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Soaring The Heavens - Chapter 90


Chapter 90: Hatching Dark Eggs (3)

Translator: Kelaude Editor: Milkbiscuit

But he did not know that Miao Yi's cultivation method couldn't be revealed to others as this was promised to Lao Bai before.

Miao Yi lightly shook his head and said, ’’My cultivation method is not suitable for women to cultivate.’’

This was not a lie. His art were with the properties of supreme Yang. Thus, it was not suitable to be cultivated by women.

’’I see.’’ Yan Xiu gently nodded his head. He could understand since there were some unique cultivation methods that could not be dual cultivated by both Yin and Yang.

He did not even think that Miao Yi attached value to it because it was his own cultivation method. Because similar to other sects, partitioning the teachings into stages could only be advantageous to Miao Yi. There would be no disadvantages at all. He still held onto the same reasoning that Miao Yi could be at ease in exercising control over the two handmaidens.

After hesitating for a while, he began to test the waters, ’’If Cave Master doesn't mind, Yan Xiu can instead impart my own cultivation method to them both. But due to the fact that my sect had offended the regulations of the Six Sages in the early years, they were eliminated by two respective armed troops in one night. Hence, the cultivation method I have obtained is incomplete. If Cave Master think this is okay, then we can let them cultivate first. It's not too late to change into a another cultivation method once we have found a better one!’’

Miao Yi did not have anything to disapprove of from Yan Xiu's statement. Thus, he immediately nodded his head and said, ’’Of course I don't have any objections, except that this is your sect's cultivation method, will you be in trouble for divulging it?’’

Yan Xiu mocked himself, ’’My sect has been destroyed for almost two hundred years. Who else is there to hold me accountable? In fact, I hope that there are still survivors in my sect, so at least I will have a backing!’’

Although he said this, Miao Yi was also no longer the same rookie as before. He knew Yan Xiu would never have divulged his cultivation method to him if he did not trust him. This was a taboo among the cultivators. It wouldn't bring about good things should outsiders know about your own cultivation method.

This friendship, Miao Yi will remember it. He turned to face Qian'Er and Xue'Er, saying, ’’From today onwards, Yan Xiu is half of a master to both of you. Hurry and kneel down to pay your respects!’’

The two young girls' little hearts palpitate anxiously, 'Are we going to cultivate too?'

Both of them were still in a slight state of disbelief. They hurried alongside each other, knelt down and kowtowed, calling out 'Master'.

Yan Xiu did not step back;this was what he should contend with. Otherwise, it would not be worthwhile to divulge his cultivation method.

After waiting for the two young girls to finish kowtowing, Yan Xiu then held out his hand to support them humbly and said, ’’Both Aunties, forego the formalities!’’

Miao Yi voiced out, ’’From today onwards, you are half of their master so there is no need to call them Aunties anymore. From now on, call them by their names. Qian'Er, Xue'Er, you will need to call Senior Yan Xiu 'Master' in the future.’’

’’Yes!’’ The two young girls were unable to contain their overwhelming emotions. They nodded their heads forcibly before slipping a glance at Miao Yi, their eyes filled with gratitude.

Both of them were indeed mortals but they weren't idiots. They understood well the conversation that Miao Yi had with Yan Xiu in front of them. With cultivation methods being so difficult to obtain, if Miao Yi had not spoken out on their behalf, Yan Xiu would definitely never have imparted his cultivation method to them. The reasoning was simple;just what right did they have?

Before Yan Xiu left, he made an arrangement with the two girls. In future, as long as he was at East Arrival Cave, he would come over and pass on the arts to them at a fixed time.

After that, the two girls hurriedly helped rush the work on the close-fitting vest for Miao Yi, because Miao Yi had said that he wanted it today.

Miao Yi then went back into his silent quarters alone and sat down in a lotus position on the stone chair. He calmed his emotions and threw half of a granule-sized orb into his mouth, exercising his art to refine it in silence.

All of a sudden, the Orb of Will which was slowly being refined discharged a tremendous amount of the Seven Emotions and Six Desires, shocking his state of mind. Immediately, the true fire of the source of transcendence energy in his body burned it away.

It was very likely the cultivators in the realm would never believe it, as how could the void Seven Emotions and Six Desires be burnt away?

But Miao Yi's Fiery Star Technique could do it. Thus, as long as he had enough Orbs of Will, his cultivation speed would forever be faster than normal people.

To Miao Yi, although he could understand the Fiery Star Technique was out of the ordinary, he did not know that to other cultivators, this Fiery Star Technique was a heavenly defying existence! He was cultivating against the heavens!

The tumultuous Seven Emotions and Six Desires kept being emitted from the refined Orb of Will, as though it was boundless. The starry flame of Miao Yi's source of transcendent energy revolved around like a cyclone, burning through them at great speed in order to extract the pure power of will of all living things, and summoning the Spiritual Qi of Heaven and Earth to absorb into his own body at a trickle.

The Spiritual Qi assimilated into his source of transcendence energy. Slowly, bit by bit, his art source strengthened. Only when his art source gained even greater strength, would the transcendence energy he exhibited become even more formidable.

For the sake of this Cave Master of East Arrival Cave's seat, it had been a long time since he had calmed his mind to cultivate. To cultivators, raising their cultivation base was the fundamental. The reason as to why he had fought for this Cave Master seat, was precisely to have a better condition to raise his own cultivation.

To him who was in the midst of cultivating, he was oblivious to the change of time outside. He could only hear the sudden sound of footsteps travelling in from outside;swiftly stopping the refinement of the Orb of Will, he proceeded to absorb the last of the summoned Spiritual Qi into his body before gradually retracting his arts. Abruptly, he opened his eyes to look.

Qian'Er was standing at the doorway of the stone room. She knew that when the Cave Master was cultivating, it was inappropriate for her to approach and disturbed him, so she stood at a far distance and said, ’’Cave Master, the sun is setting soon!’’

Miao Yi spat out the Orb of Will and put it away. In a flash, he rushed to the doorway and the two of them left together.

On the astronomical platform, no improvement in the temperature of the dark eggs which had been basking in the sun could be seen. When nearing it, they could still feel the chill.

Miao Yi carried the jade plate into the hall and took the close-fitting vest that Xue'Er had passed to him. He placed each of the dark eggs with hair from the jade plate separately into each of the small pockets on the vest. Then, he proceeded to remove his own coat and wore the vest on his body.

Qian'Er and Xue'Er did not understand what he was doing. Yet, Miao Yi put on his coat once again, saying he would go to continue cultivating in his silent quarters. ’’Inform me again before the sun is about to rise tomorrow!’’

’’Yes!’’ The gazes of the two girls trailed after their dear Cave Master as he disappeared into the hall.

Sitting back onto the stone chair in the silent quarters, Miao Yi realized that wearing a vest that was exuding the aura of Yin energy was really uncomfortable, as his entire body felt like he was in a cave of ice.

But Lao Bai had told him to do as such. In the times when there was no sunlight, he had to let the dark eggs continue to absorb the Yang energy from his body. Simultaneously, this was also a process to let the dark embryo become more familiar with him.

Once again, he threw the Orb of Will into his mouth. The moment he began to circulate his Qi to cultivate, instantly, he no longer felt the Yin energy which made him uncomfortable.

A night soon passed and Miao Yi sat in meditation on the stone chair, void of feelings and immersing himself in cultivation.

Until the sound of footsteps once again resounded from outside, Miao Yi then gradually opened his eyes.

’’Cave Master, the sun is about to rise!’’ Qian'Er informed him again.

Miao Yi nodded his head to imply that he knew, but the moment he retracted his cultivation, he immediately felt the pressing Yin energy from within his vest once again attacking him.

Once again removing his coat and vest, he carefully removed and placed back each and every single one of the dark eggs into the jade plate.

’’Huh! It really is as Lao Bai mentioned! Tsk...’’

Removing the dark eggs, Miao Yi discovered a strange phenomenon. The blood he had applied on the dark eggs yesterday was entirely gone, turning the eggs back into a dark color. It had really been absorbed by them. Immediately, he clicked his tongue incessantly.

Because Lao Bai had said that if this reaction occurred, then that meant the method was effective. Thus, there was an extremely high possibility to hatch the Hell Mantises.


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