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Soaring The Heavens - Chapter 83


Chapter 83: Chapter 83 - Bottomless Pit (1)

Translator: Kelaude Editor: Milkbiscuit

It was clear that Wang Zifa was rather being attentive to his fellow disciples. Four White Lotus Second Grade Junior Brothers and Sisters took turns watching the mountain gates.

Today, Nan Sisi was the one guarding the mountain gate. Miao Yi and Zhu Tianbao dismounted from their steeds under the memorial arch of the mountain gate.

’’Cave Master, you're finally back! Everyone is eagerly waiting for your return.’’ Nan Sisi took the reins that both of them passed into her hands, before immediately turning back to invoke her arts to shout loudly, ’’The Cave Master has returned!’’

Miao Yi took a second glance at Nan Sisi, smiling as he went through the mountain gate. He would never have believed that everyone would miss him this much. He figured Nan Sisi was just attempting to butter him up.

He had yet to reach the Grand Hall when he was then greeted by the sight of his cave's subordinates dashing over to him with a 'shua!', every one of them giving their respects, ’’Cave Master has returned!’’

Miao Yi nodded his head and led the group of subordinates into the Grand Hall. After he ascended to his high seat and sat down, he asked, ’’Nothing happen when I was away right?’’

’’There's trouble!’’ A couple of them practically shouted out almost all at once, a worried look was written all over Wang Zifa and his group's faces.

’’There's trouble? Everyone seems fine. What kind of trouble?’’ questioned Miao Yi looking towards Yan Xiu who stood below him. Currently, he still trusted Yan Xiu the most.

Instead, Yan Xiu appeared to be very calm. He cupped his hands and said, ’’Cave Master, on the second day you left, Mountain Chieftain Qin Weiwei rushed over with her men, investigating into the crux of the matters surrounding Song Fu's death.’’

The moment that woman was brought up, Miao Yi's face turned sour.

He wasn't worried that Song Fu's death would be exposed. Rather, it was the fact that that woman had rushed over so soon to investigate after he had just taken up the post. What was the meaning of this? He had even sent someone to deliver the report to her at once. It was evident that she didn't trust him.

Miao Yi swept his gaze over the group, and coldly scoffed in a rude manner. ’’That bitch didn't deliberately look for trouble, did she?’’


Everyone whose faces initially appeared concerned immediately went speechless. One by one, they stared at him with widened eyes as they gave him a thumbs up in their heart. 'Cave Master, you're astounding. You actually dared to insult the adopted daughter of Manor Head in public, calling the Mountain Chieftain of Mount Calming Sea a bitch!'

'Cough! Cough!' Miao Yi coughed dryly, also realizing that he had made a slip of the tongue. How could he blurt out his true feelings in public? He switched into a smiling expression and asked, ’’Did dear Mountain Chieftain say anything?’’

Wang Zifa and his group surreptitiously exchanged a meaningful glance with each other. It appeared that this dear Cave Master and Manor Head Yang Qing's relationship wasn't what everyone had imagined it to be. It seemed to be filled with a deep resentment as even Yang Qing's daughter was being called a bitch. Thus, it could clearly be seen what their relationship was like.

A number of School of Blue Jade's men, along with Yang Qing's men, had come with their own agendas so they were never likely to wholeheartedly obey Yang Qing. These people, after being held with something over their heads by Miao Yi, were worried about how they would deceive their own sect in the future. Now it seemed possible that this Cave Master Miao could be made to strive for School of Blue Jade in secret. If they could turn Yang Qing's trusted aide into the School of Blue Jade and plant him by Yang Qing's side as a spy, then they could report back their duty to their sect. It might even be considered a meritorious service.

Yan Xiu on the other hand, did not think too much into it. He replied, ’’Mountain Chieftain on the contrary, did not say much. Just that she incessantly question us closely about the truth of our reports.’’

'Just for this!' Miao Yi initially thought it was a matter of importance. As long as he could contain the people's mouth from School of Blue Jade here, so what if Qin Weiwei learned of the truth? He would never believe that Yang Qing, having just pushed him up into the seat, would removed him from it just because of this incident afterwards. Wasn't that just slapping his own face and saying that his judgment was not clear?

He didn't believe that Yang Qing could do something that would ruin his own Manor Head reputation. Moreover, he also hadn't done anything wrong, right? East Arrival Cave was originally his own domain so what was wrong with him reorganizing East Arrival Cave? 'You, Yang Qing sent me over to East Arrival Cave, even if you don't support me you also can't be a hindrance right?!'

Miao Yi asked disapprovingly, ’’You guys did not talk drivel right?’’

Immediately, everyone spoke at once in reply, ’’We were actually tight-lipped about it. But the crucial thing is that Dan Biaoyi has been taken away by Mountain Chieftain. We also don't know whether Dan Biaoyi can hold it in.’’

Miao Yi chuckled. ’’Everyone, you do not need to worry on this issue. I believe Dan Biaoyi will not say things irresponsibly.’’

He didn't say out what he thought in his heart. Dan Biaoyi had taken part in the murder of Song Fu. It would be a wonder if Dan Biaoyi could so easily open his mouth.

In actuality, both Yan Xiu and Qiu Shaoqun, who appeared to be more calm also thought the same in their hearts.

As soon as he finished his words, the sound of a wave of galloping dragon steeds rapidly approaching came indistinctly from outside.

Everyone waited for a while, and soon, they saw the aforementioned Dan Biaoyi quickly entering the Grand Hall. He cupped his hands at everyone in high spirits, before moving between the two parties, to pay his respects, ’’Cave Master!’’

Before Dan Biaoyi could speak, everyone had already surrounded him, promptly asking him as one, whether he had said anything reckless after being taken away by the Mountain Chieftain.

Assured by Yang Qing's words, Dan Biaoyi naturally pat his chest and guaranteed that he absolutely did not betray everyone.

With these words, everyone suddenly felt greatly at ease. Each one of them patted him on the shoulders, saying that he was great.

Miao Yi who sat above in the high seat was also very cheerful upon hearing Dan Biaoyi's words. He crossed one leg over the other, secretly pleased with himself in his thoughts. 'East Arrival Cave is indeed under my control!'

’’Everyone, don't be overjoyed too soon. You all know of Zheng Jinlong right?’’ Dan Biaoyi looked around everyone as he asked.

Wang Zifa nodded his head in reply. ’’Of course we know. He's our Senior Brother, having joined the sect earlier than Senior Brother Song Fu.’’

Everyone was curious as to why he would mention Zheng Jinlong. Dan Biaoyi pointed outside and exclaimed, ’’He came with me. He is now waiting outside for Cave Master to summon him!’’

Everyone faintly felt that this was far from good. Immediately, Wang Zifa questioned closely, ’’Why is Senior Brother Zheng here?’’

Dan Biaoyi sighed, ’’Although I withstood the interrogation, the upper echelons gave our reports to the School of Blue Jade to examine. It seems like one of your fellow senior disciple at South Edict Manor made arrangements between both parties and personally proposed to Manor Head, saying that Song Fu deserved his death for being disrespectful and so requested Manor Head to promise that the School of Blue Jade could dispatch a replacement in Song Fu's place as atonement for his crimes. Thus, Zheng Jinlong came together with me. Everyone, I will say something that is unpleasant to hear, but your sect seems to have their suspicions raised towards this matter. Throughout the journey, Zheng Jinlong has been beating around the bush with me. Everyone should bear this in mind.’’

As he finished, he once again cupped his fists at Miao Yi, ’’The reason why I purposely left Zheng Jinlong outside is to inform beforehand, hoping Cave Master can plan earlier.’’

Seated on the high seat, Miao Yi nodded his head. He looked at the crowd and asked, ’’What does everyone think of this matter?’’

After everyone from School of Blue Jade exchanged looks with each other, Wang Zifa proceeded to ask with a grave expression, ’’Cave Master, I am afraid that the reason why Senior Brother Zheng came here is indeed as Dan Biaoyi said. He is aiming to investigate the truth of Senior Brother Song's death.’’

Miao Yi scoffed, ’’Your people from the School of Blue Jade seriously have no limits ,actually going as far to investigate the actual situation from us. If he is not well-behaved later, you guys will work together and kill him. We have safety in numbers so there's no need to be scared of him. Oh yeah, what's his cultivation base?’’

Everyone's expression changed tremendously. At once, Wang Zifa waved his hands and exclaimed, ’’No! Cave Master, if we kill Senior Brother Zheng again, then we will really be in trouble. Senior Brother Zheng may be easy to kill, but what happens after killing Senior Brother Zheng? If by any chance our sect again dispatches another disciple at Blue Lotus cultivation, then what will we do?’’

A bystander sees through everything. Yan Xiu, Qiu Shaoqun and Dan Biaoyi looked speechlessly at each other, their expressions slightly twitching. To their surprise, the Cave Master was discussing killing a disciple of the School of Blue Jade with a group of the same school, and looking serious about it. What kind of affairs was this? The School of Blue Jade has indeed accepted a bunch of good disciples.


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