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Soaring The Heavens - Chapter 93


Chapter 93: The Little Ones are Born (2)

Translator: Kelaude Editor: Milkbiscuit

Qian'Er and Xue'Er looked at the splashes of blood on the floor and again looked at the scene

where the things were crawling around inside Miao Yi's clothes. A wave of disgust hit them;

such disgusting things were actually hiding inside Cave Master's clothes.

Miao Yi was also derailed by the things that had dived into his clothes making him feel

uncomfortable all over. Seeing that the two girls were watching him with strange expressions,

he laughed dryly, ’’So you have seen, I said that these were mantids raised by Immortals, they're

not ordinary mantids.’’

Qian'Er and Xue'Er repeatedly nodded their heads again and again, as though saying they

believed it, and that there wasn't any need for him to prove it.

After all, both of them had the temperament of normal girls, so they were still frightened when

faced with these kind of deadly and disgusting things. They had also never seen such horrifying

mantids before!

’’Cave Master, there's still one more! Quickly put it away!’’ Suddenly taking a step back, Xue'Er

pointed at a mantis climbing the banister. It was green in color.

’’Do you think I keep every mantis? This isn't a mantis that I have raised.’’

Miao Yi rolled his eyes in disdain. He bent his finger, flicking casually and a gale hit the mantis

until it exploded into scraps. He then nimbly descended the astronomical platform.

Upon returning to his silent quarters, Miao Yi did not have the mood to cultivate at least for

now. Who would have expected there to suddenly be so many little ones entering his clothes? So

he naturally needed to properly figure out what was going on.

He once again tried to use his mind to communicate with the little ones. Lao Bai had not

deceived him; after expending so much efforts and losing so much blood, the hatched little ones

did not disappoint him and they were indeed able to commune with each other.

Under his summons, the little ones climbed out from his clothes again, following his orders to

flap their wings and float in the air.

Miao Yi continuously tried out different ways of handling them. In the wake of his thoughts,

the group of little ones kept circling around, fluttering about in the stone room. Their speed

was sometimes fast, and sometimes slow, and constantly changing formations, making Miao Yi

so overjoyed that he opened his mouth wide to laugh foolishly.

One would naturally be bored with using the same methods to play around; Miao Yi's gaze fell

onto the water, rubbing his chin as he pondered.

Under the order of his thoughts, the little ones were like moths to a flame. They plunged

dauntlessly in, wave upon wave into the depths of the water, splashing the water all around.

Miao Yi immediately walked over to the shore with a curious look, and watched the little ones

swiftly paddling with their wings as they swam about in the water. Not only that, the speed at

which they were swimming at was unnatural.

’’Tsk! Surprisingly, they are not afraid of water!’’

Miao Yi cherished them very much, as though he had found a very good toy. Of course, he

wanted to play with them longer, so he used his thoughts to order the little ones to dive around

in the water, scattering in all directions or even holding formations.

After he was tired of that, he again summoned the little ones out from the waters with a splash.

The little ones, upon soaring into the air from the water below, rapidly shook their bodies dry to

get rid of the water droplets.

Looking at the group of the little ones, Miao Yi rubbed his chin, furrowing his brows as he

muttered, ’’They don't have any use for now. Could it be that I can only treat them as toys before

they mature?’’

He reached out his hand, summoning one of the little ones to descend onto his palm. After

hesitating for a while, he finally decided to try out the level of endurance of the little guy.

He pinched it again and again with two digits. 'Yeah!' It could still take it. It seemed as though

using ordinary strength wasn't enough to kill it. It was just that the body was slightly soft.

Miao Yi then exerted some transcendence energy and suddenly pinched the little fella till it

struggled with all its might, looking as though it was going to breathe its last.

’’That's all you've got? You can't even be compared to your parents! I couldn't even hack

through your parents using a blade, um...’’

All of a sudden, Miao Yi widened his eyes, unable to mutter out the words stuck in his throat

anymore. He loosened his grip on the little guy that was being tortured.

The sight of a drop of blood that had already flowed out of his finger greeted him. In a flash, it

froze into ice, and a layer of frost swiftly emerged to surround his entire body before his eyes.

The newborn little one was too delicate and had been unable to withstand his abuse, under the

circumstances, it naturally brandished its tiny sickles and stabbed him.

However, it wouldn't do to underestimate its delicate form as the small sickles were extremely

sharp. To Miao Yi's surprise, it was able to cut through the transcendence energy on his fingers.

After forcing open the digits that had almost killed it, the little fella quickly shook its head and

wagged its abdomen, before flapping its wings and flying away in a hurry.

Meanwhile, Miao Yi was like a rigid block of wood, standing there unmoving.

The moment the tiny sickles had pierced through his fingers, an extremely cold aura of the

netherworld rapidly entered his body through the small sickles.

For a while, Miao Yi was trapped in a trance and once again found himself with the same

sensation as before, that his spirit had left his body, as though it was drifting about in the cold

realm of the netherworld on its own and had nowhere to go.

At this crucial moment, the source of transcendence energy from within his body rebounded

voluntarily, spinning rapidly on itself. It quickly dispersed the extreme coldness from his body

in an exceedingly aggressive manner.

’’Hnngh...’’ Miao Yi gave an uncontrollable shiver before quickly sobering up.

He slowly turned around, his gaze gradually dropping onto the swarm of little ones which were

flapping their wings, suspended in the air. There was no trace of anger on his face, instead he

revealed a look of overwhelming joy.

Instantly, he thought of the scene where the swarm of little ones had preyed on the birds

earlier. Hadn't they also just casually stabbed the birds, causing the birds to be paralyzed?

’’Awesome! Unexpectedly, you can pierce through my transcendence energy without any effort.

I have really underestimated you all. Turns out you have this ability.’’

Miao Yi laughed heartily. He had thought the ability to instantly make the spirit leave the body

when they were still dark embryos was gone after they hatched. He did not expect that the

ability was not lost but was instead, bound inside their bodies.

’’Worthy to be the offsprings of the deadly Hell Mantises from the Boundless Secular World!

Interesting, very interesting! ’’

Overjoyed, Miao Yi laughed as he rubbed his chin to ponder for a brief moment. He wanted to

try again. If it was seriously well-tested, then they might really be of great use.

But the feeling of being instantly frozen was hard to take, so experimenting on his body was a

rather stupid move.

He extended his arm, and over a hundred little ones immediately flew over to climb under his


Without saying another word, he left the silent quarters while carrying the group of little ones

with him, intending to find someone to try them on.

The moment he went outside, he caught sight of Qian'Er and Xue'Er.

Immediately, the two girls who were sitting in the pavilion probing their cultivation stood up, a

little bit curious as to why the Cave Master was not cultivating. They bowed in greeting and

said, ’’Cave Master!’’

’’Yes!’’ After entering the pavilion, Miao Yi nodded his head. He circled the two of them with a

bit of malicious intent on his mind.

His expression caused the two girls' hearts to palpitate madly. They shyly lowered their heads,

'Was the Cave Master going to take us as his concubines?'

Both of them knew that after they were sent here, they already belonged to the Cave Master.

One day when the Cave Master expressed his interest, he would most likely take them in as

concubines. Hence, even though they were prepared earlier on, they were still nervous and


Instead, Miao Yi shook his head. He felt that experimenting on the two girls was rather cruel as

currently, they were still unable to take it.

Then who to try it on? As Miao Yi peered about his surroundings, his ears gave a sudden twitch.

Turning around, his gaze trailed after the 'pa pa' sound which could sometimes be heard,

eventually landing on the sleeping Charcoal who was lying at the entrance of the main hall.

Eyes gleaming, Miao Yi quickly moved to Charcoal's side under the shocked gaze of the two


Charcoal was completely unaware of the incoming danger. He only opened his eyes to shoot a

glance at Miao Yi disapprovingly before continuing to shut his eyes and sleep, swishing his

snake-like tail around.

Miao Yi stared at Charcoal as he paced about to think it through. Even though dragon steeds

were known as spiritual beasts by cultivators, they were still a type of Yao and were the

specialty within the realm of the Yao Nation.

He did not know whether this would have any effects on Yao... Miao Yi rubbed his chin.

Abruptly, he kicked Charcoal's stomach a few times. ’’Damn fatty, stop sleeping! Wake up!’’


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