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Soaring The Heavens - Chapter 96


Chapter 96: The Snowy South Edict (2)

Translator: Kelaude Editor: Milkbiscuit

Miao Yi then looked towards Yan Xiu, ’’Yan Xiu, lead the others and keep watch over the abode

of Immortals!’’

’’Yes!’’ Yan Xiu received his orders with cupped fists.

Miao Yi descended from his high seat, and walked out in great strides; Zheng Jinlong and the

rest of the five-man team quickly followed behind.

Upon hearing the summoning whistle, Charcoal also dashed forth from inside and was

prancing about, as it had been a long time since it had gone outside.

Miao Yi turned and ascended his mount, Charcoal carried him and dashed down the steps like a

ferocious tiger, galloping down the snowy path.

Zheng Jinlong and the group carried their weapons whilst riding their dragon steeds, quickly

following the cloak that was continuously shifting between black and white; the party rapidly


Yan Xiu casted a glance at Qian'Er and Xue'Er, who had been looking on from the entrance, then

he turned around and ordered the others to clean up the annual gifts at the square....

On the long journey under the heavy snow, the snow splashed about under the stomping of the

herd of a half-dozen dragon steeds, as they galloped their way forward.

Whenever they encountered a wide expanse of land, Zheng Jinlong's group would quickly

follow after Miao Yi's back.

If they encountered a forest on the way, the five of them would immediately spread out to the

surroundings vigilantly. The ones at the back would stand ready while the ones at the front

would scout ahead, going through the mountains as they made their way forward, all the while

protecting Miao Yi in the center.

Since it was such a long journey, everyone was afraid that an accident might occur on the way.

If it really did, then no one would even think about running, as not even the School of Blue Jade

could save them.

Coming back to this topic, unless there was someone brave enough or was tired of living, not

many people dared to do something like steal the yields of power of will. One must know that if

they did such a thing, it was equal to crossing the line with the Six Sages. Regardless of how

much they stole or how serious the matter was, this was something the Six Sages would not

tolerate, the end result could well be imagined.

If that happened, forget about the fact that each domain's Overlord would be sending their

subordinates to investigate, perhaps even those in the Realm Beyond Heaven would be sending

men over to handle it.

Nevertheless, it was always good to be careful, otherwise it would be too late for regrets if

something actually did happen.

Fortunately, the party didn't encounter any mishaps.

Mount Calming Sea Mountain Chief Qin Weiwei was afraid of an accident occurring, so she even

had scouts keeping guard on the various routes; once they discovered the delivery was overdue,

they would immediately report to her.

Miao Yi and his group met with one of the scouts keeping guard, and had the other party lead

the way, making haste for Mount Calming Sea together.

Once they reached the mountain gates of Mount Calming Sea, the person keeping guard this

time did not make things difficult for Miao Yi, and swiftly allowed him passage.

Once Miao Yi stepped off his dragon steed, someone immediately came over and led Miao Yi to

the Mount Calming Sea Grand Hall. Zheng Jinlong and the others did not have the

qualifications to enter, so they waited outside.

At the entrance of the back hall, the guide handed Miao Yi over to Lu Liu.

’’Little Auntie!’’ Miao Yi respectfully greeted Lu Liu as he cupped his fists, and conveniently

gifted her a 'red packet'.

Once she received her gift, Lu Liu looked a little strange as she observed Miao Yi .

Miao Yi was stared at, to the point of being uncomfortable, and was wondering if that vile

woman wasn't planning something evil again, was she?

He had already handed Charcoal over to Zheng Jinlong and the rest to keep watch, no one would

commit a murder in public, would they?

’’Little Auntie....,’’ said Miao Yi, furrowing his brows slightly.

Lu Liu immediately turned serious and extended her arms as she welcomed, ’’Cave Master Miao

must be tired from rushing all the way here, please come with me.’’

Miao Yi extended his arms and gave way first, following behind her as they came to a loft at the

backyard, then made their way up the high loft to see Qin Weiwei.

Qin Weiwei was wearing a dress white as snow, as always. Standing in front of the window with

her hands behind her back, she was looking at the swirling snow outside.

With her shapely, jade-like figure, the epitome of elegance, and her beautiful face gazing at the

snowscape outside, it was a truly mesmerising scene. Even Miao Yi couldn't help but feel a little


In appearance, she was quite pretty, but her twisted mind would make people feel disgusted!

Miao Yi slandered her in his heart, then took a few steps forward and cupped his fists, ’’Your

subordinate Miao Yi, pays his respects to the Mountain Chieftain!’’

Qin Weiwei turned around and looked at him, even though Miao Yi looked respectfully on the

front, but she could see that Miao Yi's eyes did not fall in line with his own words and actions.

It just so happened that all this while, the other Cave Masters were still complaining; the few

reports she had seen were repeating the same old matters, they were hoping for the Mountain

Chieftain to transfer away the disciples of the School of Blue Jade under them, and replace them

with men originally belonging to Mount Shaotai.

But the truth was that there was a lack of manpower, if all the capable people were sent to one

place, then what would happen to the other areas?

Then there was only this guy, only this bastard's subordinates were completely docile, so no

one could dig out any faults.

Which was why, when she saw how devious Miao Yi was, she felt as though he were mocking

her. Qin Weiwei wanted to gnash her teeth a little, as he was truly abominable!

Qin Weiwei replied with a 'yes', raised her hand as she said, ’’Hand it over then!’’

Miao Yi immediately took out the documents, the Orbs of Will, and the coin chest out of his

storage ring, then passed it over to Hong Mian and Lu Liu for examination.

Not a single thing was missing, East Arrival Cave could be said to have successfully finished this

year's mission.

Qin Weiwei had taken over the document and was currently examining it, she couldn't be

bothered to speak to him, so she turned her back to him and said, ’’Stand down for now!’’

’’Your subordinate excuses himself!’’ Miao Yi cupped his fists, and when he was about to reach

the end, he took out another 'red packet' and presented it to Hong Mian, ’’Elder Auntie, here is a

little token of my appreciation, it is nothing much, but I hope you will accept it!’’

Hong Miao looked curiously as she took the item. She was about to open it up and look inside,

but was stupefied when she heard those words; he was actually trying to bribe her in front of

the Mountain Chieftain's face....

Both Lu Liu and her were looking wide-eyed at him.

As the Mountain Chieftain's handmaidens, getting gifts from the subordinate Cave Masters

when they visited was a very normal occurrence, but wasn't it a little overboard to be bribing

them right in front of the Mountain Chieftain's face?

Now Hong Mian found it difficult to accept, but she couldn't reject it either.

Previously, Miao Yi had also felt that this was unconventional, but after experiencing that giftgiving

incident at South Edict Manor, he realised that Qing Ju could accept bribes right in front

of Yang Qing's face, and Yang Qing also hadn't found anything wrong with it, so he believed

that this didn't seem like a big deal in the cultivation realm.

Miao Yi wouldn't know when he would get the chance to meet Hong Mian again later; his

thinking was that she would usually be by the Mountain Chieftain's side, so he might as well

gift it to her now.

From Hong Mian and Lu Liu's expressions, Miao Yi suddenly felt that things were amiss, and he

could also feel that Qin Weiwei's murderous glare was already upon him. He suddenly began

sweating profusely, and didn't dare meet her gaze.

But he had already given it, so it wouldn't be polite to take it back. In the end, he could only cup

his fists and rush down the loft, running away at a splitting pace, cursing Yang Qing in his heart

for setting him up!

With a cold expression on her face, when Qin Weiwei turned around and saw that Miao Yi had

gone, she squeezed her fists angrily.

It was not a big deal to present gifts to her own handmaidens, she wouldn't look into that too

deeply, it wasn't a trade of benefits of any sort after all, but to have the audacity to bribe right in

front of her face; did he not hold this Mountain Chieftain in any regard?

’’Arrogant.....’’ Qin Weiwei gnashed her teeth as the words came out of her mouth.

She couldn't use this against Miao Yi, even if she did, the other party could just say that he was

giving away a small gift and nothing more than that, just a small gift.

Hong Mian and Lu Liu both didn't know whether to laugh or to cry. Wasn't Cave Master Miao

trying to dig all their graves by doing this? The two could only take out their 'red packets' and

weakly hand it over to Qin Weiwei....

Miao Yi and his crew resided in one of the manors in Mount Calming Sea for that night, and

were put in charge of keeping watch over the area.

The next afternoon, all the respective Cave Masters under Mount Calming Sea had arrived, and

Miao Yi was once again summoned, so he proceeded to the Grand Assembly Hall of Mount

Calming Sea.

Inside the Grand Hall, other than the respective Cave Masters of each domain, Mount Calming

Sea's own division of forces were there as well; everyone stood in two rows, making for over

twenty people.

No one would regard him with any importance with his White Lotus First Grade Cave Master

status. Even though they didn't show it, but considering the position he was given furthest to

the back, it was easy to figure out.

However, since he was wearing such a fashionable cloak, he was the most eye-catching, and

Qin Weiwei found it difficult to ignore him even if she wanted to.

Truthfully, because of the incident yesterday, Miao Yi also didn't want to stand in front, and

couldn't wish for more than to be able to stand at the back and avoid the awkwardness, but he

could still see Hong Mian's and Lu Liu's resentful gazes coming his way from time to time....

Qin Weiwei couldn't find any excuse to vent her anger out on Miao Yi yesterday, so she had

taken it out on them instead.


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