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Soaring The Heavens - Chapter 56


Volume 1

Chapter 56: Mystic Arts Temple (11)

But it was somehow too late.

Bang! The white light exploded into the phantom of an ox. The ox pounced from the air straight on to her, and instantly suppressed her right where she stood.

The red-clothed girl was struggling with all her might in the middle of the transparent white-colored, ox-shaped phantom. She kept pushing until the ox-shaped phantom shifted to become all kinds of different shapes, however was unable to escape the entrapment from the beginning till the end.

’’A First Grade Paralysis Talisman!’’ Miao Yi cried out in surprise. This was the first time he saw one.

After he witnessed the great battle between Yang Qing and Lu Yu, Yan Xiu had shared a discussion with him concerning this item.

Similar to the transcendent artifact on Yang Qing, this talisman seal utilized the energy of the Yao Core. The grade was also similarly partitioned. Before his eyes, the flickering white light that exploded from this type of talisman seal had obviously been formed from refining a First Grade Ox Demon's Yao Core.

If it was blue in color, then it was a Second Grade Paralysis Talisman. If it was red in color, then it was classified as a Third Grade. This was similar to the color of the glowing Lotus between a cultivator's brows and so forth.

But under normal circumstances, no one would use a Yao Core to refine into a talisman seal, because it was too big of a waste. A talisman seal could only be used once. After using it, then it would cease to exist.

But if it was refined into a transcendent artifact, then as long as the energy was replenished, it could be used repeatedly.

Who on earth had been so extravagant? Miao Yi rapidly spun around to look towards the place where the talisman seal had shot out from.

He saw the Lady Boss, whose bearing was full of unruliness, currently standing tall in a complacent manner on the treetop swaying with the wind.

Gasping for breath, Miao Yi quickly widened his eyes, and his mouth gradually fell agape. He was stunned on the spot. This...this woman was also a cultivator?

The other party had obviously also used an item like the Soul Concealing Paste, since he was unable to tell the grade between her brows.

Standing on the treetop, the Lady Boss, rolled her eyes as she ridiculed, ’’What're you so stunned for? Your saliva is almost dripping from your mouth. Have you never seen such a beautiful woman like me before? This is only a First Grade Paralysis Talisman, so it won't hold her for too long. Could it be that you still want to wait for her to get out of it and fight you again? I won't lower myself to fight with her so I'm not going to help you later on.’’

Your grandma!

These were the words that Miao Yi gifted her in his heart. Turning back, he sped up as he carried his spear, heading towards the red-clothed girl entrapped in the Paralysis Talisman, who was eyeing him with a frightened look on her face. He then furiously stabbed down his spear into her.

Boom! The spear pierced right through the talisman light, ferociously stabbing into the head of the red-clothed female ghost.

’’AH.....’’ The red-clothed female ghost let out a blood curdling scream, and she began to rapidly turn into black smoke from the head that burst open.

Meanwhile, the ox-shaped phantom was gradually darkening, due to external forces breaking the transcendence energy. It eventually dissipated without a trace, along with the female ghost.

A grayish white orb fell onto the ground. It was the female ghost's Yin Core which had the same effect as the Yao Core.

Except that the female ghost only had a cultivation at first grade, so the Yin Core's formidable power was immediately downgraded by one grade. It wasn't even of a first grade level. Else, it would not be grayish white in color, and would instead have been of a pure white color.

But Miao Yi still quickly picked it up and stuffed it into his clothes, because later on he would need to depend on this item to report back to Manor Head Yang Qing. After the completion of the mission, he would exchange it for the throne seat of the Cave Master of East Arrival Cave.

Relieved, Miao Yi barely had the time to rejoice before he recalled something. His facial expression darkened, as he waved his spear, pointing it towards the Lady Boss on the treetop.

The Lady Boss apparently knew what he wanted to say. With her finger, she shot out a speck of white light at him and exclaimed, ’’That's so you'll calm down!’’

Miao Yi easily sent the speck of white light flying with his spear. He then bellowed in fury, ’’Is it fun to mess with me?’’

The Lady Boss once again couldn't help herself from rolling her eyes. She replied, ’’You're blind as a bat so who to blame but you?’’

Miao Yi fiercely pointed at her, ’’Without a doubt, you were the one being purposely deceiving.’’

The Lady crossed her arms on her chest and sighed. ’’And you dare say you're not as blind as a bat? Before you start scolding other people, shouldn't you open your eyes wide to clearly see what I have given you? That was an Orb of Will filled with the power of will, which had been collected from ten thousand people in a year. It's enough to raise your cultivation base to White Lotus Second Grade. If this can't even block up your mouth, then I might as well take it back.’’

’’Orb of Will? Ten thousand people...’’ Miao Yi was slightly rambling. He rapidly turned to glance left and right. Using his spear to push aside the grass, he bent his waist to search for it, all while he asked, ’’Where did it fall to? It'll be a waste if the thing gets lost. I'll help you look for it. Where did it go? Please don't be lost...’’

After muttering for a while, he eventually found the orb from within the grass. It was as large as a pearl and emitted a faint, soft radiance. As though he had gained a most precious treasure, he beamed with happiness, and repeatedly scrutinized it in a careful manner as he held it, and fondled it admiringly.

This item could not be faked. When a cultivator held it in their hands, they would be able to tell whether it was real or fake. It was an Orb of Will gathered from ten thousand people's power of will within a year, which was equal to the ten orbs he had gotten from Transient Light Cave.

’’You're sure you're really going to give it to me?’’ Miao Yi grasped the orb as he lifted his head to ask.

The Lady Boss hugged her arms as she replied, ’’Who asked you to scold me just now, so I have changed my mind. But... if you admit that you're as blind as a bat, then this Orb of Will will still be yours.’’

Without further consideration, Miao Yi waved his hand straight away and said, ’’Fine. A man like me will not argue with a woman like you. Just regard me as being blind as a bat.’’

After he finished, he hurriedly hid the orb in his clothes, as though afraid that the woman would change her mind.

Till now, he had painstakingly put up a life and death struggle, and wasn't it all just for this item? He could even tolerate those looks from Qin Weiwei, so why wouldn't he be able to tolerate her look of compensation this time. If the woman gave him a few more, he was fine with anything she asked him to say.

The Lady Boss once again rolled her eyes. She scoffed coldly, ’’What kind of person are you?’’

At that exact moment, the cook, confucian scholar and the two laymen who were lifting the soft palanquin shrouded by a pink muslin tent, they all floated over together, before coming to a halt on the treetops behind the Lady Boss.

These few people were eyeing Miao Yi with a strange look.

The confucian scholar parted the muslin tent and the Lady Boss went in, indolently lying down on her side on top of the chair bed. She bent her arm and propped her head against her fist, looking at Miao Yi with downcast eyes.

Miao Yi immediately soared to the treetop and asked, ’’Who on earth are you guys?’’

The confucian scholar let down the muslin tent, covering the Lady Boss's reclining figure, captivatingly lithe and graceful.

The sound of the Lady Boss's gentle laugh travelled out from inside the muslin tent, ’’There's no need for people to meet each other before they know each other. Perhaps we're both the hurriedly passing traveller in our own cultivation life. In the cultivation world, life and death are all in a day's work. It's possible that once we part today, we might not see each other again in the future so there's no need to know who I am. If there are chances in the future, Little Brother should come over to Flowing Clouds Dune Sea. Big Sister will act the host, and treat you to a drink.’’

As she finished, the group gently lifted the soft palanquin, rose up to the sky and floated away.

Not travelling very far, from inside the pink muslin tent there suddenly flashed out countless golden threads, transforming into a phantom of a golden roc, flapping its wings and soaring in the air. It wrapped the group along with the soft palanquin, and akin to time, it speedily swept across to the depths of the night sky.

The scene before his eyes made Miao Yi understand that the other party's cultivation base was much higher than his own. They didn't want to tell him of their identities, so it probably meant it was unworthy of him to know!

Looking at the direction where they vanished, for a while, he was in a daze and lost in thought. He muttered, ’’Flowing Clouds Dune Sea...’’

He had heard of that place from Yan Xiu before, but it was too far away from here. He would still need to ride for a long period of time on a dragon steed. It was a zone that was unregulated in the cultivation world, where crooks were mixed in with the honest folks. Honestly, based on what the Lady Boss told him, Miao Yi couldn't be certain whether he would have the chance to go to that place at all.


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