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Soaring The Heavens - Chapter 61


Volume 1

Chapter 61: Resolving a Knot In One's Heart (1)

Miao Yi came to a realization young lady Li, the very person who he wanted to wed before, was now married?

Thinking back to past events, he couldn't resist the temptation to shake his head and smile. He then asked again, ’’I remembered that back then the Head Guard here was named Huang.’’

The young boss laughed. ’’You're talking about Head Guard Huang? He's now the City Lord of Changfeng City. Old Li's daughter married him. And with it came Old Li's promotion to Head Guard.’’

’’Eh...’’ Miao Yi almost choked on his noodles this old Huang had robbed the cradle. He lifted his head in surprise. ’’Didn't Head Guard Huang have a wife?’’

The young boss sighed,’’Customer, there are things you wouldn't know. Have you seen that silk shop across from here? ’’

’’What does anything about this have to do with the silk shop?’’

’’As it turns out, that silk shop was Zhang Tufu's residence in the city. Eldest Zhang killed Head Guard Huang's son, and so his wife became gravely ill from sheer grief. Thus, she passed away and then Old Li's daughter married Head Guard Huang as a second wife. But, I will say this though that Eldest Zhang had skill. He stubbornly went into the Boundless Secular World, risking his life to gather two immortal herbs and then sent his own brother and sister off to become Immortals. After he committed murder, he ran away in a clear-cut manner without another word. I heard that till this day he still hasn't been caught. But the Zhang family's residence has been confiscated by the officials, and thus turned into the silk shop you see now.’’

Miao Yi furrowed his brows and said, ’’That Eldest Zhang's little brother and sister have become Immortals, and the officials still dared to lay a hand on their property?’’

’’The City Lord himself has an Immortal supporting him from the back. So don't be worried.’’

Miao Yi was stunned and suddenly, realization dawned on him. How could he forget about this? Could it be that Head Guard Huang's daughter, who had been gifted as a handmaiden to an Immortal, had something to do with Xiong Xiao targeting him this time? Could it be that Head Guard Huang had a stroke of luck, and had actually gifted his daughter to Xiong Xiao, the Cave Master of Changfeng Cave as a handmaiden?

Placing this matter to the side, Miao Yi again beat around the bush and eventually asked about Zhao Xingwu.

As it turned out, Zhao Xingwu had a life worse than death. Head Guard Huang, due to the death of his son and his failure in capturing Miao Yi to exact his revenge, proceeded to lash out all his anger on Zhao Xingwu. He sent Zhao Xingwu into the Manor of Sincere Hope, where no one knows whether he was dead or alive.

Evidently, Zhao Xingwu was no longer his concern. After Miao Yi finished his meal, he threw down some coins and then left the noodle shop.

The City Lord Manor wasn't difficult to find. He approached the side of an alley wall, and after ensuring no one was around, seized the opportunity and climbed over it. He entered the grounds, hiding himself among the trees in the garden.

Inside the garden, a child with hair tied in a braid faced towards the sky, laughing while playing hide and seek with the servant girls among clusters of flowers. A married woman, young and full-rounded, and adorned with brilliant pearls and jewels, was kneading a handkerchief as she stood beneath the pavilion, looking on gaily. She was accompanied by a servant girl who stood by her side.

Seeing this young married woman, Miao Yi inevitably sighed deeply with sorrow. Because he now knew what had happened, he could already tell from the young woman's features that she was the daughter of the Li family who had lived across his old home.

Perhaps due to the lavish lifestyle of living like a princess, she now wore fine clothes, her skin was fair and tender, and he could see that her figure had become well-rounded and plump.

In Miao Yi's impression, the Li family's daughter had a face contorted from excess fat, when previously it had been as thin as a goose egg. Her waist had also became thick and with her head all covered in beads and jade, her overall appearance looked very stout.

Obviously, judging by the situation before him, she had already given birth to children.

Miao Yi was really envious of Old Huang. He was more than old enough to be her father and yet he could still nab her as a wife, and even had her bear his offspring. He was really something, such a classic way to rob the cradle.

He recalled the incident all those years ago, when the matchmaker went over to the Li family to propose, only to be thrown out of the place, Miao Yi himself felt it was ridiculous. Thinking about it further, he found it amusing.

If he said he held no more feelings towards this young, married woman, then he really didn't harbor any feelings. He had moved on.

To put it more realistically, he no longer had any interest in the Li family's daughter. If she was given to him for free, he would resent her for being a nuisance instead.

If he was still living his old life selling pork in the streets, then even having the chance to marry the outstanding beauty across the road would have definitely left him satisfied.

But, times had changed!

At whichever mountain one went to, one would gaze at the available scenery. The yellow flower from yesterday lacked the power to catch his discerning eye!

The reason was simple. When a man was of lowly means, the woman had the right to resent him for being poor. After the man has emerged as prosperous, he too had the right to turn his back on her. This is what was known as gender equality.

Fixating his gaze on Li's daughter, he briefly recalled those days. He surveyed the surroundings to determine the manor's primary and secondary layout, invoking his art to investigate the situation inside. He flashed by overhead, and wasn't afraid that he would be discovered by the people beneath him, since mere humans wouldn't be able to capture him.

Sneakily entering through a window, he came into a side room of the main quarters.

A stately cultivator dealing with a mere mortal, this all made him look a bit like a thief.

But this couldn't be avoided. A stately City Lord, couldn't be killed by just anyone. This was illegal, and also broke the cultivation world's law since the City Lord was helping the cultivation world in governing their followers, how could he be killed without repercussions? Once discovered, Miao Yi would be severely punished!

Miao Yi didn't want to leave behind anything that could be tied back to him. Otherwise when the time came, he was afraid that even Yang Qing would not let him off the hook that easily.

Dozens of years had gone by in a flash, and Head Guard Huang, the current dear City Lord, had also put on weight. He had aged, this man of more than fifty years old, dressed in official clothes, with a big belly.

A housekeeper held in his hands a small, exquisitely carved and finely cut box. A servant carried in a heavy chest and placed it on the small side table.

The housekeeper waved his hand. After dismissing the servant, he moved closer to Head Guard Huang's side who was holding a cup, slowly sipping his tea. The housekeeper opened the small chest in his hand, and inside a granule-sized orb lay on a fluffy cushion, faintly emitting a gentle, white glow. It was an Orb of Will gathered from the power of will of a thousand people.

Head Guard Huang shot a glance and nodded. The housekeeper opened up the small chest again, and inside the chest was a pile of neatly arranged golden crystal coins.

Head Guard Huang placed his tea cup down and asked, ’’The amount is not less than before right?’’

The housekeeper bowed and replied, ’’It is not less. But master, since Cave Master has already risen in rank, and with Miss already supporting him there, there's no need for us to give the newly appointed Cave Master such a grand gift. Could it be that he dared not give face to Miss?’’

’’On this matter, you are inferior to my daughter.’’ Head Guard Huang stood up from his seat with his hands on his back, berating him in a firm manner. ’’My daughter has already sent someone to deliver a letter to me, saying that there's nothing like having a man on the spot to smooth the way. Although her honor is present, the required gift for the new Cave Master must not be less. The etiquette that we've held before must not be inferior in any way as well. There's no need to upset the Cave Master for the sake of mere riches. When the time comes, with the newly promoted Cave Master helping us to put in a good word, in addition to my daughter giving her own recommendation to the Mountain Chieftain, we'll have a chance to go to Shaotai City. On the other hand, if the new Cave Master tells the Mountain Chieftain that I'm not capable enough to administer a bigger city, I'm afraid that Mountain Chieftain will think twice about it. Your way of thinking is a bit short-sighted. We cannot afford to save a little only to lose a lot.’’

’’Yes, yes, yes!’’ The housekeeper immediately grinned and apologized.

’’Don't just say yes with your mouth. Check through the other supplementary gifts again. There must not be a lack in the amount of gifts,’’ warned Head Guard Huang.

’’Yes, I will go and check them now.’’ The housekeeper nodded and bowed submissively before stepping down.

Head Guard Huang then spun around, taking and opening the small, exquisitely carved and finely cut box. He twirled the granule-sized orb in his fingers and looked closely at the details. But nobody would have expected a hand to suddenly shoot out from nowhere, snatching the granule-sized orb away.

It was uncertain when Miao Yi had appeared right at his side. Miao Yi held the granule sized orb to confirm its authenticity. And it was real.


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