanding .

Pill King Hong was astounded by the answer . His entire body shook with incomprehension and he couldn’t speak for speak for a long time . His expression belied his thoughts .

“So, what do you think? Are you satisfied with my answer?” Jiang Chen didn’t allow his opponent to play dead .

Pill dao battles could not be fudged . Either the answer was true, or it was not . If Jiang Chen had the correct answer, Pill King Hong could not deny it despite any wishes to the contrary . If he did, and news of it got out, he would lose all credibility .

“I suppose that’s good enough . ” The pill king tasted bitterness in his mouth . He looked defiantly at the youth . “Ask your question!”

The fact that his question had failed in stumping his opponent made Pill King Hong feel a bit uneasy . If he couldn’t answer any of the questions he was about to be asked, then he would decisively be declared the loser . He had banked on his own questions being unanswerable as well, but that didn’t seem to be working out .

Therefore, he no longer had the initiative . Even the possibility of getting a tie looked murkier by the minute . He could only desperately hope that he was able to answer the question about to be thrown at him .

His face full of smiles, Jiang Chen spoke with an indifferent tone . “My question is: there’s a pill called the Azurerune Brightmoon Pill . I’m not going to imitate you . In fact, let’s make this simple . What color is its main material? I can clearly tell you that it only has one . As long as you manage to guess its color, you’ll pass . ”

To an outsider, the question almost sounded like a freebie . Right off the bat, it was made clear that there was only one main material, and the only answer needed was the color . Compared to the stringency and pitfalls with which Pill King Hong had crafted his question, this was a lot more straightforward and aboveboard .

The onlookers all clapped at the question’s announcement . Despite their bias against the guy who’d so disruptively interrupted their lecture midway, the proceeding events had changed their mind about him . In terms of gallantry, the new person the new person far surpassed the pill king lecturer . Unlike his opponent’s, his question was sensible, possibly even benign .

Everyone looked at Pill King Hong interestedly, curious if he could pass the ball back by answering the question correctly . Beneath the veneer of simplicity was an elementary truth: it was impossible to answer if one hadn’t heard of the pill in the first place . This question tested one’s breadth of knowledge .

Pill King Hong looked grave . The Azurerune Brightmoon Pill? He searched his mental recesses for an answer, digging for a hint or trace of information about the pill . Alas, no matter how hard he wrung his brain out, there was nothing that came up about it whatsoever . He had never heard of the pill before today .

Though he hadn’t uttered a word yet, his cornered expression was enough to tell all . He couldn’t answer the question . There was no need for Jiang Chen to tell the pill king to hurry up . Veluriyam’s young lord only needed look nonchalantly, posturing that his opponent could have all the time in the world .

Seconds creeped into minutes . The watchful gaze of countless eyes put a mountain of pressure upon Pill King Hong . He knew that wordplay wouldn’t solve the problem, but he was yet hoping for one of his well-hidden colleagues to sneak him a potential answer .

But though they were present in every corner, none of them did so in the end . They couldn’t tell him something that they didn’t know, either . The brusque challenger had mentioned nothing of the sort relating to any of his conspirators, apparently comfortable with the possibility of their assistance .

As time went on, it was the audience members who first lost their cool .

“Oi, can you answer the question or not? If not, then what’s the point of playing silent? It’s not exactly a complicated question that needs a long speech . You just have to name a color . Whether you can or cannot, there’s no need for hesitation . Are you trying to stall for time?”

“Isn’t that right? Wasting our time is the worst!” Condemnations were heard all around .


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