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Soaring The Heavens - Chapter 62


Volume 1

Chapter 62: Resolving a Knot in One's Heart (2)

Naturally, Miao Yi knew where Head Guard Huang had obtained this granule-sized orb from. Normally, City Lords had no right to interfere with the followers' records and the power of will gathered from them, but this didn't necessarily apply to the Manor of Merciful Hope and the Manor of Sincere Hope.

Criminals with nothing to their name and no place to go, or orphans who had yet to reach the registration age, they were all sent to the Manor of Merciful Hope they were the source of Orbs of Will that were obtained privately. To mortals, Orbs of Will had little use, so in the end they could only be used as a means to kiss up to Immortals, just as Head Guard Huang was doing now. It was an expensive gift, after all.

Head Guard Huang was shocked to find someone had just appeared out of thin air, ’’Who are you?’’

’’Tsk tsk, it seems unlawful ways really are lucrative. After making some profit from killing off those two bastards, I'll get one more here.’’ Miao Yi shook his head as he lamented. Then he tucked away the Orb of Will, and glanced at the surprised Head Guard Huang with a smile. ’’Head Guard Huang truly knows many people of importance, but can easily forget a face have you forgotten that I was the one who killed your son? It is I, Miao Yi!’’

Head Guard Huang was left wide-eyed after Miao Yi's reminder, he finally noticed the vague outline in between Miao Yi's brows and found his proof. He pointed at Miao Yi, ’’You.... you... you.....’’

He was about to shout for help, but Miao Yi was not going to give him the opportunity. He grabbed his neck, breaking it with a 'kacha!', then placed Head Guard Huang back on his chair, his eyes still twitching.

He was not keen to stay, the conversation he'd just overheard had reaffirmed his suspicions Old Huang's daughter really was the handmaiden of Xiong Xiao, so the fact that Xiong Xiao suddenly wanted to kill him definitely had something to do with that vile woman.

Naturally, he was not about to leave empty-handed;since he'd already murdered someone, why would he feel bothered about taking a few things with him?

After smoothly swiping the case of crystal coins, he left!

Carrying a big bag with him as he left the city, he came to the forest, pulled out his silver spear from the ground, and leapt onto Charcoal. He patted Charcoal and said jovially, ’’Old partner, we are rich, let's go! To get a promotion!’’

Immediately Charcoal galloped with gusto, carrying him across the mountain paths as though they were flat plains...

Not long after he left, two incredibly luxuriously-dressed young men entered the noodle shop where he'd previously had a meal.

One had a hat adorned with a piece of white jade, his expression was quiet;the other had a hat decorated with a red gem, and his expression was cold.

From first glance, the two seemed like esteemed guests, so the boss quickly took down the towel draped over his shoulders and after giving the table a careful wipe, only then did he ask them to sit.

After asking them what they would like to eat, the young man with the red gem replied coldly, ’’Whatever.’’

The young man with the white jade was staring at the silk shop on the other side, his big eyes, beautiful and bright, were slightly dazed, seemingly lost in thought.

For the noodle shop, 'whatever' could only get two bowls of noodles with a rich amount of toppings.

But the two men did not seem interested in moving their chopsticks, and the white jade young man asked, ’’Boss, there is something I would like to ask.’’

’’Please ask,’’ the Boss immediately came over in a respectful manner, smiling and being as attentive as possible. After all, one could tell these two were rich guests right from the start, and at the very least, they seemed richer than Miao Yi by a long shot.

The white jade young man smiled and said, ’’Boss, I came here once a long time ago, and I remembered this place used to be a tofu shop. How did it become a noodle restaurant?’’

The boss was slightly dazed when the other party smiled, it felt as though it could even put a hundred flowers to shame, and the whole shop appeared more vibrant because of it.

Were it not for the fact that the other party had a man's deep voice, he would have started to suspect whether this person was actually a girl dressed up as a man.

The boss scratched his head, muttering in his heart, it seems like this would be the second time for someone to ask this question today.

The boss bowed, and once again told the story of Old Li's daughter being wed to City Lord Huang, resulting in his promotion to Head Guard, and pointed to the silk shop on the opposite side. There was no difference in the way he told the story to Miao Yi.

In contrast, the white jade young man clearly focused on something completely different from Miao Yi he widened his beautiful eyes and asked, ’’You are saying, that Eldest Zhang only sent his younger brother and sister to become Immortals, and he himself abstained from it?’’

Upon hearing this, the red gem young man also lifted his head in surprise.

The boss smiled and said, ’’Who would say no, but the truth of the matter was that he only picked two immortal herbs. Among the three siblings there was going to be only one that would be denied that path, and the Eldest Zhang gave the opportunity to his younger brother and sister. This incident is widespread in Changfeng City, all praising the Zhang family and Lu family for adopting a good son.’’

The white jade young man was a bit excited and asked, ’’You are sure the Eldest Zhang only picked two immortal herbs, and he himself did not become an Immortal?’’

’’It is just as the esteemed guest says, and how would I lie to you? Since this matter is known throughout Changfeng City, you can ask anyone on the street. Furthermore, if he truly had the chance to become an Immortal, would he need to flee for his life? The Zhang's big brother is a good person, but he was not blessed with a good life. He left Changfeng City for so many years, but no one knows whether he's dead or alive.’’

As they were talking, another customer came in, and the boss immediately excused himself from the two esteemed guests, and ran to the door to serve the customer.

The white jade young man just sat there in a daze, his eyes were instantly red.

Seeing the state he was in, the red gem young man knew that he would break down if he waited any longer, so he put down some money, and pulled the white jade young man's hand and left...

The two of them came to a small empty alleyway, and just as the red gem young man was about to comfort him, the white jade young man could no longer hold back his emotions as he bit his lips, tears gushing forth uncontrollably. He leaned against the small alley, and his body lost the strength to stand as he slid down the wall. He whimpered as he crouched in the corner, ’’Big Brother... Big Brother.... Where did you go? Big Brother, where are you......’’

The red gem young man sighed, and tried to pull him up. He held his shoulders and said, ’’No one could have guessed that things would end up this way, so stop crying. You know how badly you look when you cry, if those mortal commoners were to see you they would make fun of you.’’

However, no amount of comfort was of any use, so in the end the white jade young man wiped away his tears, and in a strained voice said, ’’It is because of that Head Guard Huang, he forced my big brother to run away. I want to kill him!’’

The red gem young man creased his brows, ’’I'm afraid you cannot do that. It goes against the rules of the cultivation world. This time, I secretly brought you out here only because you would not stop bugging me about it, but if you were to make matters worse, master will surely punish us both when we get back.’’

’’I don't care!’’ The white jade young man waved his hand, then angrily turned his head and walked away.

The red gem young man could only massage his head painfully in surrender, quickly following after him.

The City Lord Mansion was easy to find, especially to someone who was familiar with Changfeng City. In a flash, the two young men infiltrated their way into the grounds, and after identifying the main building, quickly made their way inside.

Even though the two of them were trying to avoid being seen, they did not hide around as Miao Yi did.

Even though Head Guard Huang was significantly fatter, he was still an adult, so his face would not have changed too much. It was not difficult for the infiltrating white jade young man to spot him, especially when he was still wearing the City Lord's robes.

Seeing Head Guard Huang 'sleeping' with his head bent on the chair, the white jade young man was instantly enraged. He gritted his teeth and said, ’’Surnamed Huang, stand up!’’

’’Hold it!’’ The red gem young man was not as emotional as the white jade young man. He pulled on the white jade young man as he was about to make his move;the red gem young man could tell something was off.

’’Senior Sister, do not stop me.’’

’’No! Take a good look.’’ The red gem young man reached out and turned Head Guard Huang's head over to the side.

Only to discover Head Guard Huang's eyes were rolled back, and there were traces of blood on the edge of his lips. Using their transcendence energy for a closer inspection, they found out that he'd died from a broken neck.


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