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Soaring The Heavens - Chapter 66


Chapter 66: East Arrival Cave (4)

In fact, Miao Yi wanted to take offense, but what good would that do?

’’I dare not. Mountain Chieftain's matters are far more important.’’ Miao Yi cupped his hands in reply.

No matter how Qin Weiwei heard it, she sensed something was fishy, as though he was satirizing her instead you won't even attach importance to Yang Qing, what else can I say?

However, Qin Weiwei didn't seem to mind. She calmly said, ’’I know your purpose in coming here. Do you have the Manor Head's decree of duty?’’

Miao Yi took out the jade archive from his storage ring, then walked up front to present it to her with both hands.

Upon receiving it, she looked through and held no objections. She could not deliberately make things difficult for him on this matter. Otherwise, that would mean she was disrespecting the law decree set by Yang Qing. Now that would be seriously considered as not giving face to Yang Qing. Then, with her status as the Mountain Chieftain of Mount Calming Sea, she wrote another decree of duty, eventually handing it over to Miao Yi.

After examining the contents of the jade archive and ensuring there weren't any issues, Miao Yi cupped his fists and asked, ’’I would like to ask, are all the members of East Arrival Cave currently at their assigned positions?’’

Qin Weiwei nodded and said, ’’The only one yet to take up their position is you, the Cave Master.’’

’’I would like to have Yan Xiu transferred to serve under me, so I request Mountain Chieftain to allow this!’’ Previously, Miao Yi had made a promise to Yan Xiu regarding this matter. He really needed one of his own to be by his side.

Qin Weiwei then impassively said, ’’I do not require you to teach me how to transfer the crew of Mount Calming Sea. Just watch over your own East Arrival Cave.’’

As soon as she finished, a wave of quickly approaching dragon steeds could be heard clamoring in from outside. In the midst of it all came the sound of Charcoal neighing indistinctly.

Miao Yi, who was about to say something, suddenly changed his expression. Abruptly, he swept his gaze to stare at Qin Weiwei. Unfortunately, he had guessed right. This vile woman was indeed being sinister by targeting his own mount.

Qin Weiwei, who was akin to a snow-pear flower, sat in a poised manner in the high seat. He was unable to make out any changes in the cold expression on her face.

In order to save Charcoal, Miao Yi could only temporarily put down Yan Xiu's matter for now. He cupped his hands, bidding his farewell as he said, ’’Mountain Chieftain is busy, so I won't trouble you any further. I'll make my arrangements at East Arrival Cave.’’

’’It's not urgent! I still need to talk to you,’’ Qin Weiwei calmly and unhurriedly uttered. ’’Regarding your current journey to East Arrival Cave, you must make sure to settle the place down, and cannot do as you please to disturb the peaceful life of the followers...’’

This wasn't even Miao Yi's first time in entering the cultivation world, so it wasn't necessary for her to explain all this to him. Qin Weiwei didn't even need to say it out loud and already Miao Yi knew it was bullshit he listened till he tightened both of his fists repeatedly.

He had seen through her. This b*tch was obviously trying to stall time. But he couldn't do anything about it. She was speaking of official matters that would be relevant once he took up his position. One could guess what the consequences would be for not listening attentively.

Miao Yi's face was as black as the bottom of a pot. If he could beat this woman in a fight, he'd like to to take out his spear and impale the b*tch to death.

His expression twitched as he locked his gaze onto Qin Weiwei, both his eyes almost emitting flames. He had no choice but to nod and agree.

A look of delight flashed across Qin Weiwei's eyes as she exacted her revenge through this bantering. On the surface, she appeared to be aloof instead, continuing to stall time as she gradually briefed him.

When she could no longer hear sounds of movement coming from outside, Qin Weiwei finally stood up and walked down from her high seat. Walking to Miao Yi's side, she tilted her head to look askance at him and warned, ’’Still using the same words, once you get to East Arrival Cave, you must settle down the place and cannot do as you please in disturbing the peaceful lives of the followers. If this influences the handover of the Orbs of Will at the end of the year, I will not forgive you!’’

’’I will definitely not defy the great expectations of Mountain Chieftain.’’ Miao Yi cupped his fists in acceptance of the order before asking, ’’Can I go ahead and make my way back now?’’

Qin Weiwei perfunctorily said, ’’Alright.’’

Miao Yi rapidly turned around and left. With a silver spear at hand, once he left the grand hall, he moved to the mountain gate with great haste. Surveying the surroundings coldly, he saw the two cultivators who were guarding the gates, currently rejoicing in another's misfortune before them.

’’Hush...Hush...’’ Miao Yi clenched his lips, invoking his art in emitting a soft, long shout. He hoped that nothing bad had happened to Charcoal, and he would still be able to hear his call.

He didn't wait for long far off in the distance, there came the distinct sound of rapid hooves, only to be greeted with the sight of a dragon steed abruptly soaring out from the mountain forest. After it descended onto the ground, it galloped over at great speed, akin to a gale. It was Charcoal.

Shortly after, he again saw two dragon steeds leaping out from the mountain forest in quick succession as they chased Charcoal from behind. They were being ridden by spear-wielding cultivators, precisely the two White Lotus Third Grade cultivators who'd fought with Miao Yi before. Judging by the intense chase scene, they were obviously pursuing Charcoal.

Charcoal rushed over, quickly hiding behind Miao Yi before letting out a

Seeing that the master had arrived, the two cultivators glanced at each other, lowering their speed.

In rapid movement, Miao Yi mounted the steed, pointing his spear at the both of them as he angrily shouted ’’What are you two trying to do?’’

’’Nothing.’’ Both of them casually replied with a word. They turned their steeds around, preparing to enter the mountain gates.

’’Stop right there!’’ Miao Yi blocked them with a horizontal swipe of his spear. ’’Planning to leave without giving an explanation?’’

’’What kind of explanation do you intend to get from me here?’’ A voice came from behind him, belonging to Qin Weiwei.

Miao Yi turned to look behind him, only to be greeted by the sight of Qin Weiwei, dressed in a white skirt, nimbly appearing on top of the memorial arch of the mountain gate. She stared at him as she towered above, and asked, ’’Miao Yi, make haste to East Arrival Cave to take up the post. Or do you want to stir up trouble here instead?’’

Gnashing his teeth, Miao Yi turned around, and without a word he briefly touched the two men with the tip of his spear. A wise man knows better than to fight when the odds are against him, so Charcoal carried him off speedily into the far distance, like an arrow shooting out from a bow...

After seeing Miao Yi had vanished, Qin Weiwei dropped her gaze onto the two men. ’’You can't even settle the other guy's mount. Tell me, what right do either of you have to envy him being appointed as the Cave Master of East Arrival Cave?’’

An awkward expression appeared on their faces. One of them feebly defended, ’’That bastard is too crafty. He ran the moment he saw us nearing him so it was difficult to catch up.’’

Qin Weiwei ignored them and swiftly flew back into the grand hall.

With no outsiders around her now, Qin Weiwei immediately flipped out in the grand hall. She kicked the stone pillars, going completely ballistic, unable to contain the frustration in her heart.

Her personal handmaidens, Hong Mian and Lu Liu, came over to her. Lu Liu asked, ’’Mountain Chieftain, what's wrong?’’

Qin Weiwei pointed her finger towards the outside. ’’Those two useless things, they can't even handle that guy's steed. They made me look like a bad person for nothing! If word got out, people will laugh at me!’’

Hong Mian pursed her lips and laughed, ’’Mountain Chieftain, are you that upset that Miao Yi has become the Cave Master of East Arrival Cave?’’

Qin Weiwei immediately dashed to her and pinched her nose, feigning anger as she said, ’’You dare to ridicule me, too? Are you sneering at me for being petty?’’

’’I dare not! Mountain Chieftain, please have mercy on me!’’ Hong Mian repeatedly begged for forgiveness as she laughed.

At once, Qin Weiwei 'ruthlessly' came to blows, trampling her underfoot. Only then did she 'lividly' release her.

Sorting out her emotions, she gradually walked over to the main doorway, clasping her hands behind her back as she sighed, ’’Loathing him is just one of the reasons. Honestly, the guy's cultivation base is just too low. Manor Head has placed me in such an important position, and the place that guy is overseeing is situated at a crucial point. Besides, Lan Yumen's disciples might not obey him. I worry he'll be unable to achieve anything and will ruin things instead!’’

Following her, both Hong Mian and Lu Liu looked speechlessly at each other.

Qin Weiwei was annoyed.

Miao Yi was also annoyed, but as he thought of going to garrison a region, commanding a hundred thousand followers as well as becoming that region's official Cave Master, he was still ecstatic.

Below him, Charcoal galloped on incessantly under his urging, dashing at great speed throughout the entire journey. After madly galloping for a day, they finally arrived at East Arrival Cave at dusk.

This was his second time coming to East Arrival Cave. The first time he'd done so, he had accompanied Yang Qing to this place.

Up ahead, the faintly discernible unbroken string of buildings amidst the mountain ranges, they were his domain.

Looking at the storage ring wrapped around his finger, Miao Yi was overcome with joy. He began to mull over what the normal response would be to a Cave Master at the moment the cultivators guarding the mountain gate were to see him.

Should his reply appear to be imposing or should he be more gentle?

But when he halted Charcoal to a stop right under the mountain gates, not a single person was in sight. The speech he'd prepared to make the grandeur of the Cave Master more prominent was wasted.

Where did the people go? How come there wasn't anyone guarding the stately East Arrival Cave's mountain gate? Wasn't this allowing anyone to intrude into his domain as they pleased?!


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