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Soaring The Heavens - Chapter 77


Chapter : A Distressed Qin Weiwei 2

Translator: elaude Editor: Milkbiscuit

Hong Mian waited for a while, but after seeing that Qin Weiwei was still lost in thought and hadn't given a reaction, she tested the waters softly, ’’Mountain Chieftain, did something happen at East Arrival Cave?’’

’’...,’’ Qin Weiwei recovered from her train of thoughts, yet she was still slightly confused. nsure of what else to say, she gently raised her hand and said, ’’Look at these and help me figure out what actually happened at East Arrival Cave.’’

Without the orders of the Mountain Chieftain, they would never have dared to look through such things because of their status as handmaidens.

The sight of Qin Weiwei losing her composure made both of them badly want to know what was written inside the jade archives. Now that she had given the orders, both of them hurriedly grabbed a jade archive to look through.

They would never have known if they hadn't seen it. But after seeing it, both women also became distressed.

After the both of them exchanged the jade archives with each other and looked through them, it was obvious that they shared the same doubts as Qin Weiwei, worrying whether these were faked, so they examined them once, and once more after that.

However, these ten reports were obviously written by the unique transcendence energy of ten different people. The signatures and insignias invoked using their arts could never be falsified as they behaved much like a person's fingerprint.

The last to hold a jade archive, Lu Liu said in a daze, ’’That Cave Master Miao is amazing! In one night he has subdued all the subordinates of East Arrival Cave!’’

Still deep in thought, Qin Weiwei couldn't resist the temptation to roll her eyes upon hearing that statement. She looked over and scorned, ’’With his cultivation base, do you think that is possible?’’

Hong Mian muttered, ’’It is a bit odd!’’

The two of them had been by Qin Weiwei's side for a long time, so they were well aware of the current situation of South Edict Manor.

As far as Manor Head was concerned, drawing the School of Blue ade into his jurisdiction was like leading a wolf into the house.

From the very beginning, Yang Qing was never in a hurry to revolt. He had intended to slowly gather his strength. However, the former Manor Head, Lu Yu, could never looked on as Yang Qing began to grow in power. Thus, he set out a decree to transfer Yang Qing to a post by his side with the intent of making him a puppet.

Yang Qing knew that once he went to Lu Yu's side, Lu Yu would never grant him the chance to thrive.

It was exactly because of Lu Yu's actions that Yang Qing had no choice but to resort to a hastily agreed cooperation with the School of Blue ade, in killing Lu Yu and seizing the South Edict Manor in one stroke.

Admittedly, both Yang Qing and the School of Blue ade had each profited from it respectively, but there were some things that each of them knew all too well.

The School of Blue ade knew that Yang Qing was not a person who would be willing to be kept underwing for long. Eventually, he would think of ways to cut off the influence of the School of Blue ade in the South Edict.

Yang Qing was also aware that although the School of Blue ade dared not act recklessly now, once they made use of this alliance to gradually establish connections with others, they would definitely begin scheming of ways to depose Yang Qing.

The main reason why Yang Qing had dared to revolt was due to the network he had managed to establish within the organization after all these years. He had someone by the Palace Lord's side to speak on his behalf. Without the recognition of the Palace Lord, even if Yang Qing had managed to capture the South Edict, it would not belong to him. On the contrary, he may even need to shoulder the charge of mutiny.

The School of Blue ade was only afraid to act rashly as they lacked such a network, so they had not dared to confront his tremendous influence in the organization.

But once they had established their influence, with the School of Blue ade at South Edict Manor having more men than Yang Qing, it would be difficult for Yang Qing to resist them once they raised a revolt against Yang Qing.

Both parties understood well that the alliance was only temporary. At most in fifty years time, both parties may shed all pretense of cordiality. When that time comes, depending on whose power was greater, either the East Wind would prevail over the West Wind, or the West Wind would prevail over the East Wind.

As Yang Qing was lacking in manpower, although the main posts were controlled by his own men within the large South Edict Manor, almost all the secondary seats were taken over by men from School of Blue ade.

It wasn't only the other mountains, even Mount Calming Sea was currently facing this predicament. Similarly, Qin Weiwei also faced problems with the men of School of Blue ade opposing in secret. By virtue of being the adopted daughter of Yang Qing, the School of Blue ade's disciples governed directly by Qin Weiwei did not dare to do anything to her in broad daylight. Now, they still had to give Yang Qing some face, for the most part.

nfortunately, the Cave Masters under Qin Weiwei did not have this form of respect. From the reports being delivered, they were all complaining to Qin Weiwei, saying that the School of Blue ade's men were paying lip service and the likes. The affair was difficult to settle.

The reports that were delivered by the nine Cave Masters under her were all complaints. Ironically, the Cave Master with the weakest strength had delivered the only good news.

Only the Cave Master with a cultivation base at White Lotus First Grade, had killed a White Lotus Third Grade disciple of School of Blue ade the moment he took up the post. Originally, such an incident would have caused a dispute between School of Blue ade and Yang Qing.

Yet as a result, all was well! Members from the School of Blue ade had banded together to charge the person called Song Fu as being guilty, deserving of his punishment, and notorious for his misdeeds. They condemned him unanimously whilst fully supporting the Cave Master's actions. At this point, even if the School of Blue ade had complaints about it, they could do nothing.

Seeing this good news, Qin Weiwei could not bring herself to be happy, and instead had a doubtful feeling in her guts. That bastard just went in, and in only one night he was able to immediately manage the entire East Arrival Cave sturdily like a metal bucket?

On top of that, the School of Blue ade's disciples had united tightly by the Great Cave Master Miao's side Was this some kind of a joke? Anyone would feel nauseous and sick just thinking about it.

So what was this scenario? Was this slapping the other nine Cave Masters' faces or her, Qin Weiwei, the Mountain Chieftain's face? Could it be that their capabilities were far more inferior to Cave Master Miao? Could it be that her, not wanting to allow Cave Master Miao to take up his post at East Arrival Cave previously was a stupid decision?

But even if this were to be a fraud, the testimonies from these people could never have been faked!

Could it be that the man called Song Fu was seriously be this vile?

But to what extent was his vileness that the entire group of School of Blue ade's disciples would loathe him so?

Qin Weiwei gently shook her head and felt that this wasn't true at all. Even if Song Fu was extremely vile, every single one of the School of Blue ade's disciples would never have sent a report condemning him whilst declaring their stance in support of the Great Cave Master Miao.

That bastard just went and with such a low cultivation, where could he obtain such influence?

To say it took the aura of a bastard to jolt them into being convinced or something of the like, Qin Weiwei would never have believed them even if she were to be beaten to death.

Hong Mian and Lu Liu also had their brows tightly knotted, looking completely puzzled.

’’I don't want to bathe anymore. Get dressed, and summon the messenger to meet me!’’

Qin Weiwei stood up from the water with a splash. She invoked her arts as she climbed ashore, a ball of watery mist suddenly coalesced above her fair-skinned body. The beads of water on the surface of her body instantly vanished without a trace.

Immediately, the two handmaidens helped her into her robes, shoes and socks as well as coiling her beautiful hair. Six white snowy jade hairpins were woven into her hair into the semblance of a butterfly whilst tightly locking her hair into a coiled bun at the back of her head.

In the Mount Calming Sea Grand Hall, Mountain Chieftain Qin Weiwei, sat on top of her high seat with a delicate yet cold expression.

Dan Biaoyi who stood below was questioned to the point of nervousness. However, no matter how Qin Weiwei asked, he would always assert that Song Fu had disobeyed the orders of the Cave Master, causing the destruction of the mountain gates. In addition, he had also been rude to the Cave Master, which led to his execution by the Cave Master as a warning to others.

With regards to whether it was possible that Miao Yi could kill a White Lotus Third Grade cultivator, Qin Weiwei had no need to be greatly suspicious. She had already seen it done in the battle at Transient Light Cave, and had also heard of the later incident where Miao Yi had eliminated the ghost cultivator. Two White Lotus Third Grade cultivators had died and only that guy had completed the mission and returned. Thus, Miao Yi killing just a single Song Fu was entirely possible.

But she wasn't stupid. Was it really that easy to make every disciple of the School of Blue ade deliver their reports to help Miao Yi cast off the blame?

’’Dan Biaoyi, are you certain that you're not hiding something from me?’’ Qin Weiwei coldly scorned as she glared down at him.

The people in the lower tier were not well aware of the war occurring in the upper tier. Dan Biaoyi only knew that he had personally participated in the murder of Song Fu. Once he admitted to it, forget about the fact that the people of East Arrival Cave would not accommodate him anymore, even the disciples of the School of Blue ade would want to seek revenge against him. Besides, it would also bring up the multiplied gains of the Orbs of Will.

Thus, he would never speak the truth even if he was beaten to death. Again, Dan Biaoyi insisted that the situation was exactly as he had said, leaving Qin Weiwei feeling helpless. She faintly felt that East Arrival Cave was truly being managed very sturdily like a metal bucket by that bastard after one night.

She couldn't really say that the bastard was naturally born with good luck, and just so happened to bump into a large number of people who desperately avowed their loyalty and devotion to him? Only a mindless ghost would be fooled!


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