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Soaring The Heavens - Chapter 71


Chapter 71: East Arrival Cave Master (9)

If I don't kill him now, then when?

Yan Xiu raised his hand and swung down his blade. The broadaxe came down ruthlessly, and lopped the head off.

Dan Biaoyi and Qiu Shaoqun also withdrew their spears from Song Fu's body.

The three of them were still feeling a bit nervous, and immediately cast a glance at Miao Yi.

Miao Yi did not intervene, and had instead invoked his arts to protect the dishes on the short table in order to safeguard it from the ripples of transcendence energy from the battle.

Now that he'd quelled his transcendence energy, he opened his hand and grabbed a cup of alcohol, then brought it up and drank it in one gulp. He said indifferently, ’’The show is over.’’

The three of them cupped their fists, then quickly exited through the back of the hall and disappeared.

Miao Yi had reached the entrance of the Grand Hall at this point. He opened the gates, and crossed over to the sill, then extended his hands to rub Charcoal's mane, gazing at the moonlight outside as he did.

His eyes were cold, and in his head he was reminiscing about the past when he'd held Little Brother in one hand, and carried a frightened and bawling Little Sister, all while he faced a group of adults who came to bully them. He was so frustrated that he was unable to do anything, he stabbed a knife into his own thigh, and bled profusely....

’’Little Brother, Little Sister, Big Brother has let the both of you down. I should not have sent the two of you to such a dangerous environment. It is all Big Brother's fault. Both of you have to take care of yourselves. Big Brother's abilities are very limited right now, but please give me some more time...’’ Miao Yi softly whispered.

The dark green bead on his neck flashed a faint light.

Charcoal shook its head and sneezed....

The commotion on this side and Song Fu's dying screams had attracted his companions here.

Wang Zifa and Zhu Tianbiao the two White Lotus Third Grade experts were the first to arrive. Shang Youlai, Hou Sheng, Wang Xiuqing and Nan Sisi swiftly followed s

Yan Xiu, Dan Biaoyi and Qiu Shaoqun were the last to reach, as though they'd also just arrived after hearing the commotion.

They all wanted to head into the Grand Hall to see what had happened, but Miao Yi, sitting on his steed with his spear in hand, stopped them right outside the gates.

Riding his dragon steed, and wielding his silver spear, Miao Yi stood firm on top of the platform of the hall gates, looking down at everyone from a high angle.

Outside the Grand Hall, the night fell, and the moon and the stars flickered about.

Inside the Grand Hall behind Miao Yi, the luminous candles flickered, and the brightening and dimming of the light made it hard for others to clearly see Miao Yi's expression. It added an air of mystery and majesty, and at the same time they could feel the intense aura of murder emanating from Miao Yi.

Those from the School of Blue Jade were looking at each other, and eventually Wang Zifa cupped his fists and asked, ’’Cave Master, just now we seemed to have heard the noise of battle, and also Senior Brother Song Fu's cry for help. Dare I ask, is Senior Brother Song Fu inside the Grand Hall?!’’

’’He is! But he has already been beheaded!’’ Miao Yi did not hide anything. He brought up the hand beside his thigh, he was holding someone's hair, and in his hand a head shone through, when he then threw at the crowd.

Everyone was surprised, and inadvertently took a step back to avoid it. They could only see a head rolling beside their legs and coming to a halt.

Everyone stared wide-eyed whose head could it be if not Song Fu's?

At the back, Yan Xiu and his group exchanged glances secretly, but the rest were deeply shocked.

Wang Zifa extended his finger suddenly, pointing at Miao Yi on the platform. He furiously asked, ’’You were the one who killed Senior Brother Song Fu?’’

Looking down from above, Miao Yi displayed no expression on his face. He coldly said, ’’I ordered him to guard the mountain gates, and he dared to leave his post, which resulted in the destruction of my East Arrival mountain gate. I asked if he admitted his wrongdoings, and not only did he fail to see the error of his ways, he had the audacity to disrespect the Cave Master. Such an ignorant and arrogant subordinate, he treated this Cave Master's orders as though it was a child's game is this Cave Master not allowed to kill him?!’’

As he finished saying this, Wang Zifa and his group all unsheathed their swords and pointed them at Miao Yi. Wang Zifa questioned him furiously, ’’You dare murder a disciple from our School of Blue Jade?!’’

’’Impudent!’’ Miao Yi angrily shouted. He warned them, ’’I do not care which sect you belong to, but since you have already joined my East Arrival Cave, then you should forget about your sect mentality and obey the rules, unless your School of Blue Jade wishes to challenge the millions of soldiers under the command of the Overlord of the Fifth Earthly Branch? A mantis that seeks to stop the carriage does not know its own limits!’’

He pointed the spear in his hand downwards, ’’Song Fu is not the first White Lotus Third Grade cultivator to die by my hand, and he will not be the last! Yan Xiu, Dan Biaoyi, Qiu Shaoqun!’’

Towards the back, Yan Xiu and his group also flashed their weapons, answering in unison, ’’Here!’’

’’If there are any rebels!’’ Miao Yi looked down from above, his spear pointing at Wang Zifa and Zhu Tianbiao, ’’Leave those two to me, the rest of you will handle the other four.’’

’’Understood!’’ Dan Biaoyi and Qiu Shaoqun, along with the broadaxe-wielding Yan Xiu, shouted angrily, ’’Rebels will be killed!’’

This was what they had planned. Regardless of that thorn Song Fu, Miao Yi had long since decided that he had to eliminate him to serve as a warning for the others, no matter what.

The two remaining White Lotus Third Grade cultivators, Wang Zifa and Zhu Tianbiao, even though Miao Yi was not confident he could kill them, but with the aid of Charcoal's leg strength, holding them back was not an issue.

As for the other four White Lotus Second Grade cultivators, having the White Lotus Third Grade cultivator, Yan Xiu, leading Dan Biaoyi and Qiu Shaoqun was enough.

If it really came down to a skirmish, once Yan Xiu's three-man team defeated that group of four, they'd be able to assist Miao Yi in dealing with Wang Zifa and Zhu Tianbiao, so the odds of victory were still quite high.

The School of Blue Jade disciples looked at Miao Yi who wielded his spear, riding his horse on the platform, then turned around and looked at Yan Xiu and his group who were eyeing them they had immediately fallen in between two dangers.

Back then during the battle for Transient Light Cave, as all the witnesses had seen, Wang Zifa and Zhu Tianbiao might not be able to defeat Miao Yi even if they joined forces. Once the battle dragged on, with the other four White Lotus Second Grade disciples facing the attacks of the other three, led by the White Lotus Third Grade cultivator Yan Xiu, there was a high chance of failure;the odds were against them in this battle.

In addition, they still did not know whether Song Fu's death was the result of Yan Xiu's group joining forces or not. They only secretly felt shocked that Miao Yi could kill Song Fu so quickly, and inadvertently felt disturbed.

’’Miao Yi is here, who dares fight me?!’’ Miao Yi raised his spear and bellowed once more.

’’You killed a disciple from our School of Blue Jade, and the School of Blue Jade will come looking for you for an explanation.’’ Even though Wang Zifa said this, but the sword in his hand had already been lowered. He did not dare to be rash, and following suit, the others also slowly put down their swords.

Seeing that he'd already suppressed the group, Miao Yi said coldly, ’’I don't care about the School of Blue Jade's affairs, I only care about the affairs of East Arrival Cave. If you find it difficult to stay in my East Arrival Cave, feel free to leave, I will not stop you. If you wish to stay and heed my orders, I will not treat you badly. From this day forth, to the East Arrival Cave subordinates that will listen to my commands, I will grant three grain-sized Orbs of Will every year to White Lotus Third Grade cultivators, and two to White Lotus Second Grade cultivators. Those that do not can forget about even getting one, so get the hell out while it's still early!’’

As he finished saying this, everyone was completely taken aback even Yan Xiu and his group felt the same, because Miao Yi had never mentioned this to them before.

Everyone was quickly calculating this in their hearts East Arrival Cave presided over an estimated 120,000 followers, and every year they could obtain around one hundred twenty Orbs of Will, eighty percent of which had to be turned over, leaving them with the remaining twenty percent, which was twenty four orbs. Now there were three White Lotus Third Grade cultivators, taking away nine orbs, and six White Lotus Second Grade cultivators also taking another twelve orbs. Out of the twenty four orbs, twenty one would be gone. Why would this Cave Master take this position after so much effort, and only be willing to leave himself with three orbs?


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