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Soaring The Heavens - Chapter 68


Chapter 68: East Arrival Cave Master (6)

Miao Yi paid him no heed. He just looked at him coldly.

In contrast, Yan Xiu hurriedly explained, ’’The new Cave Master is here.’’

’’New Cave Master?’’ Song Fu stroked his flowery-white beard, as though surprised. He asked, ’’Do you have the decree of duty from the Mountain Chieftain?’’

Yan Xiu quickly handed over the jade archive in his hand. Song Fu took the jade archive and after examining it with his arts, he nodded slightly, then passed it over to Wang Zifa, who then handed it to Zhu Tianbiao after looking through it.

When the jade archive finally returned to Yan Xiu's hand, Song Fu nodded at Miao Yi. ’’At long last you are here, Cave Master. Quickly ask the East Arrival City Lord to send over this month's fees and handmaidens, otherwise we will find it hard to focus on cultivation.’’

Miao Yi leaned forward slightly, glared at him and smiled. ’’Are you trying to lecture this Cave Master?’’

’’I wouldn't dare!’’ Song Fu held his hand in jest, ’’I am just afraid since Cave Master is young and thus inexperienced, so I wanted to make a small reminder.’’ However, his eyes were as though they were saying what can you even do to me if I was?

’’Inexperienced or not, that is not something that concerns you. I know you are all my subordinates.’’ Miao Yi pointed at the seven of them and suddenly snapped, ’’Why are you still not paying your respects in front of the Cave Master, are you trying to rebel!’’

They looked at each other, and Song Fu chuckled. ’’Cave Master need not be so agitated. We all came out to see you, is that not considered paying respects to the Cave Master already?’’

In a solemn voice, Miao Yi shouted, ’’Dan Biaoyi!’’

Dan Biaoyi was about to see what Miao Yi was going to do, when suddenly his name was called out. He was surprised at first, and then he saw Miao Yi sweeping a cold glance at him. He immediately stepped forward and cupped his fists, ’’Your subordinate is here!’’

Miao Yi laughed coldly, ’’Head over to Mount Calming Sea immediately. Report to the Mountain Chieftain, and ask her to pass this message to the Manor Head: Lan Yumen does not respect the order of South Edict, and has rebelled! Let Manor Head swiftly make his judgement!’’

Forget everything else, for now he would just force a big cap on their heads.

Song Fu's group were left wide-eyed. Wasn't this just messing around too wildly? Did he think they would be afraid?

Dan Biaoyi's face twitched, as though asking, are you for real or are you just messing around?

’’En?’’ Miao Yi glared at him and made a questioning noise.

Sua! A silver spear had already appeared in his hand. He could not kill the others, but Dan Biaoyi was just a White Lotus Second Grade cultivator, so Miao Yi still had some confidence.

Dan Biaoyi trembled slightly, and quickly cupped his fists and acknowledged his order, then turned around to get a dragon steed.

’’Hold it!’’ Song Fu quickly reached out his hand to stop Dan Biaoyi.

Seeing that Miao Yi was serious, then if they were framed with such a monumental cap, the effects would be far worse than a simple demerit. Lan Yumen had just gone into an agreement with Yang Qing, so even if both parties had some feelings of disagreement in their hearts, they would not reveal it for the time being. Regardless of the truth, the final result was likely a punishment of fifty smacks each, and Lan Yumen was sure to punish them heavily in front of Yang Qing in order to avoid disrupting the agreement between them.

Truth be told, Lan Yumen was not afraid of Yang Qing, but was apprehensive of the governing force of the entire Immortal Nation set by the Immortal Sage Mu Fanjun, who stood behind Yang Qing. You could challenge Yang Qing, but would you dare challenge the ten Hall Masters who stood behind him? Behind these ten, were ten more Palace Lords, and beyond them there were still twelve domain Overlords, and at the top there was Immortal Sage Mu Fanjun himself.

’’Cave Master's words are too much.’’ With a dark expression, Song Fu held his hand as a gesture of apology, then turned back and shouted at his fellow disciples, ’’Quickly pay your respects to the Cave Master!’’

The seven of them casually adjusted themselves, and nonchalantly cupped their fists, ’’Your subordinate greets the Cave Master!’’

From their words and actions, they had no trace of respect for Miao Yi at all.

Miao Yi also did not care whether they were sincere or not. He leaned his upper body forward once again, and stared at Song Fu's eyes. He asked smilingly, ’’Then from this day forward, you are all willing to heed this Cave Master's orders?’’

This brat was a smiling tiger! They all had this impression of the temperamental Miao Yi in their hearts.

Naturally they could not openly say they wouldn't listen to the Cave Master's orders that would become a real rebellion. They would not do anything that could be seen as publicly going against Yang Qing. Their original intention was to coax and pester, to act as if they obeyed, but disregarding him in secret. They would then fight for more benefits for themselves, making it difficult for the new Cave Master to handle them. It would be best if he was driven away, and one of them could become Cave Master. A White Lotus First Grade was looking to be their boss, what a joke! They'd have no face to see other people if they went out!

Song Fu was thinking, do not be conceited, you brat, when you have problems in the future, with your White Lotus First Grade cultivation, what can you even do to us?

Unable to say the words in his heart, he only held his hand and smiled, ’’Why would Cave Master ask such things? We are all under the banner of East Arrival Cave, naturally we will follow the orders of the East Arrival Cave Master.’’

’’Very good!’’ Miao Yi straightened his body on the dragon steed, his spear pointing at Song Fu. ’’From this day forth, you shall guard the mountain gates. If any mishaps were to occur, I will hold you for questioning!’’

Song Fu's face froze, fury in his eyes. This was just degrading himself.

Sitting on Charcoal, Miao Yi could care less about him as he charged towards this group of people in an arrogant manner.

Even Blue Lotus cultivators did not dare take a hit from a dragon steed, much less this bunch of people. They fearfully dodged to both sides, allowing Miao Yi to pass.

Song Fu and company all had dark expressions on their faces this brat did not hold the Lan Yumen disciples in any regard at all.

Yan Xiu's group looked at each other, realizing that this Cave Master was quite brash indeed.

But the three of them secretly felt a rush. They had all been heavily bullied these past days, and now seeing the tables turned on that group, they felt deeply ecstatic inside.

Yan Xiu called out to the other two, and prompted them to rush alongside him to the East Arrival Great Hall.

Cave Master is still far too young. He only sees the momentary bliss, and not the ensuing trouble. They had to remind him of this.

Charcoal spread his hooves and laid down leisurely in front of the Great Hall gates, much like a watchdog. Where could one find a dragon steed that could lie down almost anywhere it was really ridiculous.

Miao Yi was looking around the Great Hall. Upon seeing the three of them enter, he straightened his expression and proceeded to the only high chair at the center of the hall and sat there. He steepled his fingers together, looking for the feeling of being a Cave Master. He glanced towards the three of them and was very expectant of their display of respect once more.

The three of them cast a glance at each other, then stood in line, and held their hands in salutation. ’’We're here to pay respects to the Cave Master!’’

’’We are all old comrades of Transient Light Cave. You can even say we're like family, so there's no need to be so formal! In future, all of us shall share both our fortunes and problems. I will not treat you badly!’’ Miao Yi laughed as he raised his hand, making a gesture to them to rise;the notion of helping one side and beating the other, he was clearly aware of it from his days in the marketplace.

Finding the shallow pride from being respected by others, he was feeling better than ever. As though he was a humble man accomplishing a great deed, his face had a trace of conceit and was beaming with its smile.

But these words evidently struck a chord with this bunch who would be unhappy to find out there were benefits?

’’Cave Master!’’ After his moment of happiness, Yan Xiu gave an anxious reminder, ’’You treated them as such today, so in the future I worry they will just obey on the surface but oppose in secret!’’

Clearly, he was declaring that they would seek trouble covertly.

Miao Yi laughed coldly. ’’If I didn't do this to them, will they even listen to my orders in the future? I am the Cave Master, so if I have to degrade myself in front of them, then why would I be in this position at all? I might as well let them have it. I am the superior in both prestige and position, so why should I fear them at all? They are only looking down on the fact that my cultivation is too low!’’


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