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Soaring The Heavens - Chapter 84


Chapter 84: Bottomless Pit (2)

Translator: Kelaude Editor: Milkbiscuit

Miao Yi casually said, ’’We can't go to the left, and we can't go to the right. So what are you all

proposing we should do?’’

Wang Zifa cupped his fists and said, ’’Cave Master, I might have a way to pull Senior Brother

Zheng under our banner, I only ask that Cave Master help me with something.’’

'Was this the rhythm of gradually pulling your own sect's Senior Brother under the water?'

Miao Yi mumbled to himself. He said, ’’Let me know what you have in mind first.’’

Wang Zifa replied, ’’Cave Master, Senior Brother Zheng is also at the White Lotus Third Grade

cultivation stage. If... if Senior Brother Zheng could enjoy the same benefits we do with regards

to the distribution of the Orbs of Will, then I might have a way to convince him.’’

Quite a number of them furrowed their brows, quickly observing Miao Yi's reaction, because

this request was a little overboard. Originally when everyone split the Orbs of Will, there would

be three left for the Cave Master. If they had to give Zheng Jinlong three more orbs, then

wouldn't the Cave Master not receive even a single one?

As expected, Miao Yi's expression turned grim as he leaned forward, ’’Wang Zifa, are you joking?

If all of you take away the Orbs of Will, then wouldn't I be the Cave Master for nothing? Let me

tell you, when the Orbs of Will are harvested at the end of the year, there will be twenty-four

orbs, in which fourteen would be given to all of you. This is already the limit of what I can give,

how you choose to distribute it is between the lot of you. If that Senior Brother Zheng of yours

can be appeased then let it be so, but if he can't then just set him up. I absolutely hate it when

people try to take advantage of me.’’

Miao Yi was not the least bit afraid of whoever this Senior Brother Zheng or Senior Brother Wai

was. He had so many subordinates at his beck and call, a mere White Lotus Third Grade

cultivator could only be at his mercy on his own territory, why would he need to lower himself

and appease others?

’’Please don't misunderstand Cave Master, that is not what I meant,’’ said Wang Zifa as he

waved his hands anxiously.

Miao Yi coldly said, ’’Then what do you mean?’’

Everyone looked towards Wang Zifa with expressions that showed their full attention was

being focused on listening, while Wang Zifa cautiously answered, ’’Didn't Cave Master mention

that you had an alternate source for the Orbs of Will? What I mean is, when the time comes I

will first take out three orbs from my Junior Brothers and Junior Sisters to give to Senior

Brother Zheng, when Cave Master obtains the orbs from that alternate source, it wouldn't be

too late for you to compensate them then.’’

As he said this, the looks on Hou Sheng, Shang Youlai, and Wang Xiuqing changed. Needless to

say, the White Lotus Third Grade Senior Brother Zhu Tianbiao would not be included in the

ones to have their share taken out here and there. It would definitely be those at White Lotus

Second Grade, who would suffer.

Most importantly, the Cave Master's so-called alternate source of orbs was just something he

had said. No one had seen it before, so clearly it was better to rely on the benefits that you could

guarantee. Who could say what the future would hold?

However, since Wang Zifa has already spoken, they could only keep their dissatisfaction to

themselves. They did not dare say it out.

Nan Sisi was unaware of the situation in the hall as she was guarding the mountain gate

outside, otherwise she would have definitely been against it too.

’’Is that so!’’ Miao Yi pondered for a bit as he tapped on the armrest with his fingers. He slowly

nodded, ’’I could promise all of you, but when the time comes to obtain the Orbs of Will from my

alternate source, all of you cannot back out, you must come together with me!’’

Yan Xiu felt his heart stop for a moment as a thought flashed by his mind - 'This Cave Master

isn't really thinking of going hunting at the Sea of Constellations, is he?'

Wang Zifa immediately nodded and smiled, ’’Of course, we all obey the Cave Master's orders,

and will definitely go together with you.’’

He had not been clear with his words - 'On the premise that we will only go to the places that

you, the Cave Master was able to go. We're following you!'

Miao Yi smiled as he looked towards the other School of Blue Jade's disciples and asked, ’’Do all

of you have any other opinions?’’

Wang Zifa immediately turned around and swept his fellow Junior Brothers and Junior Sisters a

cold glance. Thus, even though Hou Sheng and the rest were not really willing, they forced out a

smiled and nodded together.

’’Good!’’ Miao Yi slapped the armrest, ’’Then this matter is decided. I will leave you fellow

disciples to handle that Zheng Jinlong fellow. Dan Biaoyi, let him in!’’

Dan Biaoyi acknowledged his order and left. After a while, a fair and plump blue-robed fellow

was brought in from outside. His face carried a gentle smile from beginning to end, seemingly

even younger than Song Fu.

Wang Zifa and the rest cupped their fists and shouted, ’’Senior Brother!’’

The other party cupped his fists in return, then stood firmly, as he paid his respects towards

Miao Yi, who was sitting at the high seat, ’’Your subordinate Zheng Jinlong has come reporting

for duty to serve East Arrival Cave, I pay my respects to the Cave Master!’’

It looked as though this person was more tactful in his mannerisms than Song Fu; at least Miao

Yi did not hate seeing it, so he extended his arm as he gestured for him to rise, ’’No need to be so


After a bout of questions from both sides, Zheng Jinlong continued to maintain a respectful

attitude that was rightful of a subordinate.

After some formalities, everyone had already made their way to the far end of the assembly hall,

when Miao Yi suddenly said, ’’Dan Biaoyi.’’

As he was walking to the gate, Dan Biaoyi heard his name being called and turned around,

’’What does the Cave Master ask of me?’’

As he slowly made his way down from his seat, Miao Yi stared at him with a deceptive smile and

said, ’’You really didn't say anything, and that bitc.... Mountain Chieftain just let you come back

like that?’’

Dan Biaoyi felt his heart stop. He thought back to see if he had mentioned any loopholes, before

saying with a shocked expression, ’’Your subordinate has also been implicated in Song Fu's

murder and has nothing to gain from revealing the truth. Does Cave Master doubt your


’’Nothing, I was just asking casually,’’ Miao Yi laughing jovially as he patted his shoulder. He

then turned around and called Yan Xiu as he walked to the back of the hall.

In the courtyard at behind the hall, the fully sated Charcoal didn't even bother exercising at all

and continued lying in front of the gate, swishing its tail as it slept. When Miao Yi entered the

courtyard, it only opened its eyes to steal a glance. Seeing that it wasn't the woman that had

stabbed a knife into its own buttocks, it continued to sleep knowing that it was safe. Yan Xiu,

who had followed Miao Yi in, asked cautiously, ’’Cave Master, you suspect that Dan Biaoyi has

revealed the truth?’’

’’No, I just feel that the bitch Qin Weiwei is not this easygoing. That bitch has always wanted to

find my faults,’’ Miao Yi waved his hand. ’’It doesn't matter even if he did reveal it.’’

When they heard that the Cave Master was back, Qian'Er and Xue'Er, who had been waiting on

either sides of the courtyard, had already lowered their heads slightly and followed behind Miao

Yi and Yan Xiu.

When Miao Yi entered his quarters and sat down, the two handmaidens immediately served up

some fragrant tea, then silently stood to his left and right.

Miao Yi only cast the two of them a glance, then waved his hand as a sign for them to step

down. At this moment, there was still no trust between them.

After the two left, Miao Yi said to Yan Xiu, ’’I have marked a spot on the seaside, I want you to

head back, contact East Arrival City and organise a few workers....’’

As Miao Yi explained his plans to construct the dock and the boat, Yan Xiu immediately felt

nervous and asked, ’’Cave Master, you aren't really planning on going to the Sea of

Constellations to hunt, are you?’’

’’You're overthinking it, I just need it for my cultivation.’’


’’The workers' salaries cannot be too little. I leave this matter to you; it's decided! Since I've

been out running for a few days, I'll go take a bath.’’

Miao Yi said this curtly and left.

Yan Xiu could only cup his fists in acceptance. As he turned around and left the hall, he saw

Qian'Er and Xue'Er outside, and casually said, ’’The Cave Master wishes to take a bath.’’

As he was passing them by, his footsteps halted and he reminded them, ’’In the entire East

Arrival City, not everyone can have the opportunity of becoming the Cave Master's

handmaidens. Handmaidens who cannot obtain the Cave Master's trust, will not be able to stay

here for long....’’


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