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Soshite Shoujo Wa Akujo No Karada O Te Ni Ireru - Chapter 19


Chapter 19

Chapter 19

When I woke up it was already 4:00. I am super excited!

I went back to bed and tried to sleep once again but failed, I gave up and decided to study instead.

I heard that a person who studies in the morning would be able to understand it easier.

While I was studying seriously, an alarm clock goes off and thus I went towards the living room. The wonderful smell of breakfast reached me while I was walking down the stairs. My stomach which was allured by the smell rumbled energetically.

’’Good Morning’’ (Aika)

’’Morning. Do your best today.’’ (Mom)

There was a pink lunchbox across where breakfast is. Could this be perhaps!

’’Uhm, that’’ (Aika)

’’It's a lunchbox. Do you need a thermos?’’ (Mom)

’’I want! Thank you very much.’’ (Aika)

Wow... mother's lunchbox. The lunchbox which I have yearned for is finally in my hand!

Yuya-kun woke up while I carefully placed the lunchbox in the bag so that it does not drop nor slant. The bed hair, that seems to curl up and messy, is cute.

’’Good morning Yuya-kun. Today's weather is perfect for the sports festival.’’ (Aika)

’’A... a sports festival?’’ (Yuuya)

’’Please come and see my valiant figure by all means.’’ (Aika)

’’I won't go’’ (Yuuya)

His voice was low so he is probably lying. I stretched out my hand to get the barley tea from the refrigerator while yawning. Too bad, if Yuuya-kun comes then my motivation would increase.

My mother who cared about me looked dejected,

’’I am sorry Aika. I would go and see it if I did not have work.’’ (Mom)

’’No, work is important. I have mother's lunchbox anyways, so I have 100 times the energy.’’

Speaking of a sports festival, I thought that a box lunch was eaten with the family on the carpet. However, when it gets bigger, the family does not come to see it. I was told that Mayu and Kana would not come if I asked. It was a limitation only for children. How regrettable...

But I have the handmade lunchbox of mother. I must not make a sad face!

’’When I return home, please listen to me about the sports festival.’’ (Aika)

’’What? You will just fall and injure yourself.’’ (Yuuya)


Fufun. I have coping methods when falling. The instant you fall, if you put your hands out to your front then you should not fall loudly. If you are not able to put your hands out, if you roll sideways before you fall then you will not hurt your knees.

’’Perfect!’’ (Aika)

’’Though I do not know what you are thinking, please do not cause trouble.’’ (Yuuya)

Yuuya-kun is worried about me! I am so moved this morning that tears are coming out. I feel like I am opening up little by little, at this rate I might become a brocon.

’’I will fight hard. Well then, see you later.’’ (Aika)

’’You! Are you going to a battlefield?’’

Battlefield? In a sense, it is not wrong. Because the battle of youth which sweat is poured into begins now! I greeted my mother and went to school excitedly.

’’I am really looking forward to it. I really wanted to go... I am anxious in a lot of ways.’’ (Aika)

’’. . .’’

I went to school in my gym clothes so that it is easier to move. There are a lot of people in gym clothes like me on the train, they seem to be talking happily. It resembles the checking of a digital camera for some reason. (TLN: I am confused. 何やらデジカメのチェックをしているみたい)

’’I have to take a valiant figure of Ichinose-senpai by all means. I will go for a mock cavalry fight and pole toppling. It's a lifetime treasure.’’

’’The form of Mikoshiba-kun's running figure, it is absolutely cool. You would collapse when your name gets called in a low voice.’’

’’Unless you have to see Shin-kun's match. It is expected that I would disguise myself and run. With the prince's clothing or Shinsengumi's costume!’’ (TLN:

’’I absolutely wanna see that!’’

’’Furthermore, among them, there is a maid costume inside as well!’’

’’’’It's absolutely cute.’’’’

I agree!

I didn't know. That Chiba-kun disguised himself. I must take a picture too! Chiba-kung wearing a costume... hope is a good thing.

’’But the one I would like to see the most is Sakaki-senpai.’’

’’I always feel that Sakaki-senpai is flashy, I can rarely see his figure running hard.’’ (TLN: Anyone got a better one? いつもチャラい感じの榊先輩が、一生懸命走ってる姿なんて滅多に見れないもんね)

Fumu fumu, it seems that Sakaki-senpai is the most popular. Because I told you that I would support you, I will support you with my full power. It is the last sports festival in high school, I will understake student council work as much as possible, let Ichinose-senpai and Sakaki-senpai enjoy the sports festival fully.

’’Ah, its Shinozuka.’’

When I thought about closing my eyes, the girls who were excited up until a while ago found me.

What do I do? Should I pretend to be sleeping or should I say good morning as it is? I found out that took great effort, I'll just greet them. A greeting is basic, right?

’’It actually is. She makes me feel sick.’’

’’She used to glare at the student council to manipulate them. She used to go to the student council to threaten Ichinose-senpai, her character is the worst.’’

O, ufu. I can not get up when I tried to get up. It is unpleasant but I have no choice but to continue to pretend to sleep as it is, I have no choice but to listen to the muttering of the girl's anger.

’’Taking advantage of the gentle place where Ichino-senpai is, even becoming her is really annoying.’’

’’In addition to threatening, right? After all, Ichino-senpai likes Mamiya-senpai.’’

’’After harassing Mamiya-senpai, is it not possible, if I wanted, for you to stop associating with him? To that extent being his girlfriend.’’

’’Nobody acknowledge that she is the girlfriend of Ichinose-senpai. She can just be happy by herself.’’ (Girl 1)

’’That clown there! Wakeup.’’ (Girl 2)

U-uh...I am ok *gusu gusu* (TLN: SFX crying) do not come! (TLN: *-* they made her cry) Mou I am not the girlfriend anymore, I want Ichinose-senpai to have a wonderful married life with Mamiya-senpai, I did not expect it to be said so obviously.

But those girls do not want to make Icinose-senpai to feel unpleasant, it is unreasonable to think so. When I think about it, it would not let me feel bad from now on,

’’However, Mamiya-senpai is Mamiya senpai. Ichinose-senpai liked her to that extent, how can I not show a reaction when I am nearby. (TLN: なんの反応も見せないで傍にいるんだもん) (Girl 1)

’’You can say that again. Though I do not know whether they are childhood friends or what, but Ichinose-senpai is being abused.’’ (Girl 2)

Are, it is a talk about Mamiya-senpai. I do not know whether it is being twisted, I think Mamiya-senpai likes Ichinose-senpai. If not, I will not try to practice cooking without being discouraged after failing so many times. This is because I want Ichino-senpai to say that it is delicious.

’’Don't you not want her to keep him? If there is a better man than Ichinose-senpai then I will go there.’’ (TLN: My Japanese friend says it is correct but here you go: キープにでもしておきたいんじゃない? 一ノ瀬先輩以上にいい男がいたらそっちに行くとかさ) (Girl 1)

’’Uwa, what a wicked woman. If this is Mamiya-senpai's personality, then it is the worst (Girl 2)

’’There is a saying that a beautiful woman has a bad personality.’’ (Girl 1)

Ahahaha, I arrived at the station smiling, I got off.

What is it, this feeling. In my stomach ’’something’’ is welling up that cannot be suppressed.

I went down the train to catch up, when I caught sight of the girls, I called them out in a loud voice.

’’Wait!’’ (Aika)

’’’’Oh?’’’’ (Both Girls)

Not just the girls, other people stopped walking too. Most of the people are from the same school I am sorry. But, I was not able to endure it.

’’Mamiya-senpai is not an evil woman! She is a wonderful senior who is a gentle, dignified and steady. The thing you said a while ago, please correct it!’’ (Aika)

This may perhaps be anger. I do not mind if I am being spoken ill off. It wasn't like Mamiya-senpai who was worried about me and protected me from Nishijima-san to say bad things.

’’What is up with this girl...’’ (Girl 1)

’’Eavesdropping is the worst.’’ (Girl 2)

’’You may speak ill of me. But please do not say bad things to Mamiya-senpai.’’ (Aika)

’’What is this? Hypocrisy? Tell me, I feel sick that you protected Mamiya-senpai. What are you plotting?’’ (Girl 1)

I am slightly scared by the 3 girls who are glaring at me and have encircled me. However, Mamiya-senpai protected me me from Nishima-san. Even I want to protect Mamiya-senpai.

’’I am not planning anything. Mamiya-senpai is really a gentle person.’’ (Aika)

’’You who tormented Mamiya-senpai before would say that?’’ (Girl 2)

A strong thrust was pushed to my shoulder and I fell on my backside. I was not able to defend, luckily my back was substituted as a cushion so there was no pain. When I look up, I was frowned and looked down upon by cold eyes.

’’I heard that you lost your memory, what you have done before would not disappear. Before we criticize, apologize for the things that you have done!’’ (Girl 1)

’’Is there any evidence to all the bad things that you were saying about Mamiya-senpai? Stop the false accusations.’’ (Aika)

’’Uwah...we have a girls'fight here.’’ (3rd Party Person)

The boy from the same school, who saw it, grimaced. Not only the student but many of the people as well were looking at us and whispering to one another. The girls who noticed that seem to feel uncomfortable and stepped backwards.

’’I am telling you, but even Mamiya-senpai does not like you.’’

I was told so and thus I ran off towards home, I was left with feelings full of vexation for not being able to have you correct it.

And then, the last words that were said stung me in the heart.

’’It is because even Mamiya-senpai does not like you’’

Although it cannot be helped that I am disliked, I would be really sad if it is so. It may be that I was only minding the me after the memory loss.

... However, I am not discouraged! (TLN: Fighto!)

’’If I am disliked, you should do your best and you would be able to make friends.’’

Naturally I am hated. Then, it all depends on me on how it would change from there. I made friends as well, I am slowing getting into good terms with Yuuya-kun...well I fell like it. Therefore, I should be able to make friends with even Mamiya-senpai! I will do my best!

By the gate of the school, a signboard for the sports festival was placed, the fever of excitement went up all at once.

The day of the sports festival came at last. Uuu, I am so excited!

A simple talk with the classroom teacher. I was told to be careful and pay attention not be injured, I then head towards the schoolyard.

Everyone is waiting at their seat, I only placed my bag down then ran towards the tent for the student council meeting.

’’Good Morning! It is the idea day for a sports festival.’’

’’Morning, it is hot and humid so it would easily exhaust you.’’

’’Good morning. Please take care not to be completely exhausted when you work.

Sakaki-senpai sits down on the chair while fanning himself with a round fan. Chiba-kun seems to be busy going around doing work. At the inner part of the tent, Mikoshiba-kun and Ichinose-senpai is talking with a teacher. Leaving the greetings for later, I began my work. The figure of Ichinose-senpai taking an oath at the opening ceremony, not only I but all the other girls liked it. The long talk with the teacher is over, the games would finally start.

’’Uuu, I am so excited! I want my turn to come soon.’’ (Aika)

’’Shinozuka is too excited.’’

’’Do not get too excited or else you would get a nosebleed.’’

’’I will run even if I have a bloody nose!’’ (Aika)

’’You are seriously going to do it...’’

The nosebleed would stop if I stuff my nose with tissues, I will not give up running because of that. First it would be the 50 M dash for the first graders then it would be the 50 M dash for the 2nd graders. I have to cheer because Tanaka-kun would be part of those competing.

’’Tanaka-kun, ganbatte kudasai!’’ (TLN: Tanaka-kun, do your best!) (Aika)

’’Un, I will do my best.’’ (Tanaka-kun)

’’Sinozuka, please cheer for me too since I would also be going out.’’ (TLN: Getting that Aika good luck charm)

’’Of course! I will support you with my entire strength.’’ (Aika)

I do not know all the names of everyone in class, but I give them my full support.


’’Ah, iya do it in moderation ok?’’ (Tanaka)

’’...Tanaka's smiling face is scary.’’ (Aika)

Everybody is running in turns. First from the girls, then it would be would be the boys next. There was a conspicuous person among them. Its Mikoshiba-kun. Because he is tall, he is easy to understand isn't it?

’’Do your best Mikoshiba-kun’’ (Aika)

’’No, Mikoshiba-kun is an enemy.’’

Ha, so it was like that. The color of Mikoshiba-kun is different. I want to cheer him but I cannot do it... let's cheer for him in my heart.

’’I do not like it like that. I will support the person whom I want to support. So Mamiya-senpai is not aiming for us?’’ (Aika)

’’Well, I guess, I'm Anryu's senpai ... oh.’’

Fumu fumu, Anryu-senpai is indeed popular too. Wafuu bijin-san damon ne? (TLN: Wafuu beautiful, right?) With such talks done, Mikoshiba-kun's turn has come. If I say the run is already...

’’ animal?’’ (Aika)

’’The eyes are completely different.’’

The aura completely feels like a savage beast, the overwhelming pressure of not letting other people get ahead. Eh, Is this the Olympics? I did not know the time but they were very fast.

’’I feel sorry for the guys who ran together. Oh, next time Tanaka.’’

Tanaka-kun is standing at the starting line. I ran on the sound of the pistol. Then the girl in first grade was cheered upon.

’’Do your best Tanaka-senpai’’

’’Tanaka sure is popular with the juniors’’

’’Tanaka-kun! Good luck!’’ (Aika)

I also sent cheers for loosing. The 50 M dash is finished in no time, surprisingly Tanaka-kun finished the goal in first place! The first graders at the next tent were very delighted.

I see... Tanaka-kun is popular with the first graders. Yup, it's not surprising that being gentle makes you popular. Yep, therefore it can't be helped.

I can't help that its rude. It is natural that Tanaka-kun is popular. So, so,

’’What's wrong Shinozuka-san?’’

’’Eh?’’ (Aika)

’’Somehow, you have a very terrible look on your face you know? I mean your eyes have a fixed stare, it was a sullen face.’’

Oh, oh? There are no unpleasant things, why would you have such a face? The 50 M is over, I told my encouragement to everyone who came back. When I said thank you to Tanaka-kun who was drinking water, a ’’Thank you very much’’ was returned.

’’I heard Shinozuka's voice. Thanks to you, I was able to finish first.’’ (Tanaka)

’’I am glad that I was able to help.’’

The 3rd grader 50 M began while I was talking to Tanaka-kun, it is great that it is already Ichinose-senpai's turn. What is going on? The girls are cheering for him. It is as if he is the supporting idol at a concert, the look on the eyes of the girls are different.

The figure of Ichinose-senpai who started running is more brilliant than everyone else, my heart went kyun and my chest tightened.

I could not cheer since my voice was not coming out. A smile made by Ichinose-senpai at the time when he reached the goal will forever remain in my head for all time...haaa, he was so cool.

While I soak myself in the lingering sound, the first graders borrow article competition started. If I am not mistaken, was there a borrow article competition?

That's right! I made a bet with Nishijima-senpai! I may not be able to eat ice cream depending on Nishijuma's rank. Of course, the aim is first place.

《Come now, the next event would be the borrowing competition of the first graders! I wonder what will the first graders borrow. Just take your feet and run as fast as you can, but of course luck is necessary. 》

What a heated-up announcer's box. It is surely the director of the broadcasting department. There were cases wherein I spoke at the gathering of committee several times, it was very cheerful and the seniors are energetic and easy to talk to.

《The first runner is runs! They are now on an uproar because the paper I have in my hand was seen. What on earth could have been written there? 》

The girl who started to run on the onset was running happily towards the officers'tent. And then Ichinose-senpai was taken from there.

’’Wha, what is this? Is that what I think it is’’ (Aika)

《It seems to be that ’’cool person’’ was the thing that is written on the paper. This I understand. It isn't only a thing;a person is ok in the borrowing competition! This competition competition! This competition has become interesting! 》

’’Seriously?! Yatta, the one written on the paper was to pick up a person from the public morals committee. ’’

’’The homeroom teacher came. ’’

It isn't only a thing, run together with the person, the borrowing competition becomes lively. There was someone who ran inside a classroom while holding a ladder and took the chalk, there was another person who carried the musical teacher on his back towards the goal. The teacher who is near retirement age, cannot run with full strength.

Nishijima-san's group with the red flag is also in second place. There is only first place to beat Nishijima-san. They got fired up so suddenly.

’’Hmp, how? I have virtually won this.’’

The competition ends, Nishijima-san came over to the tent where I was with a triumphant face. Well it is would seem that, they are very happy.

’’I saw it. Nishijima-san is quick on the feet.’’ (Aika)

’’Naturally. Because I can go out with Mamiya-senpai, I cannot lose to you.’’(Nishijima)

’’I will not lose to you too!’’ (Aika)

The competition advanced to the next event, this morning's competition will also be a middle stage, the 2nd year student's borrowing competition has finally started. I feel that people who are running with me will definitely get a workout. The beating of the heart gets faster the more the turn advances.

Calm down, calm down. Deep breaths, deep breaths. I heard that by writing the character of a person on the plan and then swallowing it would relieve of the tension. However, in what way would you swallow it?! A hand cannot be swallowed! Can it?

People in front of me started running while I was doing that, I, who was standing by the starting line, is the next one to run. feet shakes intensely. I, I can go ahead and compete in the sports festival. In the same way as everybody, I can participate in an event at school.

I endured the tears of joy that was coming out, all the people in front of me were already at the finish line, it is my turn at last.

’’Aika-chan, do your best.’’

’’Keep fighting Aika-chan’’

’’Shinozuka-san, Fight!’’

I hear voices supporting me. I breathe out slowly. I cannot show a bad place. For the people supporting me, for the yellow class to win, I would run as hard as possible. My trembling would not stop when I thought about it.

’’On your mark, get ready.’’

I started running at the sound of the pistol. I was surprised by the sound so I started late. I was separated in a moment, I have not moved from my location. I cannot lose yet!

When I saw a falling paper, I picked it up and looked inside,

’’Liked Person’’

’’eh ehh eeeehhhhh!?’’ (Aika)

《O otto, it's a sudden scream. What on earth is written on that paper. Hmmm? Isn't that child if I am not mistaken...Shinozuka Aika-chan? The one they are saying who lost her memory. It was an impressive impression, I have an unexpectedly natural about the talk I had the other day. Now now, what will she borrow? 》

It became the topic of the conversation. Iya, It isn't like I mind it or anything now. What do I do? I cannot choose the person who I like!

The person I like, Ichinose-senpai, definitely cannot go. The trouble it would cause, I will make the other girls feel unpleasant. If it was referring to a friend I like then I would pick Mayu-chan and Kana-chan, either is unavailable. Tanaka-kun is also an important friend, it may be annoying if I tell him to come as the person I like. Doushiyou...

(TLN: No do not do it Aika! It would create a bigger misunderstanding!)

While I was feeling troubled, the other children are running to borrow. I am the only one left here. At that moment, I was at a complete loss since the impossible person came into sight.

(TLN: Go for it Aika!)

’’Eh... uso.’’ (Aika)

Why is he here? I thought so, but right now I do not care for such a thing. This is destined. The person who should not be there is watching, I ran at full power.

’’Yuuuuuuuyaaaaaaaa kuuuuuuuuuuuuunnnnnnnn!!!!’’

He looked over at this direction and then disappeared into the crowed, my younger brother who I like very much, Yuuya-kun was there.


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