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Soaring The Heavens - Chapter 65


Chapter 65: East Arrival Cave Master (3)

After Miao Yi left the mountain, Qing Ju took the wine pot and helped pour a cup of wine for Yang Qing. She then asked, ’’Manor Head, Miss had a bit of a feud with him. When the time comes, do you think there will be trouble?’’

Yang Qing shook his head in reply. ’’The most that can be done is to punish him for a bit. Weiwei is in the midst of overseeing Mount Calming Sea, and since this kid was dispatched by me, it's unlikely she'd go so far as to act recklessly in official matters. Besides, it might even be a good thing if we let Weiwei be the bad guy. If there's no one acting as a bad person, how could I be a good guy? Otherwise, that kid will still think that he deserved to be the Cave Master of East Arrival Cave.’’

Qing Ju glanced back at the figure by the base of the mountain, unable to control a smile as she pursed her lips.

Miao Yi felt really depressed!

There were ten mountains under South Edict Manor and out of all the mountains, Qin Weiwei just had to be stationed at the garrison for Mount Calming Sea. He was uncertain as to whether his life in the future would be a living hell from now on.

In the end, he could only turn to self-condolences. Luckily, he wasn't a subordinate of Xiong Xiao or else his fate would be much worse.

Retrieving his steed, he met Qian Zifeng and Zhou Liqin at the mountain gate, and once again he became full of energy, deliberately flashing the storage ring he wore as he cupped his hands at the two of them. ’’Do come to visit East Arrival Cave once both of you have the opportunity to do so. I, Miao Yi, will definitely act as your host. Manor Head has given his orders, so I won't be staying here anymore.’’

Qian Zifeng and Zhou Liqin gazed at each other, their eyes revealing a look of envy that was difficult to mask. After saying all that, by now it was obvious that the Cave Master of East Arrival Cave's position had been confirmed. Hence, both of them immediately cupped their hands in obeisance and exclaimed, ’’We dare not! East Arrival Cave Master, please take care!’’

It was precisely done so he could listen to them address him as 'Cave Master'. Miao Yi beamed with happiness and again cupped his hands as he replied, ’’Goodbye!’’

He mounted Charcoal, and the dragon steed then galloped away with him in tow.

’’He only has a cultivation at White Lotus First Grade and now he's overseeing a region!’’ Qian Zifeng clicked his tongue, green with envy.

There were a lot of people who weren't likely to have this kind of opportunity, even if they were with a cultivation at White Lotus Fifth Grade. Waiting for his own time to come, he was uncertain which year or month it would happen for him.

The moment he left South Edict Manor, Miao Yi once again urged Charcoal to a gallop, as they surreptitiously delved into the mountain forest and found the place where he'd previously hidden his things.

Digging out the items, he examined them for a while, and confirmed that nothing was missing. Spreading out his hand, he invoked his art onto the storage ring on his finger, and immediately contained the items within the storage ring. Tightening his fist, he once again spread his fingers apart, and a silver spear precipitously appeared in his hand. With another clench of his fist, the silver spear was again contained back into the storage ring. It could be said that he could do as he pleased.

Stroking the storage ring wrapped around his middle finger, he felt invigorated, since he would never have to hold his longspear or carry large and small bags around anymore. At the very least, he didn't have to worry that the items he'd stolen would be seen by others.

Mounting back up onto his steed, he gave Charcoal a pat. ’’Let's go and find that vile woman!’’

Two fleshy feelers popped up from within the mane, attaching themselves to him before the chubby Charcoal reared and galloped off speedily...

The reason why Mount Calming Sea came to have its name, was because Mount Calming Sea was the only place that was located by the sea within the realm of South Edict. Above was Mount Heavenly Grace from Ever Peace Manor and below there was Mount Gathering Justice from Thriving Ten-Thousand Manor, with Mount Calming Sea of South Edict Manor located in between. Along with the other two manors, its geographical location formed a triangular zone.

And East Arrival Cave was at the very peak of the triangular zone in Mount Calming Sea, situated right by the sea.

Yang Qing naturally had his own reasons to post Qin Weiwei at this geographical location, placed in between two manors. At the same time, she would know first-hand the movement of the two manors, allowing her to avoid mishaps. So of course, he had to assign it to his trusted aide. Other than Qin Weiwei, there was no else as trusted among his loyal aides.

And Yang Qing promising to let Miao Yi come to East Arrival Cave was also his attempt at winning him over it was not necessarily for the same reasons.

Currently, Miao Yi, who was now outside the mountain gate of Mount Calming Sea, was speechless. He hadn't seen Qin Weiwei, yet he'd already had a taste of her wrath.

At first, when he asked the cultivator standing guard to send word, the guy held onto a smiling face. But who knew that after returning from his report, the guard's face would immediately turn sour? He then informed him that Mountain Chieftain was busy and requested him to wait outside the gate for now.

Miao Yi wanted to give some items to the two cultivators standing guard in order to establish a relationship with them, and at the same time, ask about the current state of affairs. But he would never have predicted that the guy didn't want to accept his money the guy even berated him for it.

He had rushed over here since early morning and stayed waiting till noon, and they still didn't seem to have the intention of letting him enter. He vaguely caught on to what was going on that b*tch was indeed messing with him.

Miao Yi wouldn't foolishly wait under the sun. He led Charcoal beneath the shade of a tree, then lied down, a man and his dragon steed, leaning against each other as they slept.

The sun sets in the west. Seeing that the sun was about to set, Qin Weiwei, lazily lying on top of a chair bed in one of the garrets asked softly, ’’He's still sleeping?’’

A handmaiden bowed in reply. ’’Yes. The people from the mountain gate informed that he's still sleeping.’’

Qin Weiwei let out a cold scoff. She stood up and went down with hands clasped behind her back. ’’Doesn't he like to sleep? Then let's just let him sleep outside for another night.’’

The sky had completely darkened. Miao Yi wasn't a pig, so he couldn't continue sleeping. Not only that, Charcoal was also whining at the side, indicating that he was hungry.

Giving him a few pats, Miao Yi pointed to a lake situated not far from here, reflected under the moonlight. ’’Go catch a fish. Get a big one.’’

Charcoal immediately sped off. By the time Miao Yi had finally built a bonfire, Charcoal, whose body was completely drenched, came trotting back with a huge catfish that was estimated to weigh a dozen or more jin. He threw the fish onto the ground at Miao Yi's side and went back to the lake to do the same again. He would have to depend on himself to fill his own tummy since his master was unreliable.

This scene caused the cultivators standing guard at the mountain gate to look on in shock. Unexpectedly, this dragon steed that was as fat as a pig, knew how to catch fish in the water?

They were aware that dragon steeds knew how to swim, but it was their first time seeing a dragon steed who could help his master catch fish.

Roasting the huge, pierced catfish, Miao Yi shot a glance at them, thinking to himself that such a sight had never been seen before, right? So now you know I'm not alone at all.

Luckily, he already knew beforehand that by coming here to Qin Weiwei's place, he was bound to run into issues, so he'd made preparations earlier on and bought some goods from the city nearby.

After drinking and eating to his heart's content, he tossed an Orb of Will into his mouth, preparing to cultivate while sitting cross-legged. With this, time would pass by very quickly. That vile woman had the capacity to make him wait there for a year. Since he had the Orb of Will given to him by the Lady Boss, in addition to the ones he had plundered later on, he could cultivate for up to a year and still wouldn't run out. Not only that, he had someone to provide free protection to him too.

Miao Yi refused to believe that since Yang Qing had appointed him as the Cave Master of East Arrival Case, that wretched woman would truly be able to keep obstructing him like this. All in all, he absolutely could not fall for that b*tch's trick he had to hold it in.

In actuality, that was indeed the fact. It was impossible for Qin Weiwei to keep refusing to see him. She only intended to make him lose his patience. If Miao Yi couldn't stand the humiliation and then ran off, then she could legitimately refuse to give the seat of the Cave Master of East Arrival Cave to Miao Yi.

The next morning, the mountain gate guard walked over to his side to inform him, ’’The Mountain Chieftain has summoned you to the grand hall.’’

Miao Yi stopped cultivating and spat out the Orb of Will, which he then tucked away. He then spoke to Charcoal at his side, ’’There's a lot of people who harbor ill intentions here. Hide further away. Don't let anyone come near you.’’

He had to guard against others who would target his mount. Charcoal had killed Qin Weiwei's mount before. He couldn't deny the possibility that Qin Weiwei would try to target Charcoal, and make him walk to East Arrival Cave on foot inste

In the end, he was right. Qin Weiwei did indeed make arrangements to do exactly that. She didn't know whether Miao Yi would actually walk all the way to East Arrival Cave. At the very least, she wouldn't be giving Miao Yi another dragon steed on her side.

The moment Miao Yi entered the mountain gate, Charcoal shrewdly ran far away.

One of the cultivators standing guard by the gate couldn't help but laugh at the retreating Charcoal. ’’This pig-like beast is acting like a human.’’

Within the Mount Calming Sea Grand Hall, Qin Weiwei sat in the high seat. She was decked out in white robes akin to snow, and wore a cold expression on her face. She looked on with downcast eyes at Miao Yi standing beneath her and calmly said, ’’I, the Mountain Chieftain, had important matters to attend to yesterday, which have just been concluded. I've made you wait for quite a long period of time. Hopefully, you don't mind.’’


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