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Soaring The Heavens - Chapter 57


Volume 1

Chapter 57: Pervert

After snapping out of his thoughts, he realized he was thinking too far. People resented that his cultivation base was lower than theirs, and did not wish to associate with him from the start. So there was no need for him to constantly be preoccupied with them, and at present, it was far better to take care of himself first.

Thinking about the present made him slightly excited. After killing the ghost cultivator, he figured that the seat of Cave Master was definitely his. Not only that, he had also obtained an Orb of Will, filled with the power of will gathered from ten thousand followers in a year. He estimated that would be the amount he'd get once he was a year into the Cave Master of East Arrival Cave.

But now there was another troublesome matter. Both Mo Shengtu and Zhang Shucheng were dead. How would he report this mission once he returned?

After some consideration, he concluded that it wouldn't be at all troublesome. Xiong Xiao had sneakily employed this little tactic, hence, he obviously didn't want Yan Qing to find out. He would instead blame the death of the two men on the ghost cultivator. Xiong Xiao wouldn't dare to dispute it. However, it was more important that he think of how to deal with that old demon, Xiong Xiao, in the future.

’’Let's see if there're any valuables on the two guys' bodies first...’’

Miao Yi muttered something, and then swiftly floated to the treetop, going back in the direction of the temple.

Once he returned to the temple, the mess of the entire courtyard was the same as before. Miao Yi seized both Mo Shengtu and Zhang Shucheng's corpses and began to dig around, and eventually managed to loot some crystal coins.

This type of crystal coin was divided into three different colors: white, black and gold. They were the size of half a thumb and just as wide as one. But they were also as thin as a blade, so clutching hundreds of them in one hand didn't make a thick bundle to hold.

The conversion rate was 10000:100:1 in that order, which meant that a piece of gold coin would be able to convert into a hundred pieces of black coins which in turn could be exchanged into ten thousand white coins.

This type of currency could be used in both the secular and cultivation world. To cultivators, other than the fact that they could use it to buy things in the secular world like ordinary people, it was also a kind of consumption item that could be used to refine transcendent artifacts.

The reason for this was because these three types of coins all contained a type of essence powder, which consisted of three types of different colored metal powder. This kind of essence powder and transcendence energy made for a fine method of communication.

For instance, Yang Qing's body armor and silver spear were refined with the essence powder from the white coins, which were above comparison to the normal silver spear owned by Miao Yi.

Once Miao Yi's spear met with a strike from a higher-leveled cultivator, it would be destroyed. Instead, Yang Qing's weapon's tolerance was much better. When in battle, even without the attribution of transcendence energy and without utilizing the function of the transcendent artifact, its degree of solidness, as well as its tolerance, was also above comparison to Miao Yi's spear.

Yang Qing's equipment was forged using essence powder and could be refined into a transcendent artifact. What Miao Yi had was made with ordinary essence steel, and not just any essence steel could be used to refine into a transcendence artifact, otherwise the entire world would be in chaos.

But the essence powder contained in every piece of crystal coin was too little. Even extracting them was difficult. The amount of white crystal coins spent on Yang Qing's equipment was practically an enormous figure. It absolutely was not something that a regular cultivator could afford to forge. In the entire area of Mount Shaotai, only Yang Qing had a set, so one could well imagine its cost.

On the other hand, using a transcendent artifact forged by black crystal coins would definitely be much stronger than Yang Qing's. Yang Qing's transcendent artifact was still unable to perform long-ranged attacks but with the black crystal coin's transcendence energy method of communication, this would not become an issue.

As for the golden crystal coins, it was needless to say more. The transcendence energy communication was way better than both black and white. Previously the sight of Fairy Hong Chen's golden phoenix phantom at Ancient City, as well as the Lady Boss's transformation into the golden roc just now, was proof enough.

To Miao Yi's current state, even if he became the Cave Master of East Arrival Cave, he could only fantasize about it for a while, since those were far beyond his reach.

Shaking out the crystal coins in his hand, Miao Yi sighed, ’’Once I become the Cave Master of East Arrival Cave, it would be great if I could discover a crystal coin mine on East Arrival Cave's territory.’’

But he shook his head soon after. If he really discovered a crystal coin mine on East Arrival Cave's domain, then he would have to stand by the sidelines, since he definitely wouldn't be involved in it. With his strength now, he wouldn't be able to defend it.

After stuffing the crystal coins into his clothes' pocket, he quickly made another discovery that raised his spirits. To his surprise, he managed to find a granule-sized orb from each of Mo Shengtu and Zhang Shucheng's bodies, which had been half-consumed. It was the Orb of Will gathered from the power of will of ten thousand people.

Clearly, both of them were unlike Miao Yi, who refined the Orb of Will abnormally, so they didn't manage to completely refine the Orb of Will they received in time.

Without saying anything further, it was impossible to not want this item, so he immediately stuffed them into his clothes.

Invoking his art, he cautiously searched through the two men's bodies. Since there weren't any other gains, he held his spear and went off.

He turned his nose up at the two dead men's weapons. They were cheap and weren't like Yang Qing's weapon.

Neigh! Under the eaves, a horse was still tied to the stone pillar. It whinnied at Miao Yi, who was about to leave.

Turning back to take a look, Miao Yi rejoiced. Indeed, being out of luck had the advantages of the unlucky. The other three horses were killed by the zombies, but this one on the contrary, because it was carrying goods, no one paid it any heed during the incident at that time. And so it was left tied to the stone pillar, which had allowed it to escape its doom instead.

Miao Yi went over and discarded the goods packed on it. In the midst of untying the rope, he recalled the scene when the Lady Boss put on an act by having difficulty in getting up the horse. Her act truly did appear to be convincing.

However, Miao Yi was quickly in shock, as he gradually lifted the palm of his hand to observe it, his heartbeat speeding up.

If he remembered correctly, at that time he seemed to have smacked the Lady Boss's butt in a fury...

Thinking back, he confirmed that there was such a scene. The Lady Boss was incredibly stunned at that time, staring dazedly at him in shock...

Since when had he learned how to do such a perverted and shameless act?

What right did he have to stop Mo Shengtu? In the end, he was the same trash as him and was even more improper than the other. He had only touched her hand, and at least Mo Shengtu hadn't touched the Lady Boss's buttocks, right?

Miao Yi suddenly broke out in a cold sweat. After his heartbeat sped up, it was then followed by a wave of terror. Why hadn't she slaughtered him then?

In the midst of being afraid, he couldn't help but rack his brain over it. How come he couldn't recall the feel of hitting her butt at that time?

Sigh, at that time, he hadn't been in the mood to think about it. But just what exactly is the feel of touching the Lady Boss's buttocks? It was his first time touching a woman's ass, and such a beautiful woman at that, how could he have forgotten...

’’Pui!’’ Abruptly, Miao Yi snapped out of his thoughts and spat at himself.

Slap! And inflicted a heavy slap on his face while he was at it. He discovered he was getting more and more perverted. Why did he keep thinking about this kind of matter?

After forcefully cutting off his train of delusional thoughts, he gripped his spear and mounted the horse, immediately galloping out of the 'Mystic Arts Temple'.

There was still one matter which he didn't have the impression of anymore. While carrying the Lady Boss back then, he had been even more inappropriate. Not only had he groped her butt, he had also felt something else.

Honestly, he was busy running for his life. The feeling of carrying the Lady Boss was no different than carrying a pig. The places where he had accidentally felt or grabbed was no different than when he touched or grabbed pork while selling pork in his stall, so he had completely disregarded it. If he had remembered, he would probably be so ashamed of himself he'd ram his head and die.

Except... he didn't know if the Lady Boss had kept it to heart.

A momentary interest in dallying had caused her to play with fire, only to end up burned. He reckoned she had been thoroughly disgusted by him.

After exiting the Mystic Arts Temple, he returned back to Changfeng Cave using the original route, this time unaccompanied.

Not for the sake of anything else, he could not abandon Charcoal. Although that beast was slightly plump and its moral integrity was a bit on the immoral side, Miao Yi had no option but to admit that the beast had character.

Other than that time when he was crossing swords with a third grade cultivator, Charcoal had abruptly bitten him, thus saving his life. The speed at which he ran in was indeed stupendous. No one else could catch up to it!


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