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Sovereign Of The Three Realms - Chapter 1167


Chapter 1167: 1167

The demon emperor’s solicitation was just another tactic to stall for time . His eminence among his fellows came with uncanny astuteness and experience . The momentum of Jiang Chen’s pursuit indicated that the young man hated demons’ guts . There was zero chance that he would join up with any demon race .

Given the young man’s breadth and depth of methods and tools, he had to be one of the humans’ best geniuses . Though Emperor Bloodmalva didn’t know Jiang Chen’s particulars or any exact details about his background, there was no doubt that someone who had a true dragon as a companion was one of the luckiest few, even amongst geniuses .

A genius of his caliber had to die . Regardless of cost, regardless of price!

Jiang Chen wasn’t aware of the demon emperor’s two-faced behavior, that an evil heart was hidden behind the offer of allegiance .

Emperor Bloodmalva smiled sinisterly . “A demon bloodline reigns supreme above all . You dare to belittle us, puny human?”

“Reigns supreme?” Jiang Chen snickered . “Demons are just the heavenly planes’ locusts . They bring destruction wherever they go . How many divine emperors are of the demon race, hmm?”

“You’re just a mortal, kid! Don’t make things up about the heavenly planes . So, you look down on our race’s bloodline, hmm? Good, good, good! I’m going to teach you a lesson today, so that before you die, you’ll know how powerful a demon bloodline truly is! You’ll learn why it’s unquestionably invincible!”

Jiang Chen’s expression froze . He didn’t know what the demon emperor was plotting, which made it all the more necessary to exercise caution . “Brother Long,” he said to the dragon, “Hide yourself first . ”

Long Xiaoxuan obeyed the advice wordlessly, turning into a mote of dust that clung to his friend . Counting the time, Jiang Chen noted that his two hours from the Defense and Onslaught Talismans were almost up . He needed to engage in the next few minutes . No matter what conspiracy the demon emperor was cooking up, he needed to deliver a lethal strike . He produced his magnetic golden mountain once more .

“Fall!” Jiang Chen smashed the hundred-yard-tall mountain into the formation .

Boom! Once, twice, thrice!

The mountain grew in might and stature with each consecutive smash . After fifteen or sixteen, the formation finally split open with a resounding crack . All of the demonic miasma was forced aside . Putting away the golden mountain, Jiang Chen produced his Pentecolor divine Swords once more . He slashed towards Demon Emperor Bloodmalva in an arc of lightning . “Die!”

There was no fear on the demon emperor’s face . Instead, he looked decidedly pleased . In the next instant, he pushed both hands outwards . A burst of bloodline presence shot out from each palm, inundating the space with frightening power .

The sixty-odd remaining demonic soldiers shook at the aura, as if they had truly come alive . In the next moment, they galvanized into frenzied action . Like human bombs, they charged at Jiang Chen with wanton disregard .

“Prepare to meet your demise, kid! Bloodline reversion, explode!”

Bang! Bang! Bang! The demonic soldiers cannonballed towards the youth, detonating their bodies as soon as they reached their target . The blast caused Jiang Chen’s own blood to roil .

“Bloodline reversion?” Astonished, Jiang Chen suddenly remembered something . The blood demons had a devastating secret art known as bloodline reversion . This was the action of returning the blood and essence they’d consumed and refined back to the original owners .

It sounded simple,, but the amount of power in the returned blood was ten or twenty times what the bodies could bear . The overflow naturally led to the puppets’ detonation .

Of course, this was a painful process for the demon user as well . Especially on a large scale, it was tantamount to an almost suicidal attack . Emperor Bloodmalva had only done this because he was at his wit’s end . He had been ambushed at thirty percent strength, and thus could only use a fraction of his cultivation .

If Jiang Chen was allowed to pierce his defenses unhindered, he would surely die . That was why he was willing to use bloodline reversion in an attempt to blow Jiang Chen to smithereens . The cost of a hundred years of cultivation barely mattered considering the gravity of the situation .

One or two detonations didn’t have a lot of destructive destructive power, but sixty-plus in tandem could wound even an empyrean cultivator . Receiving the brunt of the damage was mortal for a great emperor realm cultivator, not to mention anyone below that . Thus, the demon emperor adopted a victor’s stance after deploying the technique . He knew that his victory was assured .

The brat was dead without a doubt!

Alas, his plan to return to the world was foiled with this development . Using bloodline reversion to detonate his puppets cost him more than a few decades of cultivation . He needed to turtle up and hide again for approximately the same . The prospect of being found out and hunted down by more human experts in his weakness was disastrous .

Bang, bang, bang, bang . The blast waves pressed inward, the ripples set on besieging Jiang Chen . The simultaneous discharge of sixty-odd girl puppets made the available window of reaction very small .

The destructive energy swelled upon their target in an instant . Jiang Chen felt an unprecedented sense of danger because of it .

“This isn’t good! The collective energies of the blasts have gathered together and I’m their only outlet . If I take this hit, there won’t be much more left of me than a few particles of dust . ”

There was no time to delay . Jiang Chen hastily grabbed his spacetime seal . It activated in a hair’s width of light, pulling him through the fabric of reality into nonexistence .


The blast waves finally congregated at a single point, a space where the youth had been just a second prior . The aftershocks of the explosion shook the air for miles around, and the altar complex was instantly upended . A crater a few hundred yards deep was left where it had been . The subterranean levels, every building, and all the altars within had been annihilated by the blowout .

A crestfallen Emperor Bloodmalva crawled out from the crater, scanning the ruins . In theory, the blast should have eradicated all traces of the young man’s physical form, including any leftover limbs . The demon emperor licked away the blood at the corner of his mouth . He frowned as he continued to survey the wreckage, his heart his heart doubtful .

“So… did that kid die or not?” He was unsure whether theory had transferred perfectly to reality . There wasn’t a good reason for the kid to not have died from his bloodline reversion technique…

But there hadn’t even been a scream . Moreover, there’d been a hair of light where the kid had been . However minuscule it had been… however imperceptible to physical eyes . . .

it induced in the demon emperor a sliver of uncertainty and discontent .

“If he didn’t die after that, then he is an opponent to be feared . ” The demon emperor muttered under his breath . Despite his past glory as a ruler of demons, he didn’t have enough experience to say whether the young man was dead for sure . He’d left no traces behind in the crater . Oddly enough, not even his aura lingered .

“Very strange . Did he… maybe… did he really escape?” The more he thought about it, the more it discomfited him . He was the wrathful emperor of the blood demons, and fear and discomfort were emotions foreign to him . Indeed, any demon would find it unnatural to feel these . And yet, that didn’t change the fact that he did feel them at the moment .

“Impossible, impossible… even if that kid had two more heads and four more arms, he wouldn’t have been able to flee from such a deadly situation . If he fled in that thread of light, then I would have seen him . I didn’t see any light escaping from the blast . Maybe I’m just overthinking things…” Demon Emperor Bloodmalva tried to convince himself .

After walking around the crater a long while, he finally shook his head in exasperation . “Never mind, this place has been totally destroyed . It seems that I must find a new lair elsewhere . If strong human cultivators showed up right now, I will surely die . ”

The demon emperor had been further weakened as a result of bloodline reversion . Even a high-level emperor realm cultivator could kill the current him . As long as they had a way to deal with his demonic clouds, of course .

The demon emperor knew demon emperor knew that some had escaped from Cloudshatter Mountain . Those who had would surely spread the news about him . Therefore, this place was no longer safe . Demons were a tyrannical bunch, but they also exercised caution when necessary . Though the demon emperor was displeased about having to do so, he left without hesitation anyway .

As for Jiang Chen, he’d been been swept away by the spacetime seal he’d activated . The thread of light took him across space to arrive at a new place . When he recovered from the shock of displacement, he noticed that his trip was already over .

“Young man, welcome to the second palace of the Six Palaces of Heritage, the Crimson Heavens Palace!”

Jiang Chen had scarcely steadied his step before a clear notification rang at his ear .

The Crimson Heavens Palace? The name shook him to the core . That was the name of the second palace? Back at the first palace, Master P’eng had spoken of a revered senior from the Ancient Crimson Heavens Sect who resided within another of the six palaces .

Was this second palace where that senior was? He had an interesting relationship with this place, then . Most of brain was still stuck in the combat with Demon Emperor Bloodmalva . Only after hearing the message did he completely snap awake .

“Hmph, absent-mindedness is a sign of discourtesy . Is this the level of humans’ culture of martial dao these days? It’s been a long time since anyone has come to the Six Palaces of Heritage . That a person who does is so stupid is… disappointing . ” The voice spoke with a serious, almost dark tone .

“Please do not misunderstand, senior,” Jiang Chen smiled wryly . “I was embroiled in a fierce battle with demons in which I was forced to use my spacetime seal to escape . I’m still trying to recover from the shock of that battle . Forgive my inattentiveness . ”

“Demons? Has the demon race reappeared in the world once again?” The voice was surprised .

“Not on a large scale,” Jiang Chen sighed softly, “but demons everywhere are reawakening . Traces of their activities are becoming much more commonplace . ”


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