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Soshite Shoujo Wa Akujo No Karada O Te Ni Ireru - Chapter 28


Chapter 28

Chapter 28

The test period came in a blink of an eye, and finally it is time to sit for the tests. After having plenty of rest at night and eating a hearty breakfast in the morning, I am all refreshed and ready for battle.

The tests will go on for two days and test results will be posted in the subsequent week. Now is the time for me to do my best to move up my ranking from the current position.

Ah~ I am so nervous.

I just hope that there will be no red mark this time.

In class, I went through my notes before the test, while everyone else was busy trying to predict which questions will come out in the test. This is probably how it feels to be nervous before a test. Fufu~ being a student is so great!

’’You seem so happy, Shinozuka-san’’

’’Yes, I am looking forward to it!’’

’’This is the first time I see someone looking forward to a test..’’

The boy in front of me did not even try to hide his surprise face upon hearing my reply but I pay no heed to it. Since this is the first time that I am sitting for a test with everyone else in the class, I can feel the nervousness inside of me welling up.

’’Put all your belongings on your desk inside your bag and place your bag in the hallway’’

After doing as what the teacher told us and placed our bag in the hallway, we moved to sit in accordance to our attendance number and the tense feeling suddenly rising up. It is a pity that I have to separate with Tanaka-kun.


With that, it is a sign to turn over the test paper and now, let's begin our gamble!*

*As in take some risks with guessing/putting in the correct answer in the exam paper.*

’’.... Ah~ It's finally over!!!’’

When the test is over, everyone's expression relaxes and sighs of relief can be heard from all corners.

I think I nailed the test! I did the best that I could.

’’This time around, I have a good feeling that I'm going to get good marks for this test!’’

’’Oh, me too!’’

- My study group buddies gathered around me and they begin discussing the test answers. After comparing the answers with one another, they seemed to be satisfied and happy with the test.

(P/S: I only used GT and online dictionary to help me translate this page. After a while, I found it really hard to do it and I guess I am not suitable for translating. I should just stick with proofreading and editing)

’’It must've been because of your notes, so thank you, Shinozuka san!’’

’’Happy to be of service’’

Soon after we made another arrangement to study together for the final paper, we gathered our things, said our goodbye to each other and went home. On my way home, I was stopped by Tanaka and he asked me about the matter on Sunday.

’’Shinozuka-san, do you know the place? I can pick you up if you want...’’

Well, to be honest, I can just search for the place online, but it doesn't mean that I won't get lost. It is better if Tanaka-kun takes me there. So, it has been decided that he will come to my house on Sunday morning. I then began to think of what to wear on that day while happily skipping back to my house.

’’That would be the meeting place for the date.’’

’’No that is obviously wrong’’

’’Tanaka, you are ... ... first of all you already declared your love’’

’’Hahaha, don't even touch on that subject.’’

’’Tanaka's smile is scary’’

’’What happened?’’

I took several clothes to wear from the closet, I then stood in front of the mirror.

A cute dress is nice, but sporty pants is also nice. Aika-chan's clothes are either cute or se*y. They are se*y clothes that seem to be a bit too revealing, I am too embarrassed to wear it.

’’Speaking of wholesomely sporty.’’

Printed t-shirts and short pants. Un, looks good. Now if I wear this together with a ponytail, everyone would see me as a sporty girl. Yosh, let's go with this. This entire time I have been worried about the bags!

’’Ufufufu, I am looking forward to it.’’

I can hardly fall asleep that saturday night, I was rolling all over the bed.

I was unable to sleep, thanks to the habit of waking up at 6 o'clock.

Begin daily radio exercises routine, because there is some time left, I will also do some stretching. I feel that it is becoming soft compared to before. When the body moves as expected, it cannot be helped but it is truly enjoyable.

Looking at the calendar it looks like May is already over. It has been a month since I became Aika-chan.....a lot of things happened and it all went by in a flash. It is called a sports festival, I was able to participate the big event of my student life, it is good to be alive.

’’Oh, you feel different from the usual.’’

When I went towards the living room as I wait for Tanaka-kun to come, mother was there cleaning the floor. *Kururi* I twirled around on the spot, and I asked mom what she thought.

’’How about that?’’

’’, are you going to bring ’’that’’?’’

’’Do you mean this backpack? Of course!’’

’’...... is that so’’

For some reason mother tilted her head to the side with a cramped expression, from the sofa I wait for the reply from Tanaka-kun. Did my desire went through, the smartphone vibrated and I answered it in a panic.

《Hello, Shinoizuka-san? I am in front of your house now》

’’I will go right now!’’

I jumped out of the living room, I tried to put on my sneakers but the shoelaces are so tight that my feet would not fit through. I put down the smartphone, unravel the shoelace and fix it.

Uh, I got impatient thinking that Tanaka-kun is waiting right now.

’’I am off~’’

When I opened the door, Tanaka-kun was there waiting exposed to the sunlight. Tanned skin might be suited for him, wearing a t-shirt with a logo together with jean is so refreshing. It is refreshing.

’’Morning. It is such a nice weather.’’

’’Yes! Please treat me well on this great day’’


I ,who was bowing deeply, was surprised at origin of the voice, when I looked up, I saw that it was Tanaka-kun who was staring at my back.

’’That backpack......’’

’’This backpack is Umausa-chan’’ (TLN: who here has a suggestion for this? これはウマウサちゃんのリュックです)

My favorite character, the backpack is the face of Umausa. At first I thought that this was a stuff animal. Later I found out that it was a backpack, I definitely wanted to go out with this backpack.

In order to eat some ice cream, it is best to keep your hands free.

’’Cute, huh’’

’’It is my favorite!’’

’’Oh dear, if Shinozuka-san is ok with it then it is fine’’

It takes an hour and a half to go towards the huge shopping mall from the usual station.The ice cream shop that Mamiya-senpai recommended is there.

What a shopping mall, I wonder if it is lively and has various shops.The train rumbled and started to run.

After the long tunnel, i tried to hold by my excitement but I was dealt a big blow, something unexpected caught my eye

’’U, umiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!’’ (EN:S, Seeeeaaaaaaaaaa)

It is blue everywhere, sparkling brightly with the sun's light, my body trembled with the huge impression this natural beauty made.

’’Umi da... umi da umi da umi da!’’ (EN: Sea, it's the sea it's the sea it's the sea!)

’’Shi, Shinozuka-san calm down.’’

I can't calm down. It is the ocean you know? It is the source of all living things, the great mother. The sea is so blue and beautiful that I feel like I am being sucked in. It is impossible to say that I am not excited! I want to jump in right now! I want to walk on the sandy beach!

’’I want to go to the beach’’

’’Then do you want to go with me?’’

I viewed the sea intently by the train window, I heard a wonderful auditory hallucination.

’’Can you take me? Are we going to the sea?’’

’’Just in case, do you know how to swim? Let's go there this summer vacation. That......just us two’’

’’Let's go!’’ (TLN: All aboard the SS Tanaka)


Tanaka-kun made a small guts pose. I made 3 cheers in my heart.

Yatta, yatta! (EN: Alright, alright!) I can go to the sea this summer vacation. To feel the sea. Hurry, come quickly summer vacation! I will be waiting for it from now on.

’’Ah, Shinozuka-san blood.....’’

It was my first time seeing the sea, I was too excited in going to the sea that I have gotten a nosebleed. What the hell.

The sea slowly vanished as we approached our destination, I sat down quietly with a tissue up my nose. I can see smiles and hear giggles from people all around me but I do not mind. I saw the sea. I am glad that I agreed to come today.

’’Are you ok Shinozuka-san?’’

My excitement still did not go away, I am sorry for making you worried Tanaka-kun.

’’By the way, Shinozuka-san talks in an honorific form, I am a classmate so it is fine to use casual talk.’’

’’It is the way I talk. I will correct it little by little.’’

Because I only lived with adults during my last life, I will unconsciously talk politely even if I try to fix it.

’’Your way of talking?’’

Tanaka-kun tilted his neck and wondered, I am longing for the summer vacation that is yet to come.

Uwa, can Aika-chan swim? I will swim first with a floating ring if in any case she cannot swim.


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