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Souen No Historia - Volume 2 - Chapter 28


After the two were left alone, Ninthe was enthusiastic about teaching various things to the newly hired maid.
This was the first time that Ninthe had a junior, and on top of that, she was a girl younger than her. That's why she thought she will definitely get along with Eu.
’’Excuse me;can I call you Eu-chan?’’
’’Ah, uh...... okay.’’
’’Hooray! Then, you can call Ninthe any way you want.’’
’’Eh...... umm............ Ninthe-...... -san?’’
’’Mu~ that's somehow feels too formal~. If possible, can you call Ninthe with -chan too?’’
Ninthe had already forgotten that she told Eu to call her whatever she likes.
’’Uu...... Ninthe-...... -chan.’’
’’Ehehe~, then let's go.’’
Ninthe smiled a blissful smile. However, when she reached to take Eu's hand,
the hand drew back quickly. Ninthe was dumbfounded.
’’Th-That is, sorry....’’
Awa awa, Eu was panicking because the shocked Ninthe's shoulders were drooping from the rejection.
’’Ah, th-that's not it...... that is, it doesn't feel unpleasant...... uu.’’
Though she desperately tried to make up an excuse, tears had already started forming in Ninthe's eyes.
’’Ara? What is wrong with the both of you?’’
The mansion's current master, Yoyo, happened to appear at this time. She walked with a beauty and grace that would catch the eye of anyone who saw her.
’’Ah, Yoyo-sama....’’
’’Is Ninthe going to guide Eu around?’’
’’Nn? You're not showing any vigor. Ah, Eu, that uniform suits you.’’
’’Au...... th-thank you.’’
Sensing their behavior and the bad mood, Yoyo guessed that something had happened.
’’About that....’’
Ninthe moved her mouth painfully. Judging from their appearance, she observed that the two did not have a physical fight, so she decided to speak to them.
’’Eu, are you displeased that Ninthe is your guide?’’
’’N-No...... I-I am not displeased by it...... however....’’
’’Look Eu, aren't you here to work?’’
’’Th-That is so.’’
’’If so, the people in this mansion are your family.’’
’’...... fa-...... family? Eu's?’’
Eu' jaws dropped. She stared in blank amazement. Yoyo chuckled then smiled.
’’Ee, me, Souji, Ninthe, and everyone here is your family. That's why, even if it is just a little, try to get close to us.’’
’’Family...... Eu's family...... b-but if it is Eu, that will surely happen again...... -o...... so...... it isn't good to touch Eu.’’
Large drop of tears began to burst from her big eyes. Like Eu from a little while ago, a dumbfounded Ninthe was, awa awa, panicking as she didn't know what to do.
Yoyo was calm,
’’I understand. Then everyone will not touch you against your will.’’
’’...... re-...... ally?’’
’’Ee, you have your circumstances, right? However, I have one thing for you to remember. The people in this mansion, all of them have their own difficult circumstances. Even so, they're able to keep smiling. Do you know why?’’
’’That is because everyone is doing their best to survive.’’
’’Didn't you also say that you will work hard? Well, part of that work is getting to know this girl and everyone here.’’
Yoyo gently patted Ninthe's head.
’’I am sure that you will soon understand that what's troubling you is just a small matter.’’
She said so with a smile, then Yoyo said, ’’Take care of the rest,’’ to Ninthe and left. Ninthe replied with considerable enthusiasm. Beside her, Eu's expression was also somewhat relaxed.
After separating from Ninthe and Eu, Yoyo walked around a corner.
’’That was splendid, Yoyo-ojousama.’’
’’Peeping is not good, Souji.’’
Worried about Eu's attitude towards other people, Souji had been at this corner since he left her and Ninthe alone.
He heard from a maid that when she was waiting for the interview, she'd keep a certain distance away from others and became more surprised and frightened than was normal when someone approached her. Additionally, there was also her reaction to him patting her head.
’’However, Ojou-sama's words allowed them to become closer together. Unlike before, they now have such a good atmosphere between them.’’
Ninthe is now smiling through her explanations while Eu nods. The two are still somewhat distant, but they were definitely becoming closer.
’’Even if I didn't happen to pass by, you would have done something about it, right?’’
’’We don't know whether it would have gone well.’’
’’Fufu, let's just leave it at that.’’
Then, Yoyo's smile changed for a moment.
’’Souji, for now let's try to investigate Eu's identity.’’
’’Is it okay?’’
’’There must be some reason for such a young girl to climb up onto the land alone. There is also the possibility that she is looking for her family. It will be the best to hear it from Eu herself, but trying to force it out would backfire.’’
’’It is as Ojou-sama said.’’
’’But if we keep waiting for her to talk, there's the high possibility that her family or friends will think she was kidnapped or something then leave the ocean to search for her.’’
’’If so, there'll be a commotion.’’
’’Yes, that's why before that happens, we must find out the circumstances of her situation and contact her family if they are alive.’’
’’I understand. Then, I will quickly gather information. Did Ojou-sama notice anything?’’
If she knew something useful, he could narrow the search range.
’’I did, and though it is only a guess, doesn't that girl belong to the Star jellyfish tribe?’’
’’Star jellyfish is indeed the tribe that lives at the nearest sea. I heard it is a peaceful tribe.’’
’’Ee, that girl figure, and that raiment. Both are characteristics of the Star jellyfish tribe.’’
’’Indeed. I will follow your command. I will investigate based on this information.’’
’’Do it quickly. If we leave these girls to that pervert, well at the very least I think it won't become something big.’’
At the place Yoyo was pointing, with her head sticking out, stood the head maid who was watching the two cute girls with excitement.
’’............ though in a way, I will be fine if it becomes a big matter.’’

Feeling a slight unease due to his mother's dangerous behavior, Souji immediately went out to search information about Eu.


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