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Soaring The Heavens - Chapter 85


Chapter 85: Bottomless Pit (3)

Translator: Kelaude Editor: Milkbiscuit

Inside the silent quarters, Miao Yi had taken off his clothes and was bathing in a comfortably

warm pool. He closed his eyes, enjoying his bath for a while, but opened them again when he

heard the sounds of footsteps; he looked towards the door of the stone room - 'Who would

intrude upon this place?'

The answer revealed itself - a fidgety Qian'Er and Xue'Er came inside. The both of them had

already taken off their robes. Each of their upper body sported a tube top, while their lower

body had a pair of short wrap pants.

All were exposed into thin air - they had fair, jade-like shoulders; delicate white collarbones;

limbs like lotus roots; and curvaceous waists.

The two young ladies were akin to shy budding flowers. They had very little clothing on, and

came over holding toiletries with reddened faces.

Miao Yi's mouth was agape. After being speechless for a moment, he suddenly thought of

something. His face was flushed red, as he quickly extended his arms and grabbed a piece of

clothing from the shore, then immediately pulled it under the water to cover his crotch. He

anxiously asked, ’’What are the both of you doing in here?!’’

’’To attend to the Cave Master's bath!’’ the both of them said with reddened faces.

Miao Yi covered his lower half and shook his head nervously, ’’No need, no need, I'll do it


’’This is what we handmaidens should be doing.’’

The two handmaidens clearly remembered what Yan Xiu had said previously. They hardened

their resolves and put the toiletries down, as they extended their fair, delicate legs into the pool.

The two of them didn't care whether Miao Yi had agreed to it or not. One reached out her arms

and helped spread Miao Yi's hair out; the other held a ladle in her hands as she moistened Miao

Yi's shoulders.

Miao Yi felt unbearably anxious, a little furious from the embarrassment even, but some things

are in a man's true nature.

How could their thin, translucent short wrap pants withstand the breeze from the spring water?

As the two young ladies slipped into the water, their figures could be barely made out from their

soaked clothing. Furthermore, under the fragrance of the virgins, Miao Yi could feel his heart

instantly beat faster. He did not dare continue looking. He was just about to speak of shooing

them away, but he managed to swallow those words back down.

Even so, he didn't dare continue staring at the two girls as they shyly covered their halfexposed

figures. He could only close his eyes shut as his two hands tightly covered his crotch,

and let their soft fingers touch his body. He felt their fingertips graze his skin, and he couldn't

help but quiver.

Eventually he became used to it, and after he did, he began to feel an indescribable pleasure,

only his two hands still wouldn't let go of his crotch.

It should be borne in mind that before East Arrival City had chosen these young ladies to

dedicate to the Immortals, they had hired tutors specifically to teach them. Clearly, they had to

grab the Immortals' fancy, so the young ladies were taught all kinds of techniques to serve,

otherwise East Arrival City would not dare send them.....

The abode used by Immortals for cultivation, and for overseeing an area would not have a bad


Lush, dream-like mountains, and in between the mountains and the stone paths, were all

manner of beasts both on the ground and in the air. A group of people turned to look at the

strange mountain peaks, gazing at the forests, and listening to the dripping of spring water.

Wang Zifa and his Junior Brothers and Sisters were bringing Senior Brother Zheng around to

admire East Arrival Cave's sceneries. They had all treated their Senior Brother respectfully,

wanting him to be familiar with East Arrival Cave's surroundings.

’’The Six Sages had divided the lands, and within each respective territory of each domain, the

abode of Immortals have all taken up places that are abundant with nature's energy. What a

fine place indeed!’’

They all walked into the mountain pavilion, and as Zheng Jinlong listened to his Junior Brothers

and Sisters' introductions, he gazed at the scenic landscape around and lamented that a mere

East Arrival Cave's mountain views were comparable to those of the esteemed School of Blue


His face still maintained a demeanor of warmth and laughter, and the rest of them could not

see anything amiss from their Senior Brother's expression.

To his side, Wang Zifa joked, ’’Now that our School of Blue Jade has joined their ranks, the future

is promising!’’

Zheng Jinlong simply said 'Oh', then asked, ’’Does the school still exist in your eyes?’’

As he said this, the smiles on everybody's faces froze and the atmosphere instantly turned

awkward. They thought to themselves - 'What must come will eventually come'. ’’Senior

Brother's words scare me....’’

Wang Zifa had not even finished his sentence, when Zheng Jinlong suddenly turned and

interrupted him. He still carried a smile on his face, but his tone was completely chilling, ’’Scare

you? Do all of you still think that your courage is not great enough?’’

The rest of them all cast a glance at Wang Zifa's expression, because he had said he would

handle it.

Wang Zifa had a face full of shock, ’’What does Senior Brother mean?’’

Zheng Jinlong smiled, ’’Junior Brother, are you playing dumb with me? Are all of you not

planning on giving the school an explanation on the death of Junior Brother Song?’’

Wang Zifa's face turned solemn as he said in a deep tone, ’’Senior Brother Song nearly destroyed

our School of Blue Jade's plans, he deserved to die! If we were given another chance, we would

still do the same!’’

Zheng Jinlong was surprised. A glint flashed in his eyes, and he carefully asked, ’’Could there be

some hidden agenda within this matter? Would you care to tell me the details?’’

Wang Zifa said in a hushed tone, ’’Senior Brother, some things, even if the school does not

mention, everyone already knows within their hearts. How could our School of Blue Jade remain

beneath another person? There is bound to be a day when Yang Qing will be replaced, don't you

think so, Senior Brother?’’

Zheng Jinlong refrained from commenting; he did not agree, but he also didn't deny it. He

asked, ’’Does this have something to do with Junior Brother Song's death?’’

’’Of course it does.’’ Wang Zifa asked, ’’What does Senior Brother think of Miao Yi?’’

Zheng Jinlong could not make out what he was trying to imply. He pondered for a moment, and

then replied, ’’I'm not sure about the other details, I just know that with his weak cultivation, it

should not have been possible to rise to this position. Without Yang Qing's support, he would

not have been as accomplished as he is right now. It would not be wrong to say that he is Yang

Qing's trusted aide. Is Junior Brother satisfied with my answer?’’

’’Senior Brother is truly perceptive!’’ Wang Zifa cupped his fists, ’’It is as Senior Brother has said!

However, Senior Brother only knows one side of the story and not the other. That Miao Yi does

not have as close of a relationship with Yang Qing as outsiders perceive. I have once heard him

misspeak, insulting Qin Weiwei and calling her a bitch!’’

Zheng Jinlong obviously knew that Qin Weiwei was Yang Qing's adopted daughter, but Miao Yi

had dared to slander and call the Manor Head's daughter a bitch? He felt the matter was a little

strange and asked, ’’There was such an occurrence? But what does this have to do with Junior

Brother Song's death?’’

Wang Zifa immediately brought his lips to the side of Zheng Jinlong's ear and, after making a

few revisions to the truth, whispered it to him.

Zheng Jinlong was shocked, ’’Three orbs? Where would he be able to find so many Orbs of Will

to give to us?’’

’’We have personally seen him hold an Orb of Will that was coalesced from the willpower of ten

thousand people in a single year.....’’ Wang Zifa whispered a few words again.

’’He has other sources for the Orbs of Will?’’ Zheng Jinlong's eyes brightened.

Wang Zifa sighed, ’’Now Senior Brother knows of our predicament. Forgive me for being blunt,

but even though Senior Brother holds a higher prestige within the school than we do, once the

school has caught wind of this matter, this small East Arrival Cave will surely fall into a heated

conflict. When that happens, the Senior Masters are sure to send their relatives and trusted

aides in to replace us. Losing the benefits would be a trivial matter to us, but once news of this

is revealed and Miao Yi were to be summoned back by Yang Qing, then wouldn't our hard work

of obtaining a source of Orbs of Will for the school be wasted? This would be the loss of the

school, which is why Song Fu had to die!’’

Zheng Jinlong could not believe that these fellows would actually help the school obtain a

source for the Orbs of Will, it was more likely that they were seeking to obtain it for themselves.

But the truth was if they removed Miao Yi from East Arrival Cave, then his promise of three orbs

a year would definitely go up in smoke. If someone else was the Cave Master, they surely would

not be this generous.

With that being said, with so many benefits, even he himself felt tempted by it. The reason his

Junior Brothers told him this news was not only to let him receive a share of the benefits, but

also to get him in the same boat as them!

Yet this incident had already aroused the school's suspicions, otherwise they would not have

sent him here. Zheng Jinlong furrowed his brows, ’’Junior Brother, I can understand all of your

efforts for the school, but surely all of you must know this matter will not be laid to rest unless

we give the school a reasonable explanation, so why did you tell me this?’’


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