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Soaring The Heavens - Chapter 80


Chapter 80: Off With His Head!

Qin Weiwei asked, ’’Where did Miao Yi go?’’

Yan Xiu smiled apologetically and replied, ’’The Cave Master went to patrol the domain.’’

Surprised, Qin Weiwei realized that the guy really felt extremely at ease in his own home. He

had just arrived, and dared to drop the affairs of the abode of Immortals to head out on a patrol.

She then asked, ’’When is he coming back?’’

’’This...,’’ Yan Xiu shook his head in reply. ’’Your subordinate also does not know when Cave

Master will be back.’’

Qin Weiwei coldly sneered, ’’Then immediately find him and bring him back to me.’’

Yan Xiu was suddenly struck with the urge to cry but had no tears left to do so. ’’Mountain

Chieftain, the entire realm of East Arrival Cave is humongous...’’

He did not dare finish his words, but the implication was obvious - 'where would I be able to

find him in such a huge place?!'

After some thought, Qin Weiwei also felt that it was indeed making things rather difficult for

him, so she didn't waste anymore time on this matter. She began to call everyone over one by

one, so she could ask what was the matter with everyone reporting to condemn the slain Song


’’Did Miao Yi use any tactic to threaten you all?’’

’’Mountain Chieftain, where did that idea come from? The Cave Master certainly did not

threaten us at all. The blame can only lay on that Song Fu who really did not know the

immensity of heaven and earth. Although I am from the same sect, I also cannot bear to

overlook his ways any longer.’’

It was futile even if she had sealed Dan Biaoyi's lips. No matter how Qin Weiwei beat about the

bush to ask, or how she attempted to threaten coax, coerce and even bribe them; her attempts

were all useless. Everyone firmly stood their ground and would not say anything else. They

would only speak ill of Song Fu, and were determined to defend the Great Cave Master Miao;

thus causing Qin Weiwei to gnash her teeth with hatred. If only the whole of Mount Calming

Sea was like this, but sadly, it was only in East Arrival Cave.

There was definitely something fishy going on here. But these people, regardless of whether it

was the men with Yan Xiu whom she had personally dispatched, or the men from the School of

Blue Jade, there were all banding together akin to a metal bucket. Their lips were sealed no

matter what.

Qin Weiwei decided to wait until Miao Yi came back before settling the score with him.

Alas, she waited for three days and had yet to see Miao Yi return. Even she wouldn't know when

can that guy would come back.

What made her more speechless was that even with the Cave Master absent from East Arrival

Cave, the group of subordinates managed to maintain the affairs of East Arrival Cave in a clear

and orderly manner.

Every other Cave Master had made reports that disciples from the School of Blue Jade refused to

perform tasks such as guarding the mountain gates, or doing menial jobs and the like. However,

this was not present in East Arrival Cave. Rather, it was Miao Yi's trusted subordinates, Yan Xiu

and group, who did not need to do these tasks. They were all entirely done by the highly

devoted and committed disciples from the School of Blue Jade.

Apart from that, the attitude Wang Zifa and the rest displayed to Yan Xiu were clearly very

courteous. From this, the kind of attitude that they gave to Miao Yi could also be seen.

Observe the Great Cave Master Miao! In just one night, he had administered East Arrival Cave to

this extent, his prestige shooting to extreme heights in the eyes of his subordinates.

Moreover, the people whom she had personally appointed hadn't managed their caves very

well. Each and every single one of them kept complaining to her whilst on the flip side, the

person who she wasn't willing to appoint, had managed the affairs adequately. So whose face

was being slapped right now?

The thought almost caused the silently observing Qin Weiwei to cough up blood. Could it be

that she was measuring the stature of great men by the yardstick of a small man?

During such tumultuous times, it was impossible for her to continue staying here. Who in the

world would know when will Miao Yi return?

After waiting for three days, she finally left with her entourage. Nobody knew what she was

planning to do. In the end, she had brought Dan Biaoyi along as well.

This decision caused Yan Xiu's group, who were seeing them off at the mountain gates, to be in

a perturbed state of mind. Each of them threw meaningful glances at Dan Biaoyi implying, 'You

have to stay strong!'

Everyone knew perfectly well in their hearts that once Dan Biaoyi failed to resist and spilled the

beans entirely, whether or not they would still be able to obtain the Orbs of Will from Cave

Master Miao was no longer of importance. The most crucial point was that the men from the

School of Blue Jade would never let them get away with it.

Yan Xiu's group had killed a disciple of the School of Blue Jade.

And the disciples of the School of Blue Jade had also betrayed their own sect.

With this resulting incident, the disciples from the School of Blue Jade were extremely

frightened and full of regret. They bemoaned boarding Miao Yi's ship of deceit with profits high

in mind back then, leaving them now fearful of disembarking from his ship when facing Qin

Weiwei. Furthermore, they had to desperately work together to row the terribly battered ship,

with water seeping in from everywhere, without turning back to shore.

Out of the corner of her eyes, Qin Weiwei noticed the expressions on everyone's faces. Putting

on a cold front, she was increasingly and absolutely certain that there was something amiss.

Handmaiden Hong Mian shot a glance at her master, the corner of her lips unable to hold back

her smile. She thought to herself, 'regardless of whether there was something fishy going on, it

was evident that Miao Yi definitely had the unruly men eating out of his hands to be able to

make them band together like this.' It was no wonder that he, just fresh off the boat, dared to

throw the cave affairs down and travel as he liked. If the other Cave Masters had this same

capability, it would have been much easier to settle Mount Calming Sea's affairs.

However she was uncertain if what Mountain Chieftain had said was true, if Miao Yi had

seriously obtained the sincere allegiance of his underlings, she would give the Mountain

Chieftain seat to Miao Yi...

Obviously, Qin Weiwei had seen through her train of thoughts and threw her a nasty glare. Can

the words which were said in a moment of anger be held true?

Qin Weiwei hurried back to Mount Calming Sea at a tremendous pace throughout the journey

without stopping to rest. After briefly inquiring if there were any matters of importance, she

then proceeded to rush straight over to South Edict Manor with Dan Biaoyi in tow.

The trusted subordinate who was personally appointed by Yang Qing, had killed a disciple of the

School of Blue Jade immediately on taking up his post. This incident couldn't be concealed even

if they wanted to. Sooner or later, it would be found out. Regardless of whether the School of

Blue Jade would have any reaction, at the very least, they would still show interest in it. Qin

Weiwei had to personally make a detail report about it, so that Yang Qing could be well aware of

the situation beforehand.

Dan Biaoyi almost lost his composure when he learned that they were going to South Edict

Manor. Why did it seem like this incident was getting out of hand? Was this even necessary?

The people at the lower tier would not be aware of the affairs of the upper tier, as the hidden

power struggles involved were often extremely complicated. If he had known, he would not

have dared to do the deed back then.

When they had rushed to South Edict Manor, it was not required for Qin Weiwei to announce

her arrival when she met with Yang Qing.

She trailed behind Qing Ju as they arrived at the pavilion, situated on the highest peak behind

the mountain. Upon arrival, she saw Yang Qing sitting in meditation as he cultivated.

’’Qin Weiwei has come to pay respects to Manor Head!’’ Dressed in robes as white as snow, Qin

Weiwei bowed in courtesy.

Under the circumstances where they were others around, Qin Weiwei always preserved the

etiquette between lower and upper rank. Only when it was completely private would she call

him 'father'.

Yang Qing retracted his cultivation and opened his eyes. He then spat out an Orb of Will roughly

the size of a quail egg from his mouth and smiled, ’’What brings Weiwei here?’’

He stood up and walked over to seat himself by the small side table. He extended his hand,

signalling her to sit down to talk. ’’What's the matter?’’

Qin Weiwei seated herself on the opposing chair of the side table. ’’Manor Head, I am afraid that

the Cave Master you have personally appointed for East Arrival Cave has caused quite a bit of

trouble for you.’’

Yang Qing let out an 'Oh!', his brows furrowing slightly as he asked, ’’Miao Yi? What did he do?’’

’’Manor Head, please see for yourself.’’ Qin Weiwei placed down the box filled with reports that

she brought along in front of him.

After Yang Qing opened the box and looked over the contents, he was also overcome with


Under the gazes of Qing Mei and Qing Ju, who glanced at each other, Yang Qing swiftly

examined the contents of the other jade archives again one by one.

He was a man who knew how to be circumspect and so he did not make a big fuss about it as

Qin Weiwei had before. He only asked curiously, ’’Weiwei, what is going on?’’

’’I also do not know what's the matter. To investigate this matter, I intentionally took a trip

down to East Arrival Cave. But in the end, that bastard Miao Yi had gone out to patrol his


Qin Weiwei explained in detail what she saw at that time.

After Yang Qing was done listening, he tapped his fingers on the surface of table, mulling it over

for quite some time. He then shook his head, unable to understand the situation. Finally, he

spoke, ’’Summon the man you brought over to me. I will personally question him.’’

Very quickly, Dan Biaoyi was summoned over. It was his first time meeting Yang Qing; him

being the kind of person who was aloof and remote. Adding to the fact that he had a guilty

conscience, Dan Biaoyi was in a state of extreme panic.

But there was one thing he managed to do; no matter how Yang Qing asked, he said the same

things over and over again.

Unlike Qin Weiwei, Yang Qing did not beat around the bush to ask anymore questions. He got up

and slowly walked over to the front of the pavilion's banister. Surveying the scenery of the

mountains from a distance, he gradually clasped his hands behind his back, his face

expressionless as he said in a serene tone, ’’Drag him out and off with his head!’’

Instantly, Qing Mei and Qing Ju made their move, seizing Dan Biaoyi's shoulders together; they

suppressed him until he was unable to move before immediately dragging him out.


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