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Sovereign Of The Three Realms - Chapter 1149


Chapter 1149: 1149

Wei Xing’er’s departure alleviated the last of Jiang Chen’s concerns . His load thus lightened, he was ready to jump back into the fray . He lingered another few moments on the formation’s edges before he readied himself for reentry .

Just as he was about to move, something tickled at his ears . He slowed his body and footsteps, pausing beneath a tree and probed the surroundings with his consciousness . His eyes were focused straight ahead .

“Come on out!” he harrumphed softly . His scan had told him about the ambush in the wings . There were two assailants on each side, clearly prepared to intercept him .

Jiang Chen found this a little odd . On his first time out with Wei Xing’er, there had been no one here . He hadn’t taken long to send the girl off, and yet four new people had suddenly shown up .

Have these people come specifically for me? Jiang Chen mused in surprise, but let none of his astonishment show through . His consciousness told him that these four assailants were quite strong . All of them were third level emperor realm . However, there was nothing for him to be afraid of . His own cultivation level was far too high for that .

“Kekekeke…” An ear-piercing cackle suddenly came from his right . A figure in hemp flew out from within the grass .

With that figure came a ray of blinding light . Suddenly, a strong sensation of danger crept into his heart . Jiang Chen instinctively dodged .

A pillar of gold shone down like a blast of harsh sunlight . It was a storm of gold needles, shot at an impossible speed!

A decrepit old woman wearing tattered hempen clothes stood before him . Her face was as wrinkled as a sun dried orange peel, utterly ugly to behold .

“Hmm . You got out of the way of granny’s gold needles, eh? Not bad, kid . Too bad you’ve come to the wrong place!” The old woman was one of the twelve protectors that the Veranda master had handpicked . She was Granny Goldneedle and one of the four wandering cultivators .

Jiang Chen had seen the four’s reception by the Veranda master . This old granny had definitely been there . But shouldn’t she be with the other couple of protectors right now? And shouldn’t they be somewhere else?

The Resplendent Emerald Veranda master’s misdirecting strategy involved sending off a group of protectors with an impostor . In theory, the old lady should’ve been there . So why was she here?

Did they return after going somewhere else? What’s the point of having a plan in the first place, then? Jiang Chen was thoroughly confused . This was growing curiouser and curiouser . There was a grand conspiracy behind all of this, an invisible man behind the curtain . The puppeteer… was the master of the Veranda .

Or… is he? Jiang Chen was doubtful that a man of his abilities could set up such a large game board on his own .

Does he have helpers? Or is he one of the puppets too? The young man felt a jolt of sudden unease . This was where his Boulder’s Heart came in . He was able to maintain mental calm despite his anxiety .

“There’s more of you . Are you mice? Do you plan on hiding forever?” Smirking, Jiang Chen look straight at the remaining trio’s hiding place . He hadn’t seen the other three yet, but they were sure to be none other than Old Man Clearcloud, the Silversand Cavalier, and Sir Miao . The other three wandering cultivators had also come .

“This is no place for your insolence, child!” A thunderous shout cracked through the air, heralding the entrance of another figure into the fray . This man had uniquely silver eyebrows . Yep, the Silversand Cavalier .

From the left and the right, two more showed themselves . Old Man Clearcloud had snowy hair, and Sir Miao, a handsome appearance . The four wandering cultivators took one corner each, pressing Jiang Chen in .

With lightly furrowed brow, Jiang Chen swept his God’s Eye across the quartet’s eyes . His gaze was deep and soul-searching, piercing against the defenses of their consciousnesses .

Refusing to be cowed, the four emperor realm experts sneered back . There was apathy, devilry, disdain, and solemnity . The personality of each member in the quartet was revealed in their look .

Granny Goldneedle was the apathetic apathetic one, Sir Miao, mocking;Old Man Clearcloud, disdainful, and the only solemn one was the Silversand Cavalier . The last of these was the only one who took Jiang Chen seriously . It had something to do with his experiences . Having once been part of a sect, the Cavalier had the painful experience of having his entire sect wiped out . Therefore, he tended to be a bit more cautious than the others .

Granny Goldneedle was undisciplined and unruly, and used to having her own way . Her aloofness biased her towards apathy .

Sir Miao was young, famous, talented, and flippant . In his eyes, Jiang Chen was a mere ant . He was easy prey, nothing more–hence his more toying attitude .

Ole Clearcloud was a man of high position amongst the wandering cultivators . A well-traveled individual, he found very few people worthy of serious consideration . This transferred to Jiang Chen as lackadaisical disdain .

“Tsk tsk, the Resplendent Veranda Master is overcautious . Why did he ask the four of us to deal with a child?” Sighing, Sir Miao shook his head . Clearly, he found the task to be joyless and boring .

The old granny’s face gained a few wrinkles . “Don’t take him too lightly, Sir Miao . He dodged an attack from my gold needles . He’s no lightweight . ”

Sir Miao smiled serenely . “Why flatter him like that, granny? He’s just a half-step emperor realm cultivator . Any one of us can easily take him . ”

“Alright,” Old Man Clearcloud spoke up . “We were paid to do a job and now we must deliver . We have the instructions . Even if it’s as easy as a tiger hunting down sheep, we still have to put on a show . Since you’re so confident, Sir Miao, I’ll leave him to you . ”

“Why are you leaving him to me?” Sir Miao shrugged .

“You’re the youngest one here,” Old man Clearcloud frowned . “We’re giving you a chance to shine because we trust you . ”

“Don’t feed me that nonsense . Granny Goldneedle struck first . I think there’s no point bothering someone else to do it . After you, Granny . Granny . ”

“You’re all too selfish,” Granny Goldneedle huffed . “Fine, I’ll do it . ”

Ole Clearcloud nodded . Sir Miao smiled, but said nothing .

“Don’t underestimate him, Granny,” the Silversand Cavalier said unexpectedly . “There’s more to him than meets the eye . ”

A disconcerting grin appeared on the old woman’s face . “Don’t worry . That kid is pretty fast, but dealing with the fast ones is granny’s specialty!”

Granny Goldneedle was a master of needles . Her attack from ambush a few moments prior had only been testing the waters . Her adeptness with gold needles was almost legendary . When pushed to her limits, she could fill the air with nothing but needles . No matter how quick one was, it was difficult to make full use of that speed given the needles’ density . After all, each emperor realm cultivator had their own domain .

“Get ready to back me up!” A low bark heralded the granny’s preparation to attack .

A sneering Jiang Chen chose this moment to laugh aloud . “Ole Clearcloud, a sectless man unafraid of authority… the Silversand Cavalier, a man whose sect was destroyed and yet refused to bow to his enemy… I thought you two were men of character . As for you, Granny Goldneedle, with how individualistic and maverick you tend to act, I imagined that you would have your own principles . How… unexpected . But I suppose fame is often undeserved . ”

“Hmm? Are you trying to get me to kill you on the spot, kid? Saves you some suffering in the long run, eh?” Jiang Chen’s words darkened the granny’s face .

“You’re well-known, Granny Goldneedle, but don’t let that fame get to your head . ” Jiang Chen was back to his default faint smile . “I’ll stand without moving a finger . You can attack with your gold needles all you want . If you can hurt one little hair on my body, then I’ll let you do whatever you want with me . Deal?”

The old woman’s eyeballs bulged . She was angry enough to cough up blood . “Do you just not know any better, kid, or are you getting your last words out before you die?”

“I suppose words aren’t convincing enough . ” enough . ” Jiang Chen smiled faintly . “Try me . ”

A wave of his hand caused something to materialize in his palm . It swiftly expanded to the size of a mountain–no, it was a mountain in the first place!

It was his magnetic golden mountain!

Enraged by Jiang Chen’s arrogance, Granny Goldneedle swept her sleeves towards him . Countless gold needles flew at the young man from every direction, assaulting him like a torrent of hairs .

Her needles weren’t simple throwing weapons . Each and every one of them had been specially refined . The granny had full and absolute control over their movements . Because of this, she could change their trajectories at any time . Indeed, each needle followed its own path .

They moved almost as if they were sentient . They automatically sought their target’s weak spots, and constantly looked for defensive openings . With a shift of his eyes and a push of his palm, Jiang Chen magnified his mountain instantly . It became ten yards tall, and exerted a terrifyingly powerful magnetic field . This caused a strange scene to occur .

The innumerable needles were sucked up by the magnetic field like a dragon drinking water . None of them were left airborne, each and every strand of metal tightly held in place by the mountain’s magnetic force .

In a flash of golden light, the mountain’s absorbing power took the refined needles as its own .

“Do you have more?” Jiang Chen’s faint smile grew wider .

Granny Goldneedle’s eyes were as big as porcelain plates . She could hardly believe what she’d just seen .

“How can this be?” The others echoed her surprise .

The wandering cultivators present were all aware exactly how scary the granny’s needles were . They had relied on Granny Goldneedle to take care of it precisely because they had faith in her ability to fight speedy cultivators . How could they have thought of the possibility that the young man would devour the granny’s entire attack?

“What dastardly trick did you pull, kid?!” Granny Goldneedle was grim . Her gold needles were precious to her . She had plenty more left, but she didn’t want to waste them .


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