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Soaring The Heavens - Chapter 55


Chapter 55: Mystic Arts Temple (10)

The confucian scholar, the cook and the rest ran madly behind them, and were stupefied as they watched the rushing Lady Boss being carried. However, that wasn't what shocked them the most.

It wasn't because Miao Yi suddenly embraced the Lady Boss as he ran, they were shocked to observe that his palm happened to be clutching tightly onto one side of the Lady Boss's plump bosom, while the other hand, which gripped onto the spear, was propped up against her perky buttocks.

The sight left them in complete disarray. The expressions on their faces twitched incessantly, and they seemed to forget themselves as they ran at a speed not typical for an ordinary person, actually keeping pace with the speed at which Miao Yi was running in.

Meanwhile, the Lady Boss was thoroughly embarrassed at being embraced in the arms of a sturdy man. Her bosom and buttocks were in the clutches of a stranger's hands, and she was at a loss for what to do. Abruptly, her wheat-colored face turned a deep shade of flushed red, and she looked captivated and more than a little intoxicated. Her heart palpitated, thumping against her chest madly.

The cook transmitted his voice over to the confucian scholar, ’’This time around Lady Boss has gone too far.’’

The confucian scholar replied, ’’Yeah! She has brought this upon herself. We can't even get angry for being taken advantage of since it's our fault.’’

The cook asked, ’’Do you think...the Lady Boss will chop off his claws later?’’

The confucian scholar replied, ’’Hard to say.’’

’’This kid is a pretty good guy. A pity if he dies,’’ the cook commented.

As she was being carried, Lady Boss turned and looked behind, discovering the strange looks on the guys' faces. She knew what they were thinking, and her pearly teeth bit her lips as she gave them a ferocious glare, as though she was warning them of something.

They rubbed their noses and smiled in a mocking manner.

’’You guys go and hide. Once I have drawn her away, you must all immediately return using the original route, and then quickly get away from here. Whether you're able to escape will depend on your luck. I can only do this much and have acted to the best of my efforts. If anything were to happen, you cannot accuse me of ingratitude,’’ Miao Yi said, as he ran while carrying the Lady Boss in his arms.

Lying in his arms, the Lady Boss turned her head and looked towards him. Her clear eyes blinked as she asked in reply, ’’Then, what about you?’’

’’What else can I do? The worst case scenario is that I make that promise to do Yin-Yang duo cultivation with her!’’ After Miao Yi laughed at himself, he rolled his eyes and said, ’’You won't understand even if I explain.’’

The Lady Boss turned away speechlessly, thinking that a rash and a fool like you, just who is the one who doesn't understand?

After fleeing out of the temple, the red-clothed girl was still extremely frantic. She quickly patted her body and used her transcendence energy to separate the foreign matter, fearing that a bit of that 'Yin Dispersal Powder' would stain her body.

Once she had ensured that she was fine, she was suddenly taken aback, as if coming to a realization. She spread open her hands towards the inner temple, where smoke and dust filled the air, and made a grabbing gesture. A cloud of mist came flying over, rapidly coagulating to form into a small, black-colored spheroid, floating in front of her.

She moved her nose closer to it and sniffed for a while. Suddenly, she reached out her hand to grab the spheroid Pop! and immediately crushed it in her hand, as her mouth grated the word, ’’...Ashes!’’

Only then did she realize that she had been played by this childish trick. This was obviously a shameless, cheap trick used by street hooligans in the secular world.

’’AH!!’’ She let out a shrill scream as she faced towards the sky, her thick, beautiful hair fanning around her, the fine, black strands flying upwards as her red skirt billowed she had reached past her breaking point with a raging fury.

At this moment, Miao Yi had already tossed the Lady Boss into a grass den, and let the confucian scholar and the rest also jumped into it to hide. He had not noticed that if the confucian scholar and the rest were ordinary men, how could they then keep up with his speed? As a matter of fact, even the confucian scholar and the group themselves were unaware of their actions.

One party was busy fleeing for his life, while the other party's attention was completely fixated on their Lady Boss being taken advantage of.

Meanwhile, Miao Yi was fleeing to the mountain forest ahead at a speed akin to flying as he rode the wind, gripping onto his spear as he rushed to the treetop, then fled to another direction as he swiftly made his escape.

He had no choice but to run. With his current degree of transcendence energy consumption, he absolutely did not have the capability to fight again. He could only hope that after helping the group to draw off the ghost cultivator, he could quickly find a place to hide. If he still couldn't hide, he could only obey the female ghost temporarily, and come up with another solution in the future.

The shrill scream of the female ghost traveled far from within the temple. Miao Yi spun around to take a look, only to see under the moonlight, on top of the roof of the temple stood a figure garbed in red. The red garment soon rapidly floated away from the roof, swiftly moving towards the treetop as it charged in his direction. It had obviously locked onto him, and its speed was much faster than his own speed at escaping.

I'm done for! Miao Yi laughed bitterly in his heart. Since he had tricked her, he was uncertain whether she would forgive him and still be interested in Yin-Yang duo cultivation. Granted, if she did agree to forgive him, then he figured his Cave Master position was lost to him.

’’Husband, where do you intend to go, leaving your wife behind?’’

Affectionate words sounded from behind him, but the tone appeared to be chillingly cold. He could feel that the speaker said them with rage, between gritted teeth.

Miao Yi glanced behind him and discovered the red-clothed girl's hair was flying in all directions, as she eerily followed him from behind.

In a flash, Miao Yi abruptly fled into the forest, realizing in the end that in a flash too, the red-clothed girl already moved and was blocking his path.

Without saying another word, Miao Yi immediately thrust out his spear violently.

But truth be told, with his current transcendence energy, the formidable power of his spear was no longer that great.

Bang! With a wave of the white-boned lute in her hand, the red-clothed girl brushed away the incoming strike of the spear. In a swift moment, she was already in front of Miao Yi. She grabbed onto Miao Yi's wrist, ’’Husband is so cruel...Ah!’’

Before she could finish, the red-clothed girl let out a piercing scream, akin to a cat being trodden on its tail. She quickly moved away, her hand shivering.

Black smoke entered her view, emitting from the palm that had grabbed onto Miao Yi's wrist. Her palm felt as though burnt by fire, and was pitch black.

She looked at Miao Yi with a face full of terror. When she grabbed him, rather than Miao Yi's wrist, it felt like human flesh clutching onto a piping-hot piece of metal. It scalded her enough to make her let go of her grip, albeit moments too late.

’’What is the cultivation method you're cultivating?’’ the red-clothed girl asked, bewildered.

When she grabbed onto Miao Yi's wrist, other than the the agonizing pain of being burnt, it actually had the feeling of extensive suppression the spirits normally faced when they saw the sun in broad daylight. It was overwhelming and with just a touch, it shocked her. It was a feeling that made her soul shudder. The cultivation method the other party cultivated appeared to be able to restrain a Yin spirit like her.

Miao Yi didn't understand what any of this had to do with the cultivation method he was cultivating. Seeing that the girl was unable to touch him, he suddenly became spirited, straightening his spear and began to pierce it towards her, additionally boasting, ’’A cultivation method that's especially used to subdue ghosts like you!’’

The red-clothed girl dodged the attack, again and again, and was indeed afraid to move a step closer to Miao Yi. However, on both ends of the white-boned lute in her hands, there suddenly emerged two lengths of bones.

Previously, she did initially want to drag Miao Yi to become her partner in Yin-Yang duo cultivation, but now she no longer wished it. She couldn't even lay her hands on this man, so forget about having se*ual intercourse, it would already be a problem to even share the same bed. So she wouldn't be able to drag him to become a partner in duo cultivation unless she wanted to make her soul fly away to scatter.

Right now, she just wanted to kill this scourge.

Waving the white-boned lute, she parried away the incoming spear, and ruthlessly stabbed the bone at the end towards Miao Yi's chest without mercy.

With all his strength, Miao Yi dodged by speedily evading to the side, however the red-clothed girl's attacks were quickly closing in on him, giving him no time to breathe.

Seeing that Miao Yi's life was in danger, a ray of white light came flashing by at great speed.

The red-clothed girl, upon seeing the shot of white light from the corner of her eyes, couldn't immediately mask the look of terror on her face. She no longer continued her chase to kill Miao Yi. Instead, she turned around to run away.


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