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Soaring The Heavens - Chapter 99


Chapter 99: The Snowy South Edict

Translator: Kelaude Editor: Milkbiscuit

’’.....’’ Everyone was silent.

Miao Yi didn't know whether to laugh or cry, ’’Manor Head, please don't make fun of me, the entire East Arrival Cave is just only so big. just tell me if you see something you fancy, I shall have it delivered here immediately.’’

Yang Qing nodded his head, ’’I quite fancy the cloak that you're wearing right now, if you could find it in yourself to part with it, I shall allow you to retire from this competition.’’

’’Sigh...’’ Miao Yi was thinking, I thought it was going to be something big.'

Without another word, he immediately pulled on the button on the cloak, took it off and presented it to Qing Ju.

Thereafter, Qing Ju then handed it over to Qing Mei, who had been sitting on her dragon steed. Qing Mei rode her dragon steed over to Yang Qing, opened the cloak, and tilted her body to personally drape it over Yang Qing's shoulders.

’’It is quite fitting.’’ Yang Qing pulled on both his shoulders, then brushed Miao Yi away, ’’You can step down now!’’

Miao Yi heaved a breath of relief, then hastily ran away.

Everyone exchanged glances with each other, now they could see that the Manor Head didn't make light of this guy! How could the esteemed South Edict Manor be short of a cloak? This was clearly not treating the guy as an outsider!

Two old men from the School of Blue Jade shared a look and nodded meaningfully, then secretly transmitted their voices to each other.

’’It seems Wang ifa and the rest were not mistaken, this guy is regarded so highly by Yang Qing. If we could bring him to our side, maybe we will be able to give Yang Qing a fatal blow one day!’’

’’Indeed, this truly has great prospects! It seems that our School of Blue Jade will have to spend a little more effort on this young fellow’’

On the other hand, Xiong Xiao's eyes brightened as he squinted to look at Miao Yi's departing silhouette, laughing coldly in secret; this kid had actually managed to escape his predicament.

Even though these types of competitions were held as a battle for good omen, the rules stated that it could only go on until a victor was decided, and no murder was condoned, but earlier, he had arranged for his two subordinate Cave Masters, Fan Renfang and Fang iyu, to strike a vicious blow at Miao Yi. He had ordered both of them to think of a way to get arranged into the same group as Miao Yi.

Once they had mistakenly' killed Miao Yi, they could use the excuse that they didn't think Miao Yi's cultivation was so low, and were using methods to deal with a White Lotus Third Grade to handle him; the reason was naturally because of Miao Yi's previous battle records.

If that were to happen, the ship would have already sailed and even if Yang Qing were to hold Miao Yi in even greater regard; then he, Xiong Xiao, would come forward and help say a few words on their behalf to plead for them. Afterall, Yang Qing could not do anything else for a dead low level cultivator.

Who would have thought that this kid actually wasn't afraid to lose face, and took the initiative to back out of the competition?

Xiong Xiao tightened his lips; he had already promised that he would get justice for Chun Xue. He himself was the great Chieftain of a Mountain, yet if he could not even handle such a low level cultivator, how would his own personal handmaidens look at him then? Where would that faith be? Where would a man's pride lie?

After the incident at the Mystic Arts Temple, Xiong Xiao had wanted to continue trying to kill Miao Yi, but he had to avoid suspicion, and it wasn't easy to do both these matters together, so he could only lay low for the time being.

This time! He definitely won't let Miao Yi return to East Arrival Cave alive!

The snowy grounds at the foot of the mountain had already been prepared; nearly a hundred Cave Masters rode their dragon steeds and charged downwards.

Regardless of whether the average Cave Master had any capability, with their own Mountain Chieftain and Manor Head Yang Qing in the audience, all of them displayed a show of gallantry, daring each other out to step up, calling names and challenging them, with each one louder than the last.

In the end, all of them were fighting one on one, each in their own space.

Following Yang Qing's nod, the Cave Masters of the respective areas that had been looking at each other with great watchfulness immediately charged forward ferociously, the entire scene was very impressive; sand and snow flew about, as they struggled back and forth.

’’Tsk tsk! Spectacular!’’ said Miao Yi, sitting on his dragon steed as he watched the battle, and feeling deeply the gap between his own cultivation and the other Cave Masters. Fortunately he had backed out in time, otherwise, he would have surely been flipped over in a single strike by the other party, and getting humiliated in public was not a pleasant feeling to bear.

To the side, heng Jinlong asked curiously, ’’Cave Master, why didn't you take to the field?’’

This spot was distant, so heng Jinlong didn't know that his Cave Master had already taken the initiative and backed out; even being disgraced!

’’....’’ Miao Yi felt that this guy really couldn't read the mood, and said indifferently, ’’Do you not understand what knowing your own limit means?’’

’’Cave Master's cultivation.’’ Wang ifa secretly transmitted a message to heng Jinlong, and leveled a meaningful gaze at him.

heng Jinlong immediately understood that he had said the wrong thing, and hastily shut his mouth.

After such an exciting battle, the once clean patch of snow had already been trampled to the point no longer being recognisable.

After the victor had been decided in the first battle, the loser stepped down; the winner called another to step up once more, and the two continued to compete.

Some of the Mountain Chieftains present had a cheerful expression on their faces, whereas some had grim looks.

Yang Qing slowly nodded; he saw some men with decent skill, which could be used if the opportunity arises.

Miao Yi was enjoying the excitement, and naturally had no pressure as he watched on zealously.

The stomping of the dragon steeds boomed like thunder with the battle being extremely intense. In such a competition where they didn't need to worry about losing their lives, everyone knew whether they could stand out or not rested on this battle today.

After the third round, many Mountain Chieftains already had darkened expressions.

When the fifth round was over, many Mountain Chieftains' expressions had already turned stiff, because too many of their subordinates had been eliminated.

In contrast, Qin Weiwei had a smile on her face because among her subordinates, two actually managed to get into the top six.

But she knew deep down, these two subordinates were specifically arranged to support her, out of Yang Qing's concern for her, so their strength was naturally high among the respective Cave Masters.

After the sixth round, the only ones remaining were all experts from among the respective Cave Masters. Out of Qin Weiwei's two subordinates, one had lost and the other had entered the top three with the chance to fight for first place in the final round.

Among the other contestants entering the top three battle, one was a subordinate of Xiong Xiao, it was evident that the reason why Xiong Xiao could take over Mount Shaotai wasn't simply arbitrary; and the last was a disciple of the School of Blue Jade.

The three of them entered a chaotic battle, and it could be roughly seen that Xiong Xiao and Qin Weiwei's subordinates were teaming up on the School of Blue Jade disciple.

Yang Qing creased his brows, he didn't want to see something that was being done so obviously. He tilted his head slightly and glanced at the assisting elder of the School of Blue Jade that was stationed in South Edict Manor, only to find that the other party had no reaction at all, and was abnormally calm.

Yang Qing could faintly feel that something was wrong!

The situation now made it difficult for everyone to tear their eyes away, it was no longer a question of who would take first place now, but whether Yang Qing or the School of Blue Jade would emerge the winner.

Just when the School of Blue Jade disciple was almost on the verge of collapse under the combined assault, he suddenly gave an angry shout during the climax, ’’Dismount!’’

A green crystalline light instantly shone from the long halberd in his hand, splitting a large piece of the earth that had been gouged out and flung towards his head.

Boom!' Snow and dirt exploded, as man and dragon steed leapt towards the skies and broke past every obstacle, sweeping the halberd across the sky.

The other two joined forces and thrusted out their spears in a cross-block! They tried to catch the halberd that came chopping down from the other side, and almost immediately spat out a mouthful of blood as they were blown off their dragon steeds and were sent rolling to the ground!

That School of Blue Jade's disciple stood victorious on the battlefield, raising the long halberd in his hand, and announced himself as the ultimate winner. Then finally, he pointed to the two who were slowly clambering up, and shouted, ’’You let me win!’’

With ashen faces, the two clambering men were rendered speechless. There was no rule stating that you could not use a transcendent artifact, but based on the cultivation of the other party, it would have been quite difficult to obtain a transcendent artifact of this grade. Clearly the School of Blue Jade had come prepared, and made their move at the last moment.


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