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Sovereign Of The Three Realms - Chapter 1162


Chapter 1162: 1162

With a casual sweep, Jiang Chen gathered the pearl into his hand . In the next moment, it was as if the underground world had its soul pulled out . The stone pillars became like paper, collapsing into heaps one by one . Cursing quietly, Jiang Chen immediately called to the Goldbiter Rat King .

“Ole Gold, we have to get out of here . ”

The Rat King was unconcerned about this layer’s loss of structural integrity . “Don’t worry about it, Master Chen,” he slowly trotted . “Even if the sky falls, I can bring you out with no problem . ”

The Rat King was scared of a great number of things, but the ground collapsing was not one of them . His race’s foremost talent was digging holes . No matter how deep a Goldbiter Rat was underground, a tunnel could be dug out for sure .

Jiang Chen didn’t treat it with the same levity . Though he wasn’t afraid of losing a clear way out, this underground was a strange and ominous place . It was a literal demon lair . If he unwisely attracted the demon emperor’s premature attention, it would be disastrous . He ascended to a layer above, which was also crumbling to dust with the same speed as everywhere else .

Cries of pain could be heard incessantly from Prince Zhao’s direction . They had been utterly consumed by the power of the bloody fog, and couldn’t lift a finger to resist their fate . Enormous boulders crashed down from above with alarming frequency, creating more splats of cultivator gore on the ground . Jiang Chen’s reappearance elicited relief from the remaining few, as if their savior had finally arrived .

“Save us, save us!” They called out in unison . “Friend, I am willing to pay you thirty million spirit stones if you take me with you!”

“Sir, we don’t have a life-and-death grudge between us . All of us can reward your kindness well!”

Imperial Prince Zhao harrumphed . He was unwilling to ask for help . He wasn’t going to get it anyways . After all, he had issued a kill command on the young man just moments prior . That alone was grounds for a deep grudge between them . How could he expect the other to save us?

Ole Zhang was far more practical . “Friend, I can speak for both of us . If you save the two of us, the royal family will reward you with one billion spirit stones as thanks . ”

For the Great Scarlet Mid Region, one billion spirit stones was an insurmountable amount of wealth . But no matter how large that sum was, it was still less than what their lives was worth .

The prince didn’t blame the old man for deciding for him . In fact, he secretly felt that Ole Zhang should’ve named two or three instead . The prince wasn’t shameless enough to make the request, but he didn’t entirely oppose others doing so on his behalf . Deep down in his heart, he wanted very badly to live . As for the money, the royal family always had ways to make that up .

Jiang Chen harrumphed . The only one that he felt the slightest bit of empathy towards was Ole Zhang . He didn’t have any compassion for anyone else here .

“I thought you were the Great Scarlet Mid Region’s hotshots? Why are you afraid now? Giving up so soon?” He sauntered over, smiling, his voice filled with contempt .

“Friend, now isn’t the time to squabble,” Ole Zhang couldn’t resist interjecting . “We are in the wrong, yes . We can pay an additional billion on top of the previous promised, as a token of apology . ”

Prince Zhao couldn’t resist his approval of the old man’s clever addition . Unfortunately for him, Jiang Chen didn’t seem to care . “Whether you want to pay one or two billion, I’m afraid that you’ll meet the same fate here today . Death!”

Without saying another word, he used the Supernova Point in quick succession . Each point reaped a life, their owners popping like balloons under the pressure . Jiang Chen was exceptionally cruel with his attacks . He left no room for mercy . Nothing remained in the wake of his fingers’ passing . There wasn’t even a mote of dust left behind after his total eradication . This was the most fearsome thing about this technique . Anyone hit by it would explode like a supernova, becoming one with nothing in the process .

Jiang Chen’s incredible speed at killing off most of the group in an instant made Ole Zhang gasp . He couldn’t believe it . “You… you sold out to the demons as well?”

“Ole Zhang, you let let me in,” Jiang Chen smiled coolly . “When the prince gave that order against me, you at least tried to do something . I can make an exception for you and let you go . Everyone else has to die . ”

His hands did not lie idle as he said this . By now, essentially all of the Great Scarlet Mid Region’s experts were gone .

Imperial Prince Zhao watched Jiang Chen kill with the ease of butchering fowl . His absolute lack of sympathy was the last straw, cementing the thought that he wasn’t going to live today .

“The Great Scarlet Mid Region won’t let you off for this, kid!” Vengeful words, spoken with one’s dying breath, were the weakest of all .

Jiang Chen smiled coolly again . “Don’t worry . I’ll exact the same vengeance upon everyone else deserving in that region, too . I won’t act as the Veranda master against your women, of course, but your experts… well, they’ll join you before long . ”

“You…” Prince Zhao was flabbergasted . The young man before him suddenly seemed foreign . Who was he, and why was he so bitter against Great Scarlet Mid Region?

Jiang Chen summoned the Goldbiter Rat King forthwith . “Ole Gold, you go on ahead . Take Old Zhang out of here . ”

Without another word, the Goldbiter Rat King did as he was told .

The prince’s face was ashen . He glared at Jiang Chen defiantly . “I can understand the Resplendent Emerald Veranda master’s enmity towards our house . But who are you? What did Great Scarlet ever do to you?”

“The Veranda master’s grudge is small fry compared to mine . When your region invaded Myriad Domain all those years ago, you were certainly more than happy to kill with smooth, steadfast strokes . With much more pleasure than I today, I’m sure . ” Jiang Chen’s tone was derisive .

“What?” Prince Zhao’s own voice froze . His eyes betrayed his incredulity . “You… are a remnant of Myriad Domain? Who… who could you…”

Jiang Chen’s smile was unchanging . “There’s no need for you to be concerned about that . Don’t worry, the royal family will join you on the path to oblivion quite soon . I won’t make you wait long for a family reunion . ”

With another two points, he killed two of the last three people . . Prince Zhao was the only one that remained now . His expression looked absolutely ghastly . “The Myriad Domain… Myriad Domain… who could’ve expected that a remnant of Myriad Domain would stir up… so much trouble…”

Snorting, Jiang Chen pointed at the prince to blow him up as well .

The antique Skyclearer Talisman fluttered into his hand . He put it, along with the storage rings of the dead, with his belongings . After scavenging the battlefield, he lazily began to depart upwards .

As he did so, a majestic voice mentally confronted him from within the chaos . “Who? Who is it that’s meddled in my business?”

Jiang Chen’s heart skipped a beat when he heard it . The will of the voice was filled with power and resentment .

“Has the demon emperor awakened?” A scary thought popped into his head . He felt cold sweat bead all over his body, and hurried in his escape . He broke out of the earth not long after and was met by a very anxious rodent .

“Master Chen, it seems… that the demon emperor awakened?”

The Rat King was cowardly by nature . Just being exposed to the will of the demon emperor caused him to shiver uncontrollably .

Jiang Chen looked serious . “Put yourself away, Ole Gold . Don’t worry . I have a plan to get out of here . ”

Having plundered the orb at the source of the earth pulses, Jiang Chen had effectively disabled the outside formation . After making sure the Rat King was safely tucked in, he turned to Ole Zhang . “Go on ahead . If you see the Silversand Cavalier and others, you can leave with them . ”

Ole Zhang was almost as white as the prince had been . “I’ve served the imperial family all my life, but you killed an imperial prince . Even if you let me go, how can I possibly live?”

“I spared you solely because of your previous attitude,” Jiang Chen waved a hand . “I’m not responsible for any suicidal tendencies you may have because of my other actions . ”

The old man shook his head . After a long while, he began to drag his feet away with some difficulty . Jiang Chen hadn’t personally killed him, but it was impossible for him to leave alive like this . The young man was in no rush to leave himself, though leave himself, though . The demon emperor’s presence was terrifying, but he refused to be cowed by it .

The first step of the blood sacrifice had been completed when the demon emperor feasted upon those female cultivators, but the process had also been imperfect without Wei Xing’er . The demon emperor wasn’t at the peak of his strength right now . He probably only had a third of his power available at most . In this state, the demon emperor was unlikely to be stronger than a human great emperor .

Therefore, Jiang Chen decided to stay for an opportunity to kill the demon emperor as well . It seemed futile to attempt to stop the demon race’s renaissance . But he didn’t want the demonic invasion to occur immediately .

Even though it was unlikely that a demon emperor at his peak would be able to destroy the entire human domain, the blood demons’ bloodline was exceptionally infectious . If this demon emperor had just a bit of breathing room, he could grow an entire cult of blood demon loyalists in less than a decade .

There were countless human cultivators like the Veranda master or Sir Miao . The best solution was to nip the threat in the bud . Of course, Jiang Chen was aware of the difficulty of killing an ancient demon emperor even in a state of weakness . But he had plenty of aces up his sleeve .

Emperor Peafowl had given him the Imperial Advent Defense and Onslaught Talismans . Each was equivalent to borrowing a great emperor’s defensive or offensive strength, respectively . Though one use lasted only about two hours, that was more than enough to do what he needed to do .

Both talismans had three uses before they were used up . Continuous usage demanded immense physical condition and exertion . The slightest indiscretion could lead to tremendous backlash . Typically, talismans like these weren’t used consecutively .

Demon Emperor Bloodmalva, emperor of the blood demons, had finally struggled free of his seal . Though the ritual to wake him had been somewhat flawed–notably, the crucial component Wei Xing’er had been missing–the demon emperor had successfully awakened nevertheless . However, he was surprised to find that the one who’d organized the sacrifice had disappeared . There was no response to his attempts at bloodline resonance . Where was the Veranda master?


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