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Soaring The Heavens - Chapter 76


Chapter 76: A Distressed Qin Weiwei (1)

Translator: Kelaude Editor: Milkbiscuit

Miao Yi waved his hands and without saying anything else, he turned around and strode off. He wasn't particularly concerned about the two handmaidens, and simply let Yan Xiu handle them.

Outside the Grand Hall, Zhu Tianbiao was already waiting with a new change of clothes after receiving his summons earlier..

As soon as Miao Yi came out, Charcoal dashed out from behind, widened its jaws and bit on Miao Yi's clothes, unwilling to let go.

Zhu Tianbiao furrowed his brows as he watched, thinking that the beast, Charcoal, behaved a bit overboard - this was the Grand Hall where East Arrival Cave affairs were discussed, but this bastard actually treated it like a horse ring, coming and going as it pleased. If the upper beam was not straight, then the lower beam would also be crooked. This was all because the master was too lenient on it, just give it a few hard whips and it would be obedient.

Miao Yi couldn't bear to use the whip on Charcoal. Forget about the fact that it had saved his life before, its superb running speed was a huge boon. Not to mention it could do various errands and hunt for fish;only those who had used it would know the benefits.

Turning around he patted Charcoal on the head, ’’I have some matters to attend to outside, and it'll be inconvenient to bring you around. You can go play in the lake, there are fishes and prawns there for you to eat.’’. He raised his hand and pointed in the direction of the lake.

Charcoal loosened its grip, shook its head and snorted. Its hooves dashed against the plaza, as it galloped away with gusto.

Zhu Tianbiao felt a little unreconciled with Charcoal's poor discipline, but on the surface he respectfully said, ’’Cave Master's steed has quite the intelligence, it could understand what was being said just by being spoken to. Our steeds cannot even compare, it must be due to the Cave Master's correct method of discipline.’’

This man was like a closed gourd, even when he was singing praises,he made others feel strange.

Miao Yi chuckled, he knew that this was empty flattery, the fact that Charcoal's behaviour was not taken kindly by others was something he had always known, for example Qin Weiwei who wanted it dead, but it wasn't bad to enjoy the feeling of flattery occasionally, even though this time it wasn't much of one.

Outside the mountain gates were two steeds left by the East Arrival City Lord.

It was too conspicuous to be seen riding a dragon steed to patrol the city. Miao Yi wouldn't be able to see what he wanted, to observe the City Lord Xu Xinliang's capabilities. If his skills were lacking and obstructed the handover of the Orbs of Will, then Miao Yi would not be able to hold on to his position as Cave Master for long. If a City Lord needed to be changed then so it be it, even if he had sent gifts, it would be pointless.

Miao Yi and Zhu Tianbiao whipped the steeds as they departed from the mountain gates.....

At Mount Calming Sea, Qin Weiwei was sitting cross-legged in her silent quarters. She gently retracted her arts, pressing both palms onto her dantian, as the lifelike shadow of a six-petaled lotus blossomed between her brows.

As soon as she opened her eyes, Hong Mian and Lu Liu who were waiting by her side both lowered their bodies into a bow simultaneously and said with glee, ’’Congratulations to the Mountain Chieftain for attaining a higher level in your cultivation.’’

Qin Weiwei withdrew her arts, then spat out the Orb of Will in her mouth, tucking it away. She stretched out both her legs and descended from the stone chair. She shook her head and smiled, ’’It's just breaking through to White Lotus Sixth Grade.’’

It was evident that she only said this as a front, as the unconcealed joy on her face clearly expressed her true feeling.

Her two handmaidens smiled and without another word, both reached out their hands to help her undress.

As her clothes fell to the side, it wasn't long before the voluptuous figure of a proud, fair-skinned body emerged within the silent quarters. Such a fair complexion paired with a luxuriant figure, even a woman's heart would be set to racing

A pair of pale jade and flawless bare feet slowly slid into the warm pool, as she lowered her body to seat herself down in the water. Her plentiful bosom just barely above the pool water. It was truly enticing.

Hong Mian and Lu Liu helped untie her hair, and the two of them slowly helped wash her body.

Using the white towel in her hands, Hong Mian wiped across the edges of Qin Weiwei's bountiful chest. She chuckled, ’’Mountain Chieftain truly has a nice figure. Such a fine body yet you do not look for a husband to cultivate together with, what a waste.’’

’’Who said so,’’ Lu Liu who was wiping her back remarked jokingly. ’’That would indeed be a waste of heaven's property!’’

There was a faint redness on Qin Weiwei's face, as she glared at the two of them saying, ’’You two shameless girls!’’ She immediately acted to teach them both a lesson.

For a moment, the water in the pool splashed about. The two of them dared not fight back, and could only continue begging for mercy.

After Qin Weiwei was done playing around, Hong Mian said with a straight face, ’’Mountain Chieftain, let me tell you a secret. Manor Head once summoned us for questioning.’’

Spreading her jade-like arms for the other two to wipe, Qin Weiwei curiously asked, ’’What did Manor Head summon you to ask about?’’

Lu Liu snickered, ’’Manor Head wanted to ask us if you have a gentleman you fancy. He said if there was, we were to let him know immediately and he would think of ways to set you up secretly.’’

Qin Weiwei's face reddened once more as she complained, ’’Father is so undignified! There are so many official matters to attend to but he doesn't worry about them, instead he blindly puts effort into these affairs. The next time he asks you, both of you just tell him that I am not looking for anyone. I am doing fine by myself!’’

Hong Mian smiled mischievously, ’’We wouldn't dare say such a thing to the Manor Head, otherwise he might even think we were the ones who abetted you. It is better to just wait for you to find someone you like, then report to him.’’

’’I am not looking!’’ Qin Weiwei mocked, ’’What good are men, none of them are any decent.’’ She turned to look to her sides, ’’Both of you are lucky to have followed me, otherwise if you had followed a man instead, well, you've seen how those men treat the others even though they are supposed to be handmaidens, in the end they all became nothing short of concubines. I'm getting disgusted just thinking about it!’’

Lu Liu quietly stuck her tongue out;she did not dare to comment, as even the Manor Head was being scolded.

Hong Mian smiled, ’’Then Mountain Chieftain should just continue waiting, and we will help Mountain Chieftain keep an eye out, to see whether there are any gentleman befitting of a Mountain Chieftain's status, and does not sleep with his handmaidens.’’

’’So shameless, are you both just reaching puberty? Next time, I will send you two some men to wait on you both in your beds!’’ Qin Weiwei coldly snorted as she threatened them, then she changed the subject and asked, ’’Nothing is going on outside, right?’’

Seeing the topic change to official business, Hong Mian withdrew all traces of jest from her face, and replied seriously, ’’Nothing much, just someone from East Arrival Cave came to deliver a report. The messenger is still standing by within the mountain, waiting for Mountain Chieftain's instructions so that he may report back to his duty!’’

’’East Arrival Cave? That bastard just went there not too long ago, and the report came this quickly. He's not just patronising me, is he?’’ As she thought of Miao Yi, Qin Weiwei instantly turned sour. She turned her head and said, ’’Bring the report here.’’

’’Yes!’’ Lu Liu quickly arose and left the pool. She toweled herself dry, and put on a long robe to cover up before departing in quick steps.

Very soon she came back carrying a sealed box that had the reports stored inside. She immediately opened it and placed it by the side of the pool.

Qin Weiwei pulled her raven hair over her snow-white shoulders. Leaning against the edge of the pool, she reached out with her hands to feel what was inside the box...

'Why were there so many reports, don't tell me that bastard actually wrote a long poem in here?'

She took out a jade archive and invoked her arts to check, when she finished, she quickly took a look at another one.

In the end, it was better if she hadn't seen it, for when she did she was completely agape. At first she felt shocked, but soon after her expression looked more and more confused.

When she finished reading, she thought she must have been mistaken. Splash-splash, she looked through all the reports carefully once more.

She was restless even after reading through them a second time, so she meticulously went through them again, to check if there were any signs of falsification.

Eventually she placed the jade archives by the side of the pool. Qin Weiwei's brows creased as traces of confusion and puzzlement flashed through her eyes. She couldn't help but mutter, ’’What exactly did this bastard do....?’’

Hong Mian and Lu Liu didn't dare interrupt the Mountain Chieftain's official affairs, but they could tell something was awry with Qin Weiwei. They didn't know what Cave Master Miao Yi had written on those reports for it to trigger such a response from the Mountain Chieftain, but she didn't appear angry at all!

Hong Mian and Lu Liu glanced at each other They saw that there were a large number of jade archive reports;just one East Arrival Cave report was equivalent to all the reports sent in by the other Cave Masters of Mount Calming Sea.


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