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Soaring The Heavens - Chapter 86


Chapter 86: Bottomless Pit (4)

Translator: Kelaude Editor: Milkbiscuit

Wang Zifa knew he was being moved and secretly rejoiced. However on the surface, he acted astonished instead, ’’Could it be that Senior Brother did not understand what I meant just now?’’

Surprised, Zheng Jinlong pondered for a while and yet, he still did not understand. So he asked, ’’Junior Brother, please explain in detail.’’

Wang Zifa lowered his voice and said, ’’It is as Senior Brother said, Miao Yi is a trusted confidant of Yang Qing but in fact, you should be able to tell that is far from the truth from how Miao Yi had slandered Qin Weiwei as a vile woman. As a prisoner, Miao Yi was obviously rather resentful towards Yang Qing. It must be borne in mind that back then, he would rather have died than surrender. He was forced into a situation where he had no other choice but to surrender to Yang Qing. Being in the middle, the School of Blue Jade has great prospects for the future. If we can turn Yang Qing's trusted confidant and plant him by Yang Qing's side... Senior Brother could explain in this manner to the upper echelons to contain their doubts.’’


Zheng Jinlong went silent. If he seriously did this, then he would be in the same boat with the others. The moment trouble struck, they would be on their last legs and he wouldn't be able to run.

After he returned to the cultivation residence set for him, Zheng Jinlong felt very doubtful and conflicted. On one hand, it was the horrible consequences that awaited him should the sect become enraged. While on the other hand, there was tremendous temptation in the benefits involved.

However in the end, he couldn't surrender the potential benefits that he could reap. After a few days of observation and consideration, in addition to the unceasing enticement of the benefits by Wang Zifa and the others, Zheng Jinlong braced himself to write a confidential report.

The report also listed and fabricated a pile of Song Fu's arrogant and despotic deeds, saying that Song Fu had not cared about the present conditions in the slightest and deserved his death. After Miao Yi had killed Song Fu, Wang Zifa and the rest were extremely furious, and they almost couldn't control themselves from engaging in a battle with Miao Yi. Fortunately at that moment, Wang Zifa and the others had unexpectedly discovered that Miao Yi was only deferential towards Yang Qing on the surface. In reality, he was extremely resentful towards Yang Qing, so much that he secretly slandered Yang Qing's adopted daughter as a bitch.

Also, Wang Zifa and his group had also taken into consideration the overall situation. They felt that this was still not the time for the School of Blue Jade to have a falling out with Yang Qing over just a mere Song Fu. Since Song Fu was already dead and could not be revived, it was better to seize the opportunity to act. Thus, Wang Zifa and the group had decided to control the situation and protect Miao Yi first, earning his gratitude and striving to plant Miao Yi as a trusted aide by Yang Qing's side until the time came that the School of Blue Jade deemed him of use.

Besides, Miao Yi's cultivation base was low, which made him easily controlled. Controlling Miao Yi meant taking control of East Arrival Cave. If this incident caused Miao Yi to be withdrawn from East Arrival Cave, once Yang Qing dispatched a person with a much higher cultivation base to take command, the School of Blue Jade would find it difficult to exercise control over East Arrival Cave.

Zheng Jinlong then finally said that he felt Wang Zifa and the others were really well-intentioned, and so he requested the sect to consider accordingly!

In the courtyard, Zheng Jinlong still felt some hesitation as he stuffed the confidential report into the cylinder of the goshawk, unable to come to a decision. Ultimately, he still gritted his teeth and flung the goshawk in his hand into the air.

The goshawk messenger speedily flapped its wings and flew into the far off distance...

As the saying went, even heroes have a weakness for the charms of a beautiful woman. Perhaps this saying was going a bit overboard, but after taking a bath with his two handmaidens, Miao Yi at the very least, no longer appeared cold and indifferent to the two, and neither did he purely treated them as workers for menial tasks.

Although Miao Yi had refrained himself from crossing the line, both parties had after all, engaged in skin-to-skin contact under very intimate circumstances. It was his first time becoming this intimate with women, so he experienced a different kind of feeling whenever he looked the both of them again. In his mind, he had begun to subconsciously treat the two as his own, and was more casual in ordering them around.

Qian'Er and Xue'Er also no longer appeared to look apprehensive when facing their dear Cave Master. They even felt it was hilarious, when they thought of the first time they had helped the Cave master with his bath. To their surprise, the grand Cave Master was unexpectedly more embarrassed and nervous than them. Who would have thought that Immortals could be shy!

Entering the East Arrival Grand Hall's rear court, Yan Xiu smiled gently at the sight of Xue'Er strumming the qin with her fingers inside the pavilion. Amidst the beautiful melody of the qin, Qian'Er was dancing lightly and gracefully;her dance postures and movement were elegant, akin to a celestial. Meanwhile, Miao Yi was simply admiring them with a teacup clutched in his hand;living such a life of simple pleasures, it wasn't bad at all.

Seeing that Yan Xiu had entered, Miao Yi gave a wave of his hand and both Qian'Er and Xue'Er stopped immediately.

Entering the pavilion, Yan Xiu shot a glance at the two and asked with a smile, ’’Cave Master, are you satisfied with these two? If you are not satisfied, I can ask the City Lord of East Arrival City to replace them with another two.’’

Still, due to the followers, no one else could have this kind of special treatment. The moment the Immortals have chosen their handmaidens, they would not normally be allowed to switch them around as they pleased. None of the cultivators could treat every women in the world as their own to use at their leisure. If that had seriously happened, then the whole world would have been in utter chaos;but the Cave Master could still have a bit of special treatment.

This treatment of assigning handmaidens could only be enjoyed by those under the administration of the Six Sages. The cultivators outside of this system would not have this kind of treatment. There would be no issues should the other cultivators visit the brothels, but if they acted indiscriminately towards the followers and destroyed the balance in the number of followers of the realm, the cultivators within the system would immediately set forth their troops to entrap and annihilate them, giving chase to kill. They had to protect their own privileges!

This was also one of the reasons why everyone wanted to enter the system, as all kinds of privileges to indulge themselves in couldn't even be compared to those of the Loose Cultivators.

The moment Yan Xiu finished, Qian'Er and Xue'Er instantly looked at Miao Yi nervously.

Before they were on the verge of becoming the handmaidens of Immortals, it could be said that East Arrival City had spent a large amount of effort to train them, providing them with good food and drinks. Also, no one would dare offend them because they were about to become the handmaidens of Immortals;offending them would mean they could very well retaliate in the future.

But in the event that they were driven out, then it would be like falling from the heavens above onto the ground. Without Immortals backing them, nobody would take them seriously in the future. Not only that, one could well imagine the consequences of being sent back. It would meant they definitely had not served the Immortals well, so naturally those who had expended all their efforts for them would become angry.

Miao Yi could not stand the expressions the two young girls were faintly throwing him. Recollecting the moment when they had skin to skin contact in the water, he coughed dryly and said, ’’They're still alright. They are quite handy so there's no need to replace them.’’

He also did not want people to spread the news of him being embarrassed when taking a bath.

His words implied that the two young girls had already passed the trial period, and had received an official mark of approval. Thus instantly, their status became completely different, officially becoming the Cave Master's intimate partners. There would be few who would dare to offend them. Immediately, even Yan Xiu cupped his hands at the both of them as he addressed, ’’Elder Auntie! Little Auntie!’’

With even an Immortal addressing them deferentially, the two girls suddenly put on a cheerful front. They understood that the Cave Master had officially acknowledged the both of them. Hence, their statuses would be much higher than a number of people from now on. At least the other handmaidens who were chosen with them to serve the Immortals were inferior to them, because both of them were the Cave Master's handmaidens.

Before the two came, they also had not known the person they were going to serve was actually a Cave Master. This form of luck could not be had by just anyone, as only two would be chosen from at least a hundred thousand people.

In their excitement, the young handmaidens let slip endearing traits;the expression they cast at Miao Yi was also different. The two of them moved gently to stand behind Miao Yi on either side.

Miao Yi did not shun them both again. He knew that once he had settled on these two, he had to start letting them both come into contact with certain states of affairs, as in the future, they would handle affairs for him just like how Qing Mei and Qing Ju handled them for Yang Qing. Otherwise if they knew nothing, what kind of affairs could they handle?

’’Has Zheng Jinlong given any kind of response?’’ Miao Yi asked.

Yan Xiu replied, ’’There has been no response for now. Zheng Jinlong simply remained in his cultivation residence and wouldn't come out. Wang Zifa and the others were extremely anxious, and kept urging unceasingly.’’


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