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Soaring The Heavens - Chapter 78


Chapter 78: A Distressed Qin Weiwei (3)

’’You can step down now!’’ Qin Weiwei coldly dismissed Dan Biaoyi.

At the side, Hong Mian waited for a moment until Dan Biaoyi had departed the hall before

asking, ’’Mountain Chieftain, should this matter be reported to Manor Head so that he is


’’We haven't even gotten a hold of the situation right now; do you expect me to report it


Qin Weiwei shook her head disapprovingly before immediately commanding Lu Liu to summon

one of the disciples from the School of Blue Jade at random.

Soon, a disciple from the School of Blue Jade entered the Grand Hall. After he paid respects to

the Mountain Chieftain, Qin Weiwei asked, ’’Do you know your fellow disciple, Song Fu?’’

’’Song Fu?’’ Surprised, the disciple wasn't sure of what had transpired but he still nodded in

reply, ’’I do.’’

Qin Weiwei asked again, ’’How is Song Fu's character?’’

Once again, the disciple was taken aback. Without knowing why the Mountain Chieftain was

asking this, he naturally cupped his fists and said, ’’Junior Brother Song is a sincere and honest

man; he shows respect to the master and honors his teachings. His character is impeccable!’’

He did not care what had happened to Song Fu and also couldn't care less about whether he had

a good relationship with Song Fu. But when facing outsiders, fellow disciples of the same sect

should naturally defend each other. Especially when he didn't know head or tails of the

situation, speaking good of others was definitely a good move.

After Qin Weiwei dismissed him with a wave of her hand, she pointed at the retreating figure

outside the gate, and spoke to Hong Mian and Lu Liu who were standing on either side of her,

’’See that? This is what fellow disciples of the same sect should normally say; completely not

like those disciples from East Arrival Cave. That is just simply illogical!’’

Hong Mian asked, ’’Mountain Chieftain, what do you intend to do?’’

Suddenly, Qin Weiwei stood up and said, ’’Don't believe what other people tell you until you see

it for yourself! I wish to go to East Arrival Cave and take a look myself. I want to see whether the

subordinates of East Arrival Cave are truly giving their allegiance to our grand Great Cave

Master Miao! If he dares to cause any trouble and ruin the current situation, I will never spare


Lu Liu attempted to ask, ’’What if they have truly and sincerely sworn their allegiance to him?’’

Qin Weiwei stubbornly asserted, ’’That's not possible. There must be something fishy going on.

If they have truly sworn their allegiance, I will give him my seat as Mountain Chieftain. If he

truly has such capabilities, then let him be the one to settle the School of Blue Jade disciples in

Mount Calming Sea. This will also put Manor Head's mind at ease!’’

Hong Mian and Lu Liu threw a glance at each other with their tongue sticking out. They

understood Mountain Chieftain was speaking in a moment of anger so it could not be taken

seriously. But Miao Yi had just taken up his post, and immediately, you were going there for an

inspection, it did seem a bit...

Not long after, Dan Biaoyi who had gotten his response could finally return to East Arrival Cave.

However, he could not feel relaxed. Instead, he kept himself on the edge throughout the entire

journey, because Qin Weiwei, the Mountain Chieftain, came along with a couple of men in tow!

The Cave Master had just taken up his post and the Mountain Chieftain was immediately drawn

out. Sigh! ....Dan Biaoyi let out a long sigh deep inside his heart. Throughout the journey, he

prayed for blessing from the Heavens above, hoping that dear Cave Master had settled the

situation appropriately and made certain not to slip up..

It would be difficult to disembark once you've boarded some of the ship of deceits! Although it

may be that the ship would be full of holes with water leaking through, those who had boarded

the ship still had to make a concerted effort to row forward with all their might. Death by

drowning awaited if they did not row forward. At least there was a chance for a reprieve from

death should they continue rowing.

Miao Yi also could not understand the kind of dispute the upper echelons, Yang Qing had with

those of the School of Blue Jade; this was the kind of situation that people of the lower rank

were in. Also, it hadn't been long since he had just surrendered to Yang Qing so he also didn't

know much of the internal affairs.

From his standpoint, he was the legitimate Cave Master of East Arrival Cave so the troops of

East Arrival Cave should of course obey him. For those who were disobedient, he would

naturally wrangle them up immediately. Was there even a need to drag it on for long? The

rational move would be to rapidly grasp the entire East Arrival Cave tightly in his hands.

Otherwise, there would be no meaning to him being a Cave Master.

He would never have imagined that rapidly settling the entire East Arrival Cave at breakneck

speed would in turn caused the upper echelons to panic.

At least for those who were oblivious, there was an inherent advantage in not having to worry

about it for now.

Currently Miao Yi, dressed in exquisite clothes, was leisurely wandering around the streets of

East Arrival Cave.

Zhu Tianbiao was a complete mystery as usual. If you didn't open your mouth to speak, he also

wouldn't talk either. And the flattery he sometimes gave were nothing short of remarkable. He

only knew how to clutch onto his treasured sword as he followed behind, akin to a bodyguard in


Miao Yi had indeed brought him out to act as a bodyguard; having a White Lotus Third Grade

cultivator accompanying him would ensure he would be able to defend himself if something

were to happen.

Up ahead by the roadside stood a decorated archway covered in red. It was packed by a large

crowd surrounding it. As they were passing by, Miao Yi and Zhu Tianbao were uncertain as to

which maiden from a wealthy family would be throwing an embroidered ball; drawing in a

second look from them both. However, they did not stop over.

At the top of the maiden tower, the aforementioned maiden was holding the embroidered ball

to her bosom; her clear eyes filled with yearning amidst her shyness as she searched for her

ideal husband among the crowd. Very quickly, her gaze was locked onto the passing Miao Yi.

Although Miao Yi's current stature could not be described as being a giant among men, having

ascended to the prized seat of a Cave Master at a young age, he was now flushed with the

feeling of success. In addition, due to the level of a cultivator's Essence, Qi and Spirit, his

imposing manner could never be compared to a common man.

What's more, he had a bodyguard accompanying him from behind. With just one glance, she

knew that he was a man of status.

Gritting her teeth, the maiden used both her arms to throw the embroidered ball with all her

might; doing so with immense vigor and accuracy. She proved herself to be quite daring in

throwing the ball and must have been well practiced. Otherwise, it would cause no end of

trouble for her if she had thrown it to a shrivelled old man instead.

Once the embroidered ball flew out, the crowd beneath the maiden tower reached out their

arms to snatch it, but was instead greeted with the sight of the ball flying over their heads.

With his eyes looking straight ahead, Miao Yi didn't even spare it a glance; a simple brush of his

hand sent the colliding embroidered ball recoiling back to the maiden tower again.

Zhu Tianbao merely tilted his head to look, before silently following closely behind Miao Yi as

he brushed past the crowd.

The maiden carried the returned embroidered ball; looking stupefied as she looked on at them

leaving calmly and unhurriedly. Gradually, she bit her lips with her pearly whites; to a girl, this

was extremely embarrassing as the ball she had thrown out was unexpectedly returned. This

was completely unheard of.

The crowd beneath the maiden tower were also flabbergasted. One by one they turned around

to watch, some standing on tiptoes, with their gazes trailing after the two departing men.

Immediately after, they turned back and shouted loudly in a jeering manner, ’’Miss, throw it

again! Miss, throw it again!...’’

Instead, the young miss gnashed her teeth; turned her head aside and left, disappearing into the

maiden tower....

A river traversed throughout East Arrival City. After Zhu Tianbao asked the boatman for the

price of a boat which was stopped by the shore, both him and Miao Yi boarded the sheltered

little boat.

The boatman rowed them away, with the river sweeping them along.

Miao Yi stood at the prow of the boat with his hands clasped behind his back, while Zhu Tianbao

clutched onto his sword at the stern.

The sheltered boat hadn't gone far before the sounds of a herd of galloping horses sounded

from the shore. The passengers on the boat turned to look, only to see the young miss who had

thrown the embroidered ball riding her horse hard as she gave chase with a few sturdy men in


’’Stop right this instant!’’ shouted the young miss as she pointed at Miao Yi, still standing at the

prow of the boat.

Miao Yi peered about his surroundings. Observing that there were no spectators, he invoked his

arts to reveal the faint glow of a lotus between his brows to make the other party withdraw

after discovering the futility.

Who would have thought that the other party would continue to give chase on their galloping

horses? Were they actually unafraid of Immortals? Miao Yi was surprised but sudden realization

quickly dawned upon him. He recalled that he had applied the Soul Concealing Paste between

his brows; they could not see it!

This guy had actually become so used to using this paste. There was no reason other than his

fear of others looking down on him for his low cultivation base, even though he was a Cave

Master. Thus, he may as well hide the lotus shadow on the spiritual point between his brows, to

avoid being ridiculed by others when they saw it.

With the situation being as it is, he could only secretly transmit his voice to hint at Zhu


Moving abruptly, Zhu Tianbao turned to glare coldly at the young miss; revealing the faint glow

of a lotus between his brows. The young miss and her group instantly froze in shock and halted

their horses, not daring to act rashly.

Thus, the young miss was shocked awake from her short-lived illusion, finally understanding

why the other party had scorned her. Feeling the vast difference between the two of them, she

felt abnormally hurt as she bit her lips...

To Miao Yi, this was nothing more than a brief interlude.


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