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Soaring The Heavens - Chapter 63


Volume 1

Chapter 63: East Arrival Cave Master (1)

’’He's already dead, and he has not been dead for very long.’’ The red gem young man furrowed his brows, ’’Who had such audacity, to make a move on the City Lord in bright daylight?’’

As he was saying these words, he seemed to have forgotten his reason for coming here, and was acting like someone who upheld the rules of the cultivation world.

’’Dead?’’ The white jade young man took a closer look, and when he realized Head Guard Huang was truly dead, he squeezed his fists in rage, saying angrily, ’’Lucky for him, I was not able to kill him myself.’’

As he finished saying this, footsteps resounded from outside, at the same time a woman's voice could be heard, ’’Is dear still not out yet?’’

The red gem young man immediately turned his head and said, ’’Junior Sister, we must leave, otherwise we won't be able to explain this turn of events.’’

Instead, the white jade young man still had anger he had not yet vented, and he would not leave that easily. He did not heed the warning, and dashed out into the hall.

The red gem young man was speechless.

Outside the hall, the City Lord's mistress and her escorts were all shocked when they saw someone suddenly leaving the room in front of them.

The City Lord's mistress asked in outrage, ’’Who are you?’’

Just like Miao Yi, the white jade young man could tell that this was Old Li's daughter from the outline of her brows.

I have yet to display my anger, and you wish to vent your anger out on me! The white jade young man's expression turned cold, he instantly dashed over, and with a blinding speed he slapped the mistress twice with a 'pa! pa!', beating her so fiercely, even her teeth flew out.

’’Someone of your calibre dares to hope they're a match for my Big Brother? You don't even have the right to carry his shoes!’’

The white jade young man was dissatisfied, his mouth was abusive, and his feet did not stop as well. He gave the mistress, who was already on the ground, a few more kicks, and she was beaten to a very miserable state.

The red gem young man had followed him out, and was also helpless after seeing his companion, someone who was normally elegant and graceful, suddenly turning into such a shrew today.

Without waiting for those servants to respond, the red gem young man was already dashing forward, grabbed the white jade young man's wrist, and they both disappeared into the skies.

The servants who were at the scene were all in disarray, and after a few moments someone shouted in shock, ’’They killed the City Lord, they killed the City Lord...’’

As it was evident the murderer was a cultivator who could fly, people from the City Lord's Mansion immediately rode their steeds to report the incident to Changfeng Cave.

Cave Master of Changfeng Cave was still in the midst of stabilizing his position, and was completely taken by surprise. Changfeng City Lord was the father of Chun Xue, the Mountain Chieftain's personal handmaiden.

He immediately sent men over to investigate, and at the same time, sent someone to head to Mount Shaotai by dragon steed to report to Xiong Xiao.

It was nighttime, and inside the Mountain Chieftain's quarters of Mount Shaotai, over ten sticks of bulky candles danced about, brightening up the interior of the room. Three naked bodies were entwined on top of the mattress.

After going through a battle, being promoted and assigning the individual caves under his jurisdiction, Xiong Xiao could finally take a moment to relax, and it was now his leisure time.

Handmaiden Dong Xue's nimble body and Xiong Xiao tussled with each other.

The fair-skinned and tender Chun Xue had her head under Xiong Xiao's crotch, trying her best to please as a sign of gratitude for Xiong Xiao avenging her brother. As she was also trying to get her father to be the City Lord of Shaotai City, she was putting in more effort than usual, pleasuring Xiong Xiao till he was moaning.

The scenes of pleasure inside the room were not a sight meant for others, and outside its walls, someone suddenly ran to the gate and shouted, ’’Reporting to Mountain Chieftain, Changfeng Cave has sent someone to report that the Changfeng City Lord suffered an assassin's assault, and perished!’’

’’Ah!’’ Chun Xue's shout resounded from inside the room.

Soon after, the gates flew open. Xiong Xiao, who simply put on a robe, and his two disheveled handmaidens stood at the gate. Pale-faced, Chun Xue could not help but ask, ’’What did you just say?’’

The servant immediately cupped his fists and reported once more, and Chun Xue's eyes rolled back. Losing all her body strength, she collapsed.

Here she was hoping she could avenge her dead brother, and trying her best to serve the Mountain Chieftain, but who knew that even before she could get news of the mission's success, her own father would lose his life?

Xiong Xiao supported her, and asked Dong Xue to carry her back inside. He had a dark expression on his face, his insides full with rage, and he brought his men along as he made his way to the assembly hall.

It was not solely because of Chun Xue, but rather he'd just left Changfeng Cave and became the Mountain Chieftain of Mount Shaotai, and now someone had killed his subordinate City Lord. This was clearly a slap to his face, how could he not be angry!

The sun was high in the sky, and Miao Yi, who could only be bothered to kill and not to bury, was in a good mood. In a place not too far from South Edict Manor, he delved into the forest and in an obscure location, he buried the big bag he was carrying. Then, he leapt back onto his dragon steed and galloped across the mountain making his way straight for South Edict Manor.

Riding all the way to the South Edict Manor's mountain gates, he was stopped by the cultivator guard.

Miao Yi jumped down the dragon steed, swept his spear and cupped his fists, ’’Miao Yi comes reporting for duty to Manor Head, please send word!’’

The two guards were both White Lotus Second Grade cultivators, and were not unfamiliar with Miao Yi they both knew what it meant for Miao Yi to come reporting for duty, and there was no doubt it was to seize his position as Cave Master of East Arrival Cave. He could very well be the Cave Master with the lowest cultivation grade in history.

The two of them looked at Miao Yi with envy and admiration, it was frustrating to compare, a White Lotus First Grade was doing better than us White Lotus Second Grades. He's going to be Cave Master, and we're stuck here watching the gate what sort of reasoning was this?

But come to think of it, during the battle of Transient Light Cave, the two of them personally witnessed Miao Yi's valor;three White Lotus Second Grades and one White Lotus Third Grade had died by this monster's spear. His fearless ferocity was something they resigned themselves to, and if they were to fight, the two of them might not even be his match.

The two of them did not make things difficult and instead cupped their hands and smiled welcomingly, because they knew Miao Yi was someone highly valued by the Manor Head.

’’Brother Miao, please wait!’’ one of them respectfully said, then ran back to report.

Miao Yi and the other gatekeeper started to chit chat, and found out that one of them was called Qian Zifeng, and the other was Zhou Liqin.

After talking for a while with Qian Zifeng, Zhou Liqin who had gone off to report had come back. He cupped his hands and said, ’’Brother Miao, please head to the South Edict Great Hall, Little Auntie is waiting for you.’’

After saying this, he even offered to help Miao Yi bring Charcoal over to the stables.

’’Please don't trouble yourselves, I can do it on my own,’’ Miao Yi responded respectfully.

Zhou Liqin waved his hand and said, ’’You need not be too formal for these small matters, I'm sure by the time Brother Miao returns he will be the East Arrival Cave Master, so in the future I will ask Brother Miao to take care of me.’’

’’Now, now, we can look out for each other,’’ Miao Yi replied politely, and taking out twenty gold crystal coins from his pocket, he stuffed ten pieces each into both of their hands.

It should be known that low-leveled cultivators are only entitled to around ten gold crystal coins every month, so Miao Yi was being quite extravagant with his spending.

When it came to forming relationships, Miao Yi knew the benefits and risks involved, because for the sake of letting his younger brother and sister grow up safely in Changfeng City all those years ago, he would often chop a pig's ear, or gather some pig head meat, or even intestines and the like to gift to his neighbors especially to the little uncle of the City Lord Mansion's housekeeper.

He was not able to kiss up to the City Lord Manor's housekeeper, but his little uncle was an enthusiastic drunk, so Miao Yi would often send some wine and dishes every three or five days.

They were all inexpensive things, and Miao Yi could not give out expensive things anyway, but be it minor things and such, over a period of time, it helped to establish a relationship. This was also why he could still ensure his younger brother and sister were well fed, even when up against Head Guard Huang. The little uncle of the City Lord's housekeeper would sometimes remind Head Guard Huang not to go too far.

Similarly, whenever there was any business that needed taking care of, his neighbors and the housekeeper's little uncle wouldn't forget him.


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